Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Exploring Mexico

  • May 14, 2024
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Imagine yourself on a Caribbean coast, dipping your toes in the calming water with some world-class cousins in your hand. 

“Could it be any more fun?”

Backpacking in Mexico is a forever dream for most of us due to its sugar-white beaches, vibrant cultures, and of course the very famous Tequilas! 

Many of us fantasize about traveling to Mexico to explore its rich culture along with some beautiful sceneries this place has to offer. 

But, how do you do it in a cheap way? 

Well, you’re about to find out soon, because, in this complete travel guide, I am going to share some epic budget-friendly tips for exploring Mexico. 

Additionally, we will explore how online resources like visitaxmx.org can offer you the best travel deals, to enhance your venture. 

Vamos! Let’s Go. 

Saving on Transportation

How to save on transportation in Mexico?

Getting around Mexico, on a budget, is relatively easy, thanks to their public transportation system, cheap buses, BlaBlaCar, and Colectivos. 

Here’s how you can save money in getting from point A to B: 

  • Use buses and local trains to get around the city. Not only this will save you some big bucks but also allow you to meet locals and explore some stunning landscapes along the way.
  • Consider using BlaBlaCar. Well, it’s not the best way to travel here, but it is cheap and faster than the buses and trains. You can literally get a ticket for under USD 4. It’s one of the great ways to interact with the locals and get to know about their culture. 
  • One of the cheapest ways I could find to get from point A to B in Mexico is using Colectivos. This will provide you with a rough local ride, and I can bet that will be the only experience that you won’t want to forget. 

Some travel safety tips you must consider while traveling in any kind of transportation:

  • Keep your bags always with you, or at least keep your eyes on them no matter what. 
  • Always have a day stock of water and snacks, because foreign lands can be pretty unpredictable sometimes. 
  • Use a jumper or scarf to keep you warm and avoid bugs knocking on your face. 
  • Bring your Hand sanitizer, tissues, and plastic bags as these can come in handy any time. 
  • Paracetamol and some basic medicines 
Mexico Tourists stats 

Saving on Accommodation

One of the most significant expenses while traveling is obviously the accommodation costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of budget-friendly options, from a cheap hotel room to CouchSurfing. Let’s take a look at these options one by one: 

  • Cheap hostel: You can always find budget-friendly rooms on websites like hostelworld.com or booking.com to book beds in advance. This is the best way to save money on accommodation, especially if you are staying with other travelers. 
  • CouchSurfing: If you are not familiar with CouchSurfing, it basically is a platform that bridges the gap between travelers and locals who want to host for free.

    The platform has small membership fees, but once you’re on it, this allows you to stay anywhere in the world for free. The best thing about this is that you will meet with some generous hosts who will be very hospitable to you, offering their little nuggets of wisdom. 

  • Volunteering in Mexico: Use a volunteer platform like Worldpackers or Workaway. This will save your entire accommodation cost in return for some volunteer exchange.

    The volunteering opportunity can vary from being a hotel staff to helping with some gardening work. But trust me, once you are there, it is going to be a unique and thrilling ride. And it’s also free, so why not? 

Saving on the Food

How to save on food in Mexico?

So, if you are volunteering you are going to have at least one meal of the day covered, this will save your food budget. 

And, if you have access to the kitchen, then going local is probably the best budget-friendly thing you can do. What I mean by going local is to get some groceries and prepare your own meal. 

What other alternatives you can consider is going for yummy street cousins and local restaurants, but always make sure to keep track of your health and stomach. 

Additionally, if you want to go cheaper, you can always go for probably some fruits for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and soup for dinner. This will cover your day in less than 4 dollars. 

Do You Know? 

There are 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico, where 27 are cultural, 6 are natural and 2 are mixed sites. 

Some Extra Tips to Travel Mexico on a Budget

Here are some other budget-friendly travel tips other than the major transportation, accommodation, and food: 

  • You have probably heard of the big drinking culture of Mexico. Yes, it is huge, fun, and exciting, but it can also be an expensive one. So, if you are on a really tight budget you should consider spending less. 
  • Use cards whenever possible to save a hundred on exchange fees and commissions. 
  • Do not consider a tourist tour as it can be more expensive than the actual cost.
  • Consider accepting generous gifts from the local hosts and fellow travelers. 
  • Finally, get travel insurance, as it can a hell lot of money in times of medical attention. 

Bottom Line

Traveling in Mexico doesn’t have to be an expensive one. If you are on a strict budget, there are still plenty of things that you can save money on. All you need is careful planning, and you are all set to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of this country without even breaking the bank. 


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