10 Activity Ideas for Holidaying in Costa Rica This Summer

  • May 21, 2024
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Hola, everyone! Welcome to the exploration of an ultimate summer holiday destination – Costa Rica. 

This is a place where people find serenity in the lapse of nature. With its bounty of national parks, Caribbean and Pacific beaches, and rich biodiversity, it’s a paradise on Earth. 

Upon landing here, you will be greeted by friendly people with a big smile and a warm handshake. 

You can get a guided tour or simply walk around a bird sanctuary to watch colorful Hummingbirds, Scarlet Macaws, or Keel-Billed Toucan. 

Enjoy every outdoor activity in this Central American country opens doors to exciting adventures and thrills. 

So put on your shoes and pick your camera, as we unravel 10 activity ideas for holidaying in Costa Rica. 

Ride the Waves by Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in Costa Rica

To experience the thrill of riding the waves try surfing in the beautiful coastal areas of Costa Rica.

Many adventure sports are available here like surfing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. 

The Caribbean coast is preferred by experienced surfers and the Pacific is for all levels of visitors. 

Experience a low-key bohemian vibe in the Nicoya Peninsula which is further south of the country. 

For those who want to take the risk of the seas, try Wakeboard Costa Rica with your friends splashing over the waters and having fun. 

Ziplining Through the Jungles 

Ziplining in Caribbean Jungle Hills

Another fun activity that will give you an adrenaline rush is ziplining. The lush green jungles of Costa can be seen as you ride above them with the sun shining in an amazing view. 

There are many zipline canopy tours with experienced guides with all the safety gear. They will instruct you on how to travel through with secure mounting and dismounting methods.

While there are many popular spots, Monteverde Cloud Forest is most visited by tourists. They offer zipline for beginner adults and children. 

Some also offer Tarzan swings to swing through the treetops to relive childhood memories. 

Costa Rica is known as the “Rich Coast” because Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus named it so in 1502 after seeing natives wearing gold jewelry.

Whitewater Rafting in the Pacuare River

Rafting in the Pacuare River

Group activities are most enjoyed in Costa Rica with many mountains with river valleys for whitewater rafting. 

The splash of the water and the rush that everybody feels while surfing is absolutely thrilling. 

Explore adventures in the Pacuare River in the central region of the country where the rapids meet you unexpectedly, increasing excitement with every rapid wave. 

You can enjoy the surrounding rainforest setting as you are hurled through the waters and come back victorious and safe. 

A Walk in the Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park 

If you research the national parks of Costa Rica, the Manuel Antonio National Park will come up on top of the list. 

It is the smallest park with a rich ecosystem and a serene walkway. The trekking terrain is bountiful with nature rejuvenating your senses. 

It has diverse wildlife with lagoons, beaches, and offshore islands.  The stunning landscape will capture your heart as you forget all the stresses of a busy life. 

Costa Rica has had no army since 1948 and instead spends money on education and health. 

Experience Llanos de Cortes Waterfall

Llanos de Cortes Waterfall 

Holidaying is incomplete without clicking some beautiful pictures in an exotic landmark. And that is exactly what visitors experience at LIanos de Cartes waterfall. 

Enjoy your summer here, taking a dip in the cool water, or arrange a picnic with family. The waterfall is majestic to look at with a height of 70 meters (230 feet) before hitting a tropical pond. 

Explore Birdwatching Trails

Scarlet Macaws 

A paradise for bird watchers, Costa Rica’s wildlife is rich and diverse. The colors of the birds will mesmerize you will spot toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, and the enchanting resplendent quetzal. 

While trekking through the jungle you can spot howlers and squirrel monkeys, sloths, treefrogs, and anteaters. 

You can fill the pages of your diary and keep clicking pictures as brown pelicans, bats, and Kinkajous remind you of the movie Madagascar. 

Try the Local Cuisine

Casado Plate 

After wandering through the jungles and fun activities, don’t forget to fill your palette with delicious Costa Rican food. 

The city and small cities have many local cuisines to enjoy like the Casado (combo) plate. It is a traditional meal that you can order with either fish, chicken, or pork chop. 

For a sweet twist try chorreada which is a corn pancake and an ultimate morning or afternoon snack to go with coffee. 

Soak in Hot Springs in La Fortuna

 La Fortuna Hot Springs 

Relaxing takes a new turn in the Rich Costa region with many hot springs for visitors and locals. La Fortuna sees a lot of crowds framed around the rumbling Arenal Volcano. 

The springs are naturally heated by the geothermal activity of the nearby volcano. Simply soak yourself in the gentle warmth of the water which is believed to have healing powers. 

There are many resorts with more private spaces as well as some nice budget-friendly locations for everyone to immerse and rejuvenate. 

The country is also known as the “Switzerland of Latin America” because of its political stability, natural beauty, and economic stability. 

Adventure Trip to Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano 

As we mentioned before the great Arenal Volcano has many springs. It is considered a central location around which many holiday activities are available. 

The Arenal Volcano National Park offers a perfect hiking trail with some old lava flows. It was established in 1991 and stands at  5,357-foot (1,633-meter).

You can also try horseback riding, ziplining, river rafting, and take impressive photos for your Instagram feed. 

Art and Artefacts in San Jose

The Gold Museum in San Jose 

You can further dive into the rich history of Costa Rica by visiting the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. 

Situated in San Jose, the museum has gold artifacts that date back to 500 AD. The creativity and authenticity are well-preserved showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of the locals. 


Adventure, history, thrills, and serenity – all of this and more are part of the Costa Rica holiday. 

The bounty of lush green jungles, wild mammals, and colorful birds will rejuvenate your senses. 

As you enjoy the sea waves and hiking trails, you may not want to return to the stresses of life but return to become part of a rich eco-diversity.


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