The Dominican Dream: Attaining Citizenship in Paradise

citizenship in dominica

Key Takeaway

  • Dominican Citizenship is the world’s oldest citizenship and most extensive citizenship investment, established in 1993. It is one of the prestigious citizenship-by-investment programs and has been ranked at the top for six years by the CBI Index.
  • One has access to it once they reach 18 years of age plus one must be fluent in Spanish and must have reasons for being a Dominican citizen.
  • Here the medical facilities provided by the Government are only applicable to those who meet the First World Standards, whereas non-governmental facilities require you to provide for your expenses.
  • The passports of this island country give visa-on-arrival access to 140 destinations.

Before attaining citizenship in Paradise, let us begin with understanding Dominican Citizenship. The ones who are born in the country but are not related to any of the diplomats, undocumented immigrants, or immigrants who are boarded – have access to choose the Dominican nationality and obtain dual citizenship as they reach 18 years of age. 

To attain citizenship, you have to be fluent in Spanish. You will be required to attend an interview with an appointee where you have to give appropriate reasons why you want to be a Dominican Citizen. Besides that, you will be acknowledged for the country’s core values, cultures, traditions, and Spanish skills. 

This is the second-largest nation in the Caribbean. It shares parts of Hispaniola, situated between Puerto Rico and Cuba, with Haiti. The Dominican Republic occupies two-thirds of the eastern island, and Haiti occupies the western portion. 

Dominican providing free rights

The Dominican Dream 

Dominican Citizenship is the world’s oldest citizenship which was established in 1993. It is one of the prestigious citizenship-by-investment programs. It has ranked at the top for six years by the CBI Index, which is the world’s most extensive citizenship investment. The applicants get access to travel around more than 140 countries. 

It is said to be among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean that are covered with its flawless untouched beauty of nature and elegant landscapes. It is famous for its lush green mountains covered with rainforests that slope down towards unpolluted and untouched beaches. 

Dominica is a volcanically active place that possesses natural hot springs all over the island country. And due to its greenery and refreshing environment, it has become a center of attention for nature lovers and tourists. 

This island country welcomes all kinds of tourism but pays special attention to the people from the USA. Compared to other countries, the living standard over here is very high, which becomes the main reason to attract tourists. 

Nature’s beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and calmness of the people residing in Dominica make the Americans choose this paradise as their second residence after their retired life. 

Economy Status in the Dominican Dream 

All of the points that you read undoubtedly make Dominica a paradise. Its economic well-being is a cherry on the top, which makes the people who reside here a happy lot. Latin America and the Caribbean have been one of the fastest-growing economies in the world since the last decade. The economy of this place recovered and reached pre-pandemic growth in 2021. 

The product of the tourism sector recovered more than 300,000 jobs which was 38% of the total economy. It was the first island country to reopen its borders. The Economy of the Dominican Republic has resulted in being the most powerful economy in the past two decades. This supported an impeccable recovery from the pandemic and the authorities’ policies. 


The people of the Dominican Republic are very friendly and calm. They possess a direct nature and are very much interested in talking about their families. If you ever ask them about their life and family, they will happily answer without considering it as an interference with their personal life. This attitude in them makes them one of a kind. 

The most common thing that you will find in the public of the Dominican Republic is they are all very much affectionate towards each other and tourists. They are luxurious and speak loudly and quickly while having a conversation. It is considered the safest island country in the Caribbean region. However, crime still exists in Santo Domingo as it is the capital and is more crowded compared to the inner areas. 

Healthcare and Education 

The healthcare facilities in the Dominican Republic are not so good as the services are two-tiered. The medical facilities provided by the Government are only applicable to those who meet the First World Standards, whereas non-governmental facilities require you to provide for your expenses. 

But, proper care, personnel, and medicines are often unavailable in the government sectors. Free and compulsory education here is common for Western standards if provided by private or state schools. 85% of Dominicans are officially literate. Pre-school lasts 1 year, followed by 6 more years in primary school. 

Citizenship Requirements and Process 

When searched broadly, the Dominican Citizenship program is very popular and attractive for those searching to live in a well-to-do and developing country. With the rising economy of Dominica, it has been observed that many people are interested in residing there by applying for the citizenship program by investment. 

  • The application procedure is very simple and quick if all the required documents and protocols are met. The applicants need to apply to the migration office of Dominica, which can be done remotely. This must be done with proof that shows access to funds that are enough to cover any fees or taxes connected with the application. 
  • Anyone willing to reside in Dominica via the investment program will also need a declaration to fulfill the application requirements. This involves investment in any estate or government bond within three months from the application’s submission date. 
  • You must have a legal income source that is sufficient to cover all your expenses in Dominica. All your documents must be positive and should not have any signs that involve illegal activities. 
  • Make sure you have the potential to provide yourself and your family sufficiently and meet the required criteria of the application. 
  • Family members of the main applicant are required to fulfill the necessities. 
  • The daughter of the applicant must be under 25 if she’s unmarried. 
  • Children must be between 18 to 30 years of age. 
  • Siblings or spouses are NOT allowed to apply as dependents of the main applicant. 

Interesting Fact: A person who is a national of Commonwealth nations, has resided in Dominica, and worked for the government for at least 5 years,  can apply for citizenship by registration.

Benefits of Attaining Citizenship in Dominica 

The primary benefit that a person gets from citizenship is buying a second passport that gives accessibility to travel internationally. Passports make it easier for applicants to travel without the hassle and visit more mobilized countries. In the following, you will get to know more about the benefits of Dominican Citizenship. 

  • The CBI of the Dominican Republic takes only a few months to complete the application process compared to other countries. 
  • There is no requirement for any test or visiting the place before getting an acceptance into the country as a citizen, which makes it today’s most manageable way to get a foreign residence.
  • A person can explore the Dominican Republic’s Schengen areas and the advantages of tax. 
  • It is a member of the Commonwealth and provides excellent privileges to its citizens. 
  • The passports of this island country give visa-on-arrival access to 140 destinations, including the Schengen Area, Hong Kong, and the UK. 
  • The Dominican Republic is an attractive place to own a second home and live. Applicants can bring their entire family. 
  • The unmarried daughter of the applicant must be under 25 years of age. 
  • The applicants who are granted citizenship can also bring other members – their entire family. 
  • Getting an offer of second citizenship opens up new opportunities that make living easy. 
  • You can do the whole process remotely without any need to travel to the Dominican Republic. 

How to Get Dominican Citizenship? 

It is not a very difficult process to apply for Dominican citizenship. You need to meet the above-mentioned criteria and fulfill all the requirements mentioned in the application. You and your family must meet the requirements to get Dominican citizenship, so be careful with your background and the present needs to fulfill the requirements for the certification. The eligibility criteria are a must for obtaining Citizenship, so complete the required processes. 


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