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Disneyland Ticket

I don’t think there would be any travel enthusiast who doesn’t have Disneyland on their bucket list. Well, it’s truly a magical place, in fact, it is said to be one of the happiest places in the world. Disneyland is more than just a theme park, it is a place to relive your childhood in the most mystical way. 

So if you are planning a trip to Disneyland, I advise you to plan ahead, as the Disneyland tickets price is quite steep. So, planning ahead of time gives you relief in ticket prices. And now that you are here, I’m sure you are wondering how much are Disneyland tickets. Luckily, I have made this guide and accumulated everything about ticket prices of all 5 Disneyland from around the world. 

Let’s dive in!

About Disneyland

Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Mermaid, and whatnot, remind you of your childhood right? All these makeups to the wonderful world of Disneyland. 

And like I said, every kid and even adult has their bucket list already set and without a doubt, Disneyland tops the list. People may think that it’s located far, far away from their location, while the truth is there are a total of five Disneyland resorts and theme parks across the world. All of them are unique in their own ways. 

So if you are planning your trip to Disneyland soon, have a look at each of its destinations and see what amuses you the most. 



The original Disneyland resort and theme park is in Anaheim California. It was built in 1955 and is one of the world’s oldest and largest theme parks. It consists of nine different themed parks, luxury restaurants and hotels, and unique featured rides. You’ll find different adventures with different Disney characters at every stop. 


paris disneyland

The city of love has more than the Eiffel, Notre Dam, and Louver. The 19th-century American-themed park has entered the city of love as well, which is filled with adventure, magical rides, incredible dining experiences, and whatnot. Disneyland Paris serves visitors with over 50 attractions for families and of course, with never-ending magic. 



Have you heard of Disney Sea? Well, that’s what Tokyo serves you, already exciting, isn’t it? Tokyo is one of the safest countries in the world and this one is built with different harbors with totally different topographical areas. After all, it’s the third most visited theme park in the world. Take a daring trip to the center of the Earth or look for the Ariel mermaid at the lagoon, both will leave you awestruck. 


shanghai disneyland

Looking for a place just like your dreams and imagination, here’s the one for you. Disneyland Shanghai is filled with amazing adventures and thrills. The seven dwarf mine trains will have you racing all around and will take you to the diamond mine and the snow-white cave. Board the Pirates of the Caribbean battle and experience sea life. 

Hong Kong

hongkong Disneyland

Started in 2005, this one is the smallest of all Disneyland theme parks but hey, don’t let the size fool you. Once here, you’ll find yourself lost in imaginative rides, creative themes, and a truckload of entertainment. Sail for the jungle cruise and get a tour of mysterious river adventures. 

So this is about all the five Disneyland destinations. But before we hop on to knowing Disneyland ticket prices, let’s have a look at the different types of tickets available at Disneyland. 

Types of Tickets in Disneyland (California)

Did you know that there are several types of tickets at Disneyland? From 1 park per day to a max pass, you can pick the one that suits you the best. Here’s a list of all the types of tickets available in Disneyland, have a look and decide for yourself. 

1 Park Per Day

This is the most basic ticket at Disneyland California. With this one, you can get into one out of 5 parks every day. 

The park tickets often vary, and sometimes they are quite steeper in price because the park is busier than usual. 

Magic Morning

This one is only for Disneyland Park. It lets you pick one “Magic Morning” which will grant you early access to the park before the public. However, this ticket is limited to the guests staying at one of the three resort hotels at Disneyland, and apart front hat, to be eligible for the Magic morning ticket, you must have- 

  • Have a ticket that is at least 3 days long. 
  • Purchased your tickets online. 

Park Hopper

With this ticket, you have access to any park as many times as you want, plus the tickets are valid for each day. There are some specific reasons that I recommend the Disneyland hopper tickets to guests visiting Disneyland and not Disney World, here’s why- 

  • The Disneyland resort area is quite small and compact which makes it easier to walk through the Disneyland gates. 
  • The FastPass system works quite fast, especially in Disneyland California, hence, you can walk back and forth through the parks conveniently. 

Max Pass

With the MaxPass, you can easily use the Disneyland app and select your FastPass right from your phone. With this, you won’t have to visit the Kiosks every time.

Annual Pass/ Magic Key

With this pass, guests have the access to one or both of the Disneyland Park resorts along with a variety of admission days, pricing options, and discounts on food, beverage, and merchandise. 

Dream Key

This one is the highest tier, which includes parking without any blackout dates, 6 theme park reservations, and discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise. 

Believe Key

This one is the second-highest tier, including 50% off on parking, 6 theme park reservations, and 10% discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise. 

Enchant Key

It offers access to 4 theme park reservations, and 10% discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise. 

Imagine Key

This one is the lowest tier, including access to 2 theme park reservations, and 10% discounts on food, beverages, and merchandise. 

How Much Does Disneyland Tickets Cost?

Of course, you are wondering about Disneyland tickets price. Well, the wait is over. Here are all the details that you would like to know about Disneyland tickets price and Disneyland ticket discounts.



The below tickets are listed in “Tiers” which indicates that prices will go up over time. Tier 1 is the cheapest and the prices will go up, hence make sure you buy the tickets beforehand. 

1 Park Per Day Tickets 

Ticket Type Age 3-9 Age 10 +
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 1)$98$104
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 2)$113$119
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 3)$127$134
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 4)$141 $149
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 5)$150$159
1 day, 1 park ticket (tier 6)$155$164
2 days, 1 park per day ticket $240$255
3 days, 1 park per day ticket $310$330
4 days, 1 park per day ticket $340 $360
5 days, 1 park per day ticket $360$380

Park Hopper

Ticket Type Age 3-9 Age 10 +
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 1)$158$164
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 2)$173$179
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 3)$187$194
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 4)$201$209
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 5)$210$219
1 day, park hopper ticket (tier 6)$215$224
2 day park hopper ticket $300$315
3 day park hopper ticket $370$390
4 day park hopper ticket $400$420 
5 day park hopper ticket $420$440

Annual Passes Prices 

Pass type Price 
Dream key$1399
Inspire key$1599
Believe key$1099
Enchant key $649
Imagine key $449


Ticket type Price 
1 day park ticket From $97.20
2 days park ticketFrom $85.21
3 days park ticketFrom $80.40
4 days park ticketFrom $70.80
1 day undated park ticket From $126.01
1-day ticket with shuttle From $115.20


Adult- 18+

Junior- 12-17

Child- 4-11

Children under 3 years are allowed for free

Ticket type Adult Junior Child 
1 day passport $56.23$46.98$33.45
Fixed date and time passport $52.67$44.16$31.32
Early evening passport $46.26$37.72$27.05
Weeknight passport $32.03$32.03$32.03
1-day passports (for guests with disabilities)$46.26$37.72$27.05

Note: Disneyland tickets prices at Tokyo are subject to change without any prior notice. Hence, make sure to check the ticket prices before and have them pre-booked as well. 


Ticket type Adult Child Senior 
Early bird combo$54.03$38.02$38.02
1-day ticket $62.67$46.97$46.97
2-day ticket $112.67$84.43$84.43
1 day dated with park dining $63.94$48.24$48.24

Hong Kong

Ticket type Price 
2-day fun special package $96.19
Disney premier access & 1-day ticket combo $101.67
Disney premier access (8 attractions + 2 shows) $69.95

So these were the Disneyland tickets price, I hope now you are not wondering about how much are Disneyland tickets. So, let’s head ahead and know more about Disneyland tickets. 

What to Know About Disneyland Tickets?

You rhino you have grabbed it all by pre-booking the Disneyland tickets, but you can’t be more wrong. There’s a lot more to know about this palace and its tickets. Let’s have a look:

  • Reservations are required here beforehand- Due to everything being online, you can check the schedule online and have your reservations. Hence, make sure you have proper reservations before landing at the destination. 
  • Link your tickets to your Disney account– Once you have purchased the tickets, you need to link them to your Disney account to access them. You can easily link your tickets online
  • 1-Day tickets are rarely discounted- If you are going to buy a 1-day ticket, you can get that directly from the Disneyland resort. This is because the 1-day tickets are rarely discounted, hence, it’s better to avoid the hassle and get them directly. 

Groups like teachers, students, the military, and others may be eligible for the same through some organizations. 

  • Kids under 2 years of age are allowed for free– You do not need to purchase tickets for children below or equal to the age of 2 (nor do they require any reservations). 

For some Disneyland destinations like Tokyo, children below 3 are allowed for free. 

  • Terms and Conditions- Before buying any tickets for Disneyland of any location, make sure that you go through all of their terms and conditions thoroughly. Have a look at expiration dates, transfer policies, and refunds. 

How to Buy Disneyland Tickets?

Once you have broken down everything and decided what type of Disneyland tickets you are going to buy, next what you should know is how to buy them. Let’s have a look.

You can simply visit the official website of Disneyland of whichever location you are visiting to pre-book the tickets. Here are their details- 

Disneyland California 

Disneyland Paris- 

Disneyland Tokyo 

Disneyland Shanghai- 

Disneyland Hong Kong- 

Tips for Buying Cheap Tickets at Disneyland

Yeah yeah, I get it, Disneyland tickets price are quite steep, especially during the peak season. So you must be wondering if there’s a way to buy cheap tickets at Disneyland, well, there is. Here is my top advice for buying cheap and discounted tickets at Disneyland at any location:

  • I would highly recommend buying your tickets online. It will not only save you the amount but also from the long queue outside the gates. Plus, the more time you save, the more you can enjoy yourself in the parks. 
  • If you are planning to go for 2 days tickets in the low season, go for separate 1-day tickets. This will save you the additional cost, and there would be no difference as you can select the parks on your own. 
  • Mostly, the prices take up a toll during the spring and holiday seasons, so try to book tickets beforehand to avoid extra charges as most tickets are valid for a year. 

Best Attractions at Disneyland


The whole of Disneyland is an attraction, there’s absolutely nothing that one should miss here. It has over 50 attractions to choose from. With your theme park ticket only, you get access to enjoy all these along with more than 30 rides. Here’s what you should try at Disneyland- 

  • Star Wars: Rise of Resistance 
  • Haunted Mansion 
  • Splash Mountain 
  • Space Mountain 
  • It’s a small world
  • Pirates of the Caribbeans 
  • Indiana Jones and the temple of peril
  • Alice’s curious labyrinth 
  • The dragon’s lair
  • Western river railroad 
  • Peter pan’s flight 
  • Roaring rapids 
  • Jungle river cruise 
  • Iron Man experience 

Well, there’s actually more to each Disneyland destination, but these are some must-visit attractions here. And I hope you got everything you wanted about the Disneyland tickets price.

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