Explore the Canada: Tourist Attractions To Beautiful Cities

Travel to Canada

The second-largest country in the world in terms of land area, Canada covers most of the northern parts of North America. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the United States. Much like the United States, Canada, as we know it, began life as a handful of British and French colonies. Prior to this, native aboriginal peoples had inhabited the land.

Canada’s history and subsequently, its political systems and its culture are somewhat different from the rest of North America. Firstly – and perhaps most notably to tourists – there is a widespread French influence on the country’s culture. The people here are more reserved than their more southerly counterparts. Whilst enjoying the wilderness surrounds North America, a walk down one of the streets in the larger cities has a somewhat European feel to it. Meals in Canadian restaurants are different and French is one of the official languages of the country, so it is widely spoken here. In addition to these more noticeable differences, the government is a federal constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. This is because while the United States fought for its independence from Britain, Canada chose to save lives and negotiate the terms of their independence. As a result, Canada now recognizes Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada, but the government takes the form of parliamentary democracy.

Canada is an extremely beautiful country with a rich, natural environment and strong cultural ties. While it may not enjoy the hottest climate, its well-developed economy ensures that houses and cars are well heated and that malls provide hours of well-insulated entertainment. Of course, the weather is not always bad here, and when the sun does come out, it only adds to the dazzle of this picturesque country. Book a flight to Canada today! 

Activities to do in Canada-

Canada, a country with vast natural areas just waiting to be explored. Outdoor activities in Canada are not to be missed. With so many Canadian holiday activities people of all ages will have a great time. Whether self-guided or organized through a tour operator, activities in Canada are full of fun and adventure.

Climbing and hiking are popular activities in Canada. 

Wildlife parks have an abundance of well-maintained trails and several hikes can be enjoyed even outside of park areas. To Traverse the Rocky Mountains tourist attraction, look down from coastal cliffs, or march across the prairies. Hikes vary in length and difficulty, so travelers can find one to suit their schedule and fitness level. If you are interested in hiking through Canada, try out these spots: Jasper National Park (Alberta), Fundy National Park (New Brunswick), Mont Tremblant Park (Quebec), Chilkoot Trail (Yukon Territory), Pacific Rim National Park (British Columbia) and Cape Breton National Park (Nova Scotia), to mention a few. Climbing in Canada is a fantastic challenge. Various companies offer group climbing sessions with an instructor and equipment. Good areas for climbing are Jasper National Park (Alberta), Thunder Bay (Ontario), Collingwood (Ontario), and Squamish (British Columbia).

Canada’s waterways provide further opportunities for fun-filled activities. 

Want to know what to do in Canada? 

Well, Canoeing and kayaking are popular throughout the country and should not be missed while planning a Canada tour. Adventurous types will enjoy white water rafting whilst those who simply wish to relax will have a great time paddling along gentle streams. 

Try these locations for canoeing and kayaking: 

Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands (British Columbia)

Bowron Lake Provincial Park (British Columbia)

Kejimkujik National Park (Nova Scotia)

 Prince Albert National Park (Saskatchewan)

 Killarney Provincial Park (Ontario)

 Ottawa River (Ontario)

 Nahanni National Park (Northwest Territories)

 Mingan Island National Park (Quebec)

 Yukon River (Yukon)

 Fishing is a past-time in Canada.

A variety of fishing licenses can be bought in Canada. Tourist offices will be able to direct you as to the best spots. In the summer months, visitors can swim in Canada’s lakes or in the sea. In the springtime, locals are often seen making holes in the ice to hop in for a dip.


Explore the beauty of Calgary

Canada’s city of Calgary in Alberta has a large population of about 1 million. Calgary is a great vacation destination as there is an abundance of tourist attractions both in the Canadian city and in surrounding areas. With so much to do, exquisite Calgary hotels, lovely restaurants, and plenty of shopping opportunities, Calgary has something to offer everyone.

Calgary is beautifully situated upon the banks of the Bow River with a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains. Whilst winters in Calgary are cold and snowy, summers are hot and dry, ideal for vacationers. Within the city of Calgary, visitors will discover numerous recreational facilities. Many large events are held throughout the year amongst which there are several sports competitions. Do not miss taking images of this Canadian city on your visit.


Explore the beautiful city of Edmonton

The beautiful city of Edmonton is a well-developed metropolitan sprawl. It is one of Canada’s most populous cities but it also enjoys one of the lowest population densities in North America. Edmonton is a well-rounded city and it is well developed in terms of culture, government, and education. It has also been nicknamed ‘Festival City’ as it is host to a number of world-class festivals every year. These include Edmonton’s Capital Ex, The Fringe, the Edmonton Heritage Festival, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Cariwest, Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival, and the Canadian Finals Rodeo.

One of the best places to visit in Canada and spend an entire day in Edmonton is West Edmonton Mall. With a reputation for being the world’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, you will be hard-pressed to run out of things to do. The complex features over 800 shops so it’s the best place to visit in Canada and enjoy some Edmonton shopping. It also features over twenty Edmonton restaurants where you can refresh your energy in style. The entertainment part of the complex features a roller coaster, an indoor bungee jump, and a tropical rainforest! If you fancy a swim, the World Waterpark features waterslides for the kids and hot tubs for adults.


Explore the beautiful city of Montreal

Those that know Montreal, know that it is a great place to shop, dine and tour. Situated on the Island of Montreal and surrounded by the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, the city is incredibly beautiful. Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and has a reputation for culture, beautiful old buildings, and excellent ambience. It has been ranked as the best city in the world to live and a visit to this stunning city will soon help you understand why.

There is plenty to see and do in the beautiful city of Montreal. For architectural splendour, you might start your Montreal travel with a tour of the Notre-Dame Basilica, the city’s oldest church. Then you can continue your trip back in time with a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historical Parisian-styled district known as Old Montreal. The Chateau Ramezay Museum is an interesting historical landmark in Canada,as well as a beautiful building. After all this Canadian educational sightseeing, you will likely be eager to come back to the present; A good place to start is by visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where you can enjoy taking a peek at Canada’s finest artworks through the ages. Another great stop is the Place Jacques-Cartier, a plaza where both natives and tourists gather to enjoy a lively outdoor atmosphere.

Capital of Canada

Explore the Capital of Canada

The capital of Canada, Ottawa is an east Canadian city, and fourth largest city in the country. You’ll find this stunning metropolis on the Canadian eastern perimeters of the Ontario province in an area known as Ottawa Valley. Ottawa is situated right on the banks of the Ottawa River which makes for spectacular scenery and adds to the city’s enchanting history. Visiting eastern Canada will definitely spice up your trip.

There are so many things to do in Canada, Ottawa that you’ll easily spend days touring the city. One great place to start is the Rideau Canal. One of Ottawa’s oldest landmarks, this beautiful waterway is a collage of boats in the summer. In the winter months, the boats make way for the ice and ice-skating becomes a popular pastime. Not too far away, you’ll find Rideau Hall. A tour of this beautiful 19th-century mansion will transport you back in time and leave you feeling nostalgic. If the feeling is a bit too much, head for the Rideau Centre. Filled with more than two hundred shops, it is a great place to do some Ottawa shopping.


Explore the vast city of Vancouver

The beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver forms part of the Burrard Peninsula between Burrard Inlet and Fraser River. The city itself is not on Vancouver Island as such but rather the two are in the relative distance and share the same name. Besides garnishing a reputation for expensive living, Vancouver is a great place to stop if you are traveling to Canada.

There is an endless variety of things to do in Vancouver. Take a walk through Stanley Park, the third-largest park in North America. Or, enjoy a peaceful evening stroll on Granville Island and enjoy this artistically re-vamped neighborhood. Nature-lovers should be sure not to miss the wildlife refuge or the splendid variety of hiking and mountain biking trails at Grouse Mountain. Or, if you are visiting in winter, you’ll be able to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sleigh rides. For a more relaxing experience, try the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park is a mark of human achievement worth visiting while The Lookout at the Harbour Centre Tower offers a fantastic view of the city.

Fascinating City of Victoria

Discover the Fascinating City of Victoria

Victoria, Canada, is one of the country’s main tourist attractions in Canada. This pretty little city is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and cool summers. While temperatures may reach extremes once in a while, the warm, inviting weather, great foliage, and interesting historical attractions all combine to make Victoria an ideal spot for a vacation.

A great place to start a visit to Victoria is the Inner Harbour. This part of the harbour houses a great many tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and recreational activities. If you are tired of this you might want to enjoy the peace of the Royal British Columbia Museum or the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria – both of which are excellent attractions. If you enjoy a good ghost story or even just appreciate old architecture, Craigdarroch Castle and Hatley Castle make for excellent viewing.

Victoria also has a number of somewhat more unusual attractions. Top of the list has to be the Victoria Bug Zoo where you can get up close and personal with some of the most exotic insects in the world. Next on the list is the Royal London Wax Museum where you can find a number of life-sized replicas of various celebrities just waiting to have their picture taken with you. If you’re traveling with children, Miniature World is a must-see and get the pics of this Canadian attraction to keep them as a memory. If you left the children at home and love new tastes, Canoe Brewpub is known for having a wide selection of top-notch beers.


Discover the beautiful city of Winnipeg

Canada’s Winnipeg is located west at the junction of the Prairies and the Canadian Shield. Considered a gateway to the west, it was also known as the “Heart of the Continent” as it was vital to Canada’s transport system. Winnipeg is a city with a rich historical heritage, strong culture, ethnic diversity, and natural beauty. A popular tourist destination, the city has many fantastic Winnipeg hotels and there are also numerous restaurants in Winnipeg serving a variety of cuisine.

There are numerous opportunities for entertainment in Winnipeg. Whether you are interested in sight-seeing, relaxing or shopping in Winnipeg, the options are endless. Assiniboine Park is the oldest park in the city, covering an area of 150ha. Beside the park is Assiniboine forest. This 280 ha nature reserve is home to several species of animals and plants. Bird watchers will particularly enjoy the observation area. Assiniboine Zoo has an impressive number of 1250 animals of 300 species, many of which would face extinction. In the tropical house, birds fly around whilst monkeys swing through the branches and reptiles bath in the light.
Manitoba Centennial Center is another well-known attraction in Winnipeg. Constructed for Canadian centennial celebrations of 1967, the building features stunning gardens with fountains and sculptures. Here visitors will also find the Museum of Man and Nature, chiefly considering the history of Manitoba. Exhibits are interesting and educational. The Planetarium is also housed here. Providing visitors with a glimpse into the wonders of space, the Planetarium has many interactive displays and activities for all to enjoy. Other famous monuments in Canada are not to be missed, it includes Chinatown, The Forks (entertainment and shopping center), Explore Manitoba Center, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Fort Whyte Center, Historical Museum of St. James Assiniboia, Kildonan Park, Living Prairie Museum and Interpretive Center, Riel House National Historic Site, Royal Canadian Mint, St. Boniface Museum, Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Center, Winnipeg Police Museum and Winnipeg Naval Museum.