How to Choose the Best Place to Live in Thailand for Expat Workers

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If you’re looking to move to Thailand for more work ventures and opportunities temporarily, Thailand’s five most popular expat jobs are certainly ones you’ve researched extensively. Though aside from the job itself, among the initial things you need to look into is the place you should live in.

While Thailand has several options, choosing the best place to live as an expat worker is still a complicated process. Deciding on your new home requires both rational thinking and personal preference. Continue reading to learn how you can do it!  

How Can You Choose The Best Place To Live In Thailand?

When moving to an entirely new country, choosing the place to live and move in is an essential and personal choice. As it will be your temporary home for the next couple of years, you will need to ensure that it will perfectly suit you and your needs.

While getting away from your old life and venturing out to a new country might seem exciting, it will undoubtedly be more overwhelming. To lessen the stress of the move, you can research the best places to live in Thailand.

To help, here are the main factors up for consideration!

Cost of Living

Thailand is often perceived as a tropical paradise that offers a low cost of living — which is true if compared to most European cities. Though the case, it is still not the cheapest.

For those with a medium to high budget, Bangkok is undoubtedly an option to look into. Being the capital, everything you can need is available here.

Looking for places that are slightly cheaper than Bangkok? Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, and Thailand’s bigger islands should be considered.

For the lowest cost of living, places up north, like Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, are worth checking out.

Purpose for Moving

There are many reasons for a person or family to move to Thailand. Though among the popular reasons are education, work, and retirement.

If the reason is work, whether you have been promoted or offered a job in Thailand, then the place you’ll live in is most probably decided on. If you plan to look for a job in the country, you must stay in a place that offers good work opportunities for expat workers.

Those wanting to study in Thailand should consider Bangkok as one of the top options as it has several good universities offering three-year academic specialties and courses.


As for the location, it matters if you prefer the city, sea, or mountain, as Thailand offers many options with those factors.

For a city, Bangkok is undoubtedly the top choice. It offers convenient transportation, a mix of ancient and modern buildings, bountiful work opportunities, and many amenities.

When Thai mountains are brought up, Chiang Mai is among the best ones to consider. It is the capital of the North that offers a medium to the low cost of living. It would be a wise choice for those that prefer peace and relaxation over the hustle and bustle of city life.

As for the sea, there are hundreds of islands to choose from! The best ones to live in are medium to large-sized islands, as they often have the necessary services and amenities, like hospitals and banks.


To live in Thailand, you must check the climate and weather. Now, what type of climate do you prefer? Can you handle constant heat, or would you prefer mild temperatures?

Note that the most prominent struggles and obstacles of living in Thailand are the constant humidity and high temperatures that will make you unable to live without a fan or air conditioning.

The weather is similar throughout the country, including its islands. The heat will definitely be more bearable if you choose to live along the sea or water compared to being stuck in traffic in a large city.

What are the Top Places in Thailand for Expat Workers to Live in?

Now that the factors are discussed, here are the top 5 places in Thailand you should consider living in!


With Bangkok being the capital and largest urban city in Thailand, it is to be expected that it is home to the majority of the country’s expats. With a massive urban sprawl of about 10 million people, Bangkok is undeniably a true world wonder. It is a significant global city and a primary regional hub containing everything a person could possibly need.


Tropical beaches, sapphire-colored waters, and clear sky — with those words describing Phuket, who could turn down living in this paradise? It is the largest island in Thailand, resulting in a sizable population of expats keen to live a paradise-like lifestyle.


From a tiny fishing village to a gorgeous and awe-inspiring coastal town, Pattaya indeed came a long way. Well-known for its raunchy and incredible nightlife, this town is ideal for any expat looking to live an exciting life.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a peaceful resort town that caters exceptionally well to the expat community in Thailand. Best known for its annual jazz festival, ever-present cool breeze, culinary excellence, and fresh seafood stools, Hua Hin can draw in visitor after visitor thanks to its ambiance and overall vibe — certainly a step away from the busy life of the city!

Chiang Mai

Nestled and situated snugly in the mountains of highlands Thailand, Chiang Mai is mainly known for its hiking activities and delicious native food. It is considered Thailand’s Second City and solidly ties the vibrant and lively expat community to the artist culture.


Expats aiming to live in Thailand are relatively lucky as it offers an enormous variety and opportunities. Whether you prefer living in a big, bustling city or the peaceful, rugged mountain ridges — Thailand has options that will undoubtedly appeal to you!

Where you live in Thailand will be a matter of personal preference and logical thinking. Aside from wanting to live in a specific area for certain reasons, it would be best if you also accounted for other things like weather and cost of living.

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