11 Ways to Get Flight Bookings at Cheap Prices

Flight Bookings at Cheap Prices

Air travel is always higher priced than the other travel means, still, it is irreplaceable, especially when you have to travel internationally or need to save time. Nonetheless, airlines never leave their chance to make money out of their customers, be it extra luggage price, seat-selection cost or last-moment booking, you will be charged heavily for even slightest privilege. But the smart travelers know how to checkmate the airlines and play cleverly to save money. If you are also searching for the tricks to save your hard-earned money while booking a flight, we have 11 tried and tested ways that can help you get flight tickets at a low cost at the last minute.

  1. Avoid booking on Weekends:
  2. Booking flights on weekends is usually an expensive affair. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are very expensive days to get the flight booked and hence avoiding weekends for booking is the first thing you can consider if you want a budget-friendly trip. Unless it is something important, do not run to book on the last days of the week as a high number of customers on weekend motivate airlines to shoot their prices. 

  3. Prefer Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to book:
  4. As we discussed weekends are quite expensive days for airline booking. So, go for the first three days of the week i.e. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to book your tickets. So, if it is a weekend wait for a day or two (if you can) and make your airline reservation on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

  5. Do booking in advance:
  6. Early birds always get benefits, so make sure that you follow the “advance booking” rule religiously to get cheaper flights for your travel. The later you book, the higher the charges you need to pay. 

  7. Compare prices:
  8. Discovering the flights that are low at price online become easier with third-party websites. Such sites are best to compare prices and find cheap prices. All prices will be shown in a hierarchical manner and you can pick the one that suits your budget. Also, you can set the limit for prices and only fitting options will be displayed. So, doing a little R&D with these sites can do a lot of help to find cheap flights. Also, you can find the best days on which you can find a flight for less price.

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  9. Enable alerts and notifications:
  10. Alerts are the Holy Grail for every traveler. You can easily set the notifications using various iPhone, Android, and computer apps which regularly notify you with the price drops, deals, and discounts. You will get notifications for flights that you have set.

  11. Select a flight with layover:
  12.   A flight with layover usually cost less than the direct flight. When you search for a flight, look for flights that have the “stay” destination before your actual destination. But layover flights are only recommended to the people who have ample time so that the waiting period won’t affect your trip.

  13. Avoid peak seasons:
  14. The summer and winter holidays are the most expensive time to book a flight. If you have a plan during vacations make sure you book the tickets in advance as the instant bookings will be really heavy in your pocket. 

  15. Seat selection can cost you more:
  16. Luxury comes at a cost and with airlines, you need to book extra bucks to get the seat of your choice, especially when there is a big crowd hopping on the same airline. So, if you think the seats of your choice are costing you a lot of money, get the seats recommended by the airline. If your budget is tight, do not pay the extra price just for the matter of seat. Alternatively, you can go with the airlines which cost you nothing for picking any seat of your choice, you can choose any seat from the vacant ones. 

  17. Flexibility is the key:
  18. The price for your airline ticket depends upon the flexibility. So, the more flexible you will be, the lesser the price you need to pay. Do not be rigid about timings and layovers, in this way you can save several bucks. A wider window of time will help you get better deals and lower prices. So, avoid peak seasons, weekends and other costlier days to pay lesser.

  19. Refund is possible in 24 hours:
  20. If you have already booked a flight, you can still browse for cheaper flights within the span of 24 hours as the air tickets can be refunded in 24 hours, but it is only valid if you have paid the money and not reward points to buy your ticket.

  21. Earn points:

Frequent travelers should take the point scheme seriously. Every airline has a different point scheme, so if you travel very often, you are likely to get some reward points (for every booking) which you can use to purchase your next ticket. If you have collected enough points that can cover the cost of your ticket, you can technically travel for free.

These 11 tricks are best to grab the flight tickets at cheap prices. So, when you are tight on budget but high on traveling, try these tricks and satisfy your nomadic temptation.

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