Top 5 Destinations for Shopping in Birmingham

destinations for shopping in birmingham
Shopping in Birmingham

Birmingham is a known shopping destination in the United Kingdom, where you can get a unique experience and goods that may be difficult to find in other parts of the world. It is an incredibly fun and relaxing destination for shopaholics because of its beautiful surroundings.  

Specialists prove that retail therapy brings a lot of positive emotions and reduces stress. It is especially useful when you’ve had a difficult time in the past and are looking for ways to heal. In this city everything falls into place, so people go back home happy and satisfied. 

You are welcome to visit the local stores and spend a couple of days with friends or family. Start planning with us and check out five iconic places to consider below.

The Bullring & Grand Central 

The Bullring & Grand Central

The Bullring is the number one shopping destination of Birmingham on the right not only because it’s famous: this is a modern marvel of the city, located near the real arena for bullfights a little distance from the New Street Station. There are 200 stores, which include brands and all possible aspects such as beauty, homeware, electronics, etc. all under one roof.

Take into account, you might spend the whole day here buying unique items. The markets always pick on the latest trends, so dream outfits even the most ardent shopaholic thought about must be found there. And it’s impossible to not get aesthetic pleasure when walking around the fashionable corridors with panorama windows. 

Agree, it makes sense and has a positive effect on customers. Don’t forget to visit Bubbleology and try a drink with tapioca pearls, if you decide to get a break.

Iconic brands Birds Custard, Cadbury Chocolate, Bournville Drinking Chocolate, HP Sauce, and Typhoo Tea all started in Birmingham.

The Jewellery Quarter 

The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

The Jewellery Quarter is a historically famous neighborhood where many generations of craftsmen have been developing their businesses through decades. If you coming with a lover, it’s a chance to buy artsy engagement rings from the finest experts in the country. 

Although there are many more reasons to visit, at least to have a look at the diamante on the arms and even purchase something to treat yourself in all dignity.

For other handcrafted jewelry pieces for any taste and wallet, including watches, turn to S.P. Green and Co. Ltd. Their fantastic assortment presents necklaces and rings made from white and yellow gold, including pre-owned ones, and the same applies to earrings and bracelets. 

This network has over three stores with varied budgets, which is extremely suitable because you already know what to expect before going to the boutique.

Touchwood Solihull 

Touchwood Solihull

Among other shopping malls in Birmingham, the Touchwood Solihull differs by its exceptionally luxurious look inside and outside. This shopping complex combines leisure, fitness, dining options, green spaces, and stores, of course. 

Get acquainted with this mini-guide, if you are thinking about where to start:

  • check up on original “kitchenware” in Lakeland
  • try on a pair of fashionable shoes in Deichmann
  • consult with a watch specialist in Ernest Jones
  • purchase a bar of naturally grown chocolate in Hotel Chocolat
  • give your vehicle to experts with Inter Car Cleaning services as they use environment-friendly materials

A day here feels like healing therapy because of the numerous resources to unwind everyone. Even if you come with kids, take them to Mirabella’s Play Cafe and take a break while they are busy. 

Since Birmingham is loved by shoppers and retailers, the place has a high volume of residential houses, and the growth of accommodation for travelers is even more increasing as seen in the graph below. 

Number of Upcoming Schemes in Birmingham

The Mailbox

The Mailbox

The Mailbox is the old post central office with varied peculiarities inside. Did you imagine that BBC television studios may spots in the same building with fashion stalls, high-end restaurants, and bars? 

A few years back there was Royal Mail sorting, but with time it turned into a modern mix-used development and a lifestyle destination. The transformation into a hub of luxury shopping and entertainment even with residential apartments and cinema has had a positive result for visitors. 

And it’s no wonder, because where else you can see something like that?

Birmingham Christmas Market

Birmingham Christmas Market

The winter comes alive, when the largest Christmas market outside Germany starts working. This is one of the Birmingham must-visit stores which continues to expand and gather the public more and more every year. 

The perfect fascinating atmosphere of the upcoming holiday gives the mood to celebrate and visit around for themed staff, gifts, and colourful Christmas baubles. In addition to 80 markets, the market hosts events and live music. 

Enjoy tempting food such as schnitzels, pretzels, and roasted almonds in combination with bear or hot chocolate under the escort of merry melodies. Create a happy time with your family and attend the events together.

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In summary

Hope you are already searching for a plane ticket, packing your things, and getting ready for the shopping trip. Birmingham has something unique for everyone, that’s a proven fact. Wish you a fantastic experience!

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