Ultimate Guide to Cancun Airport Shuttles (2024)

  • Jun 5, 2024
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cancun airport shuttles guide

Cancun Airport Shuttle is a popular airport shuttle service provider and probably the largest one in the area. 

When you are looking to kick-start your vacation as soon as you step out of the Cancun airport, dealing with the pushy taxi drivers can be irritating. 

Along with saving money on airport parking, if you’re also looking for a reliable and trustworthy shuttle service Taxi Riviera Maya will help you. It is a service offered in Cancun exclusively to provide you with convenient and private transportation from the airport to your accommodation at a low price. 

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Why Taxi Riviera Maya?

Calling a service provider the best in their area is a big compliment, and Taxi Riviera Maya stands up to the expectations. 

This shuttle service works to provide the best quality and price to offer you one of the best transport price experiences. 

The best feature of Taxi Riviera Maya is they provide great services at a reasonable price and on time so that you don’t have to look for things to do while waiting at the airport. The moment you reserve and reach the airport, you’ll be provided with all the necessary information and the timely transfer to your accommodation. 

Features of Taxi Riviera Maya

Now that you know why we prefer Taxi Riviera Maya, let’s look at some of its features and what you can expect from this shuttle service ~

Extensive Coverage Across Riviera Maya

You can request a transfer to any destination in the Riviera Maya. No matter if you want to explore the ancient ruins of Tulum, or soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Cozumel, this reliable service is always ready to take you anywhere you want to go. 

Comfortable, Safe, and Reliable Transfer 

Taxi Riviera Maya has the best vans in the area to ensure comfortable and safe travel. You can say goodbye to cramped shared rides since they also offer private transfer for the utmost comfort and privacy that too at a reasonable price. 

Booking a private shuttle also helps you reach on time as there are no stops in between.

Plus your ride will be monitored end to end, to ensure a smooth journey and utmost privacy. 

Competitive Pricing 

You no longer need to think twice about your budget if you’re using Taxi Riviera Maya since this is the only shuttle service in Cancun airport that can help you reach your location without breaking the bank. 

You won’t need to experience a setback in your budget just because you want to experience comfort and luxury in your commute. 

Hassle-Free Booking Process 

You can secure your ride effortlessly with Taxi Riviera Maya. Whether you want a private ride or a shared one, your shuttle cab is just a few clicks away.

Taxi Riviera Maya works like any other taxi service, the only difference is that you’ll have to make an advanced reservation. 

Along with hassle-free booking, you get a 24-hour service for your convenience. So even if your flight lands at midnight or super early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about reaching your accommodation safely.  

Cons of Taxi Riviera Maya

Nothing is perfect, even Taxi Riviera Maya has its drawbacks, and as a frequent user, I think you should know about the drawbacks. Here is how Taxi Riviera Maya is lagging ~ 

  1. Higher Cost for Solo Travelers — Although Taxi Riviera Maya guarantees low prices there is a loophole here! The taxi will be cheaper for you only if you are traveling in a group, but that’s not the case with solo travel! If you’re a solo traveler there are chances that the service might prove to be a bit expensive for you. 
  1. Limited Social Interaction — It’s not a surprising thing that taking up a private vehicle limits your social interaction. You won’t have anyone to talk to in your private cab other than your driver (who prefers to stay professional and quiet but friendly).  

When it might feel like a disadvantage, it is also an advantage for introverts and people who prefer to stay in their zone. 

My Personal Experience with Taxi Riviera Maya

My experience with Taxi Rivera Maya has been an overwhelming one. After the hassle and traveling of HOURS along with jet lag, when I found my driver waiting for me at the airport, I already gave the service a 5 star. 

The ride was no doubt luxurious and peaceful, just what I needed after tolerating a crying child on the plane. 

What I loved most about the shuttle service was that the ride was binge-monitored the whole time. This gave me a sense of security in a foreign place. 

Ideal Audience for Taxi Riviera Maya

Taxi Riviera Maya caters to many different kinds of people and provides them with a reliable and stress-free ride. Here is the ideal audience for Taxi Riviera Maya ~ 

  • Families and Groups — The cost for the Shuttle cal will be less, and you move around at a reasonable rate if you’re with a group. 
  • Solo Travelers and Couples — If you are a solo traveler or someone who prioritizes safety and security this shuttle service is perfect for you. 

In short Taxi Rivera Maya caters to anyone seeking comfort, convenience, and a seamless journey to their destination. 


Taxi Rivera Maya is a shuttle service that is luxurious, private, and safe to travel in. You have to book the ride in advance and the ride will reach the airport right on time to pick you up. 

There are many kinds of vehicles available and tailored to meet the needs and preferences of travelers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get from the airport to Riviera Maya?

Take the airport Cancun Airport Shuttle Taxi Riviera Maya to move around in the area hassle-free. 

Are there free shuttles at Cancun Airport?

Cancun International Airport offers 4 separate terminals connected internally via a complimentary shuttle service.

How much does Taxi Riviera Maya cost?

The prices depend on the number of people and distance, but the starting price is $29.99.


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