Tips for a Fun Camping Trip in Your 60s

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Well, we all agree that camping is the best leisure activity during your 60s. 

The rejuvenating sensations felt in the fresh air, eye-soothing natural scenery, doing caping stuff, and spending some quality time is a necessary boost for senior citizens. 

Although, camping during your 60s is completely different from your 20s time. 

Till that time you can’t take risks in fact you must prepare yourself for even the smallest emergencies. 

But do not worry at all, you can still be safe and enjoy simultaneously. 

Let’s dive into exciting tips for an entertaining camping trip during your 60s. 

Start Planning in Advance

Thinking to dive into it at the last minute won’t give you enough time to make the necessary preparations. 

Since you are a senior citizen, you would have more needs compared to younger campers.

Start planning at least one week in advance. This will give you enough time to shop for essentials, pick a destination and arrange transportation.

Make a Camping List

When it comes to packing for it, never ever forget to make a list.

You may easily forget important things if you don’t!

It is because many locations don’t have any essential supply stores nearby so you won’t be able to purchase anything while you are there.

Senior citizens tend to need extra things especially if they suffer from illnesses.

A typical list for you should include,

  • Lots of warm clothes: Senior citizens lose body heat much faster. At night time temperatures can drop very low so it is important to protect yourself from the cold. Avoid going to extremely cold conditions. And even for moderately cold camps, don’t forget to carry caps, gloves, and shoes with thermal insoles.
  • Medications: Carry along your daily medications and a personal first aid kit.
  • Sleeping gear: Bring comfortable sleeping bags which have extra layers of insulation. Weaker seniors can consider bringing a folding cot.
  • Extras: Items like flashlights, batteries, portable heater, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant.
  • Hygiene items: For overnight camps, you’d, of course, need your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, and others. Things like mouthwash and Smile Brilliant dental probiotics will help you maintain good oral hygiene while you are out. 
  • Tents: For proper sleep and living comfortably, it is important to carry a tent that has larger stand-up. For older people, it doesn’t require crawling or bending to walk around in that tent. Also, try to make sure it won’t be tough enough to pitch up or get it down with adequate ventilation spaces. 
  • First aid kit: Anything medical condition can arise and in senior citizens, weather can trigger them. That’s why make sure you get your check-up done right before you are planning to leave. 

In case you already have a medical condition then carry those emergency medications as per the prescription. Else, at least have a routine check-up done. Also, pack a first-aid kit to act wisely in case of any medical urgencies. 

Pack Appropriate Food Items

While packing food for camping, try to get nutritious but non-perishable items.

Your foodstuff can include nut butter, nuts, cereals, dried fruits and vegetables, canned meat, oats, granola bars, and trail mix. 

Although, if you are packing some cooked food items like grilled meat, pasta, or rice, then you must ensure that you consume it on the same day. 

You can also pack cooking utensils and a cooking stove if you plan to cook your meals. Camp stoves are versatile since you can fry, boil and make dishes as you do at your home.

Plan for Fun Camping Activities

Who said people in their 60’s cannot have fun?

The last thing you want to be doing is reading a book or scrolling through your phone all day.

There are plenty of enjoyable activities you can do which don’t require much of an investment.

  • Cards – You can never go wrong with a game of cards. For more entertainment, you can throw bets and rewards in the mix.
  • Board games – Ask your friends to take any board games they might have for an entertaining night.
  • Ring Toss – Ring toss is a competitive and interesting game you can enjoy with your senior friends. You will only need a couple of rings and stands.
  • Fishing – Nothing screams comfort and camping more than fishing! You can relish grilling fresh fish on the campfire as well.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

During camping, anything can happen. It also includes those unexpected emergencies. 

That’s why it is advised to be prepared for them beforehand to avoid any misfortune incidents. 

In addition to this, before leaving, let your loved ones stay informed about your destination and the duration for which you are going to stay. 

Keep a checklist of the nearby hospitals and the contact details available nearby to your destination. 


Make sure you invest in quality camping equipment because you don’t want anything breaking along the way!

If you have friends in your 60s who camp on a regular basis, consider getting some tips and advice from them.

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