What are the Destinations in Italy for Kayaking?

Best Kayaking Destinations in Italy

Nature is one of the well-known subjects of life. People perceive nature in numerous ways. Most travelers uncover nature through various means. They use several ways to enjoy nature. In this fast life, people want to spend their leisure time by adopting recreational activities, that boost the motivational level towards life. Different individuals adopt different recreational activities. Kayaking is one of the brilliant ways to enjoy nature. In European countries, kayaking is one of the most loved ways to enjoy nature. There are various Kayaking spots in Europe. Have you ever considered Italy as a Kayaking spot? If not, I will recommend considering Italy for Kayaking. With its above 7000km coastlines, tourists can get an opportunity for Sea Kayak in Italy. Here, in this article, I will discuss the famous spots of kayaking, in Italy.

Sicily Kayak

Sicily is one of the marvelous destinations for Kayakers. Due to its versatility, most tourists come to this place. Kayaking is one of the most adopted activities on this Island. Kayaker paddles in the Ionian waters of Odysseus. Besides it, Aci Castello, Capo Passero, caves of Punta Ciriga are some important destinations in Sicily. The best timing for the kayakers in Sicily in May and October. Further, the arrangements of the subject tourist department are mind-blowing. Tourists are being facilitated in each way.

Amalfi Coastline

Amalfi coast is one of the best coastlines for kayakers. It is the best destination for beginners and as well as experienced kayakers. This coastline has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Due to its versatility and uniqueness, thousands of Kayakers are attracted to this destination.

Southern Cilento Kayaking

Moreover, Southern Cilento Kayaking Adventures is one of the adventurous destinations for kayakers. Cilento coastline is amazing. It contains rocky territory. On this wonderful kayaking adventure, the kayaker will explore the coastline of Cilento which contains beautiful places on the way. Kayakers will be able to see Marina di Camerota and Palinuro places.

Sea Kayak Sardinia Place

It is one of the decent places for kayakers. Sardinia is famous for its own culture and values. The Sea of Sardinia provides a wonderful opportunity for kayakers to come and make the remarkable trip of their life. Maria Pia Beach,16th C Spanish Tower Isla Foradada, Cala Sarraina are some of the significant places for kayakers. Sunrise time is best for the kayakers to initiate their kayaking activities. April and August are the best recommended time for the Kayakers.


Sorrento is also one of the best places for kayakers. One of the nicest aspects of Sorrento kayaking is that it is best for beginners. Proper instructors are available to help out those who are naive to kayaking. Different destinations are located in Sorrento that is best for kayaking. 

Italy Lake Garda

Italy Lake Garda is also a fantastic destination for Kayakers. Early Morning time is the best recommended time for kayaking at Lake Garda. The stillness of the water will delight its viewers. the best time for kayaking in Lake Garda is through July and August. Due to the lower consistency of the wind, the water becomes calmer and more suitable for kayaking activities. You can savor the friendly magnificence of the surrounding countryside. 


To cap it all, Kayaking is one of the best ways in this era. It is important to advise that when you go kayaking, search well for the destination. Kayaking is all about skills, so a kayak must keep in view his skills. Some destination is best for the beginner and some are not.  Keeping in view all basic junctures in mind, decide the kayaking destination.

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