The Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safaris and Holidays

best time to visit kenya for safaris and holidays

Are you thinking of making a plan to travel on the first safari to Africa, particularly Kenya? You should know the best time to organize a trip here, but you don’t know how to get the information. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. 

A good time to plan a trip for safaris is between June and October. Or if you are going there for the wildebeest migration, the top choice would be between July and September.

In this article post, we let you know in detail, the season to go and give it a visit and spend time at the most breathtaking destinations with a memorable moment in your holidays.

Seasons to Visit In

The Guide travelers who are looking to enjoy a safari in this country know that there are three types of major seasons there – the low, the high, and finally the peak.

There are many things to do there such as a tour of cities, and excursions in Nairobi like Visiting the Maasai Market and taking a look at other beautiful places.

But all of them don’t classify as good or bad, they all have their specialties. Let’s go into the deep description of the seasons that prevail in this country


January is a great period for people who want a spectacular view of the Kenya Safari game, which is the height of the summer.

This is a good choice for beach vacations on the coasts, but remember the temperatures go high which can bother you if you don’t like too much heat.

January is known to be the month that lies between the two remarkable long and short rainy periods, that’s why the weather remains pleasant for the tourists. 


February is also a great period for safaris along with January. The highlands in the center remain warm in the day and cool in the evening. The coasts also follow suit and have the same temperature as the highlands, being hot in the daytime and cold in the evening.

The Florida Keys Overseas Highway

The above data shows the average temperature and rainfall of Kenya for the whole year.

Most of the people don’t participate as much in the Masai Mara, compared to the rest of the year. If you are thinking of stopping by this place in February, there is a great chance that you can encounter wild species in the water holes.

It has the second-highest peak, Mount Kenya, which is the top place to experience hiking. You can conquer the mountain and get a point to brag about to your friends.


March is considerably more hot and humid compared to others but remains the top choice to go there.

You can take advantage of the low prices and spend to your heart’s content. 

The rains usually arrive in the later part of the month, so you can enjoy the trip in the earlier half.

April to June

This is one of the months which have the heaviest rains, the rain escalates from February to April and lasts up to June. There are many instances where May remains hot too.

You can take a look at high-end properties that offer good places but prohibit wildlife viewing and drives because of the water which makes it hard.

You can enjoy the scenery and all but be aware of the rainy atmosphere and organize the stay according to it. 

Fun Fact About Kenya You Didn’t Know62 languages are spoken across Kenya.

July, August Sept and October

This is the peak season of the traveling tours. The great wildebeest migration that starts from Tanzania to Kenya and back coincides with the easily accessible parks.

The wildlife can be easily spotted in the common areas as the weather is very hot and dry. Many wildlife activities can be seen there such as big cats hunting and other animals roaming around.

Many visitors take a look around these areas for the great migration and crossings. They come from all around the globe just to take a view of the popular areas.

November and December

In November, the rain starts and lasts till December. The wildlife becomes more visible in this period as the short rain tends to lead them to the outside area in search of greenery and water. The hunt of big cats for prey also begins.

The families can take the kids along with them for sightseeing as this is also the festive period. They can experience wildlife and nature which is a very rare combination nowadays.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Kenya?

Best Time to Visit Kenya

The most popular option to go and play is June to October. The temperature and the area remain the most suitable for traveling and sightseeing, this month. This country is known for its diversity in geography and moderate climate, earning a name for being the top choice for safari and beach holidays.

If you prefer dry weather and game viewing then you can go between January and the end of March, which offers fantastic viewing.

And if you lean more towards the rainy weather then opt for mid-March to June or November and December. You can avoid the crowd and enjoy the low rates for accommodation there.

If you want to go to the beach destinations, it’s a place worth giving a second thought as it is not the first choice to spend your luxurious vacation in.

Hope this article helped you to choose the top seasons to plan your stay in this country.

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