The Best Islands to Visit in Europe with the Family

  • Jun 5, 2024
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european islands to visit with family

Planning out for a family trip? In that case, you cannot slip the exotic islands of Europe out of your mind. The picturesque views of sunsets captured by your naked eyes will be cherished lifetime with your kids and loved ones. 

From getting sun-drenched to star-gazing view preferences, this guide has mentioned the best islands to visit in Europe that are waiting for you eagerly to explore. 

Discover the Exotic Beaches to Cherish Eternal Experience with Your Family 

From relaxing in the sand dunes, to experiencing snorkelling, these 5 beaches will give you the experience of everything you have dreamt of. 

Crete, Greece

Being the largest island in Greece, Crete is renowned for its wild natural beautiful beaches and exquisite cuisines. Undoubtedly, it is the best destination to cherish your family time. 

From making sand castles on the beach with your kids to underg ̮0jmoing a thrilling snorkelling experience, you can make a checklist of Crete’s pristine beaches to plan out your per-day activities. Water sports enthusiasts can try kayaking, and paddle-boating to share their hobby with your family. 

The best part is Crete is not restricted to water activities only, you can plan to explore the charming villages and Natural History Museum of Crete, to give your toddlers an immersive experience of its historical past.  

Korcula, Croatia

The lesser-known island nestled in the Adriatic Sea, will give you an unforgettable experience of its beaches beauty and authentic Croatian culture. So without any further ado, plan out a luxury vacation in Croatia for a few days in your vacation. 

Exploring beaches with kids can be hectic, but you can explore the beauty of Korcula on the cruise for a seamless experience. When done with the beach activities checklist, you can walk the streets of Korcula’s old town and catch up a chit-chat in between the coffee breaks. 

Overall, the tempting views of Korcula, and family-friendly activities, will give you some astonishing memories of this paradise. 

Tenerife, Spain 

Holding the tag of the most popular canary island in Spain, Tenerife is a full-packed paradise for beach enthusiasts. With its stunning eye-gazing black and golden beaches, it is home to the most popular tourist places. So before planning a trip to Tenerife, don’t forget to carry your bucket to tick the most activity off. 

For your kid’s best day out, plan to visit Siam Park, the top adventurous water park to relieve your childhood with a lazy pool and exhilarating water slides. 

Besties its beach beauty, the scenic active volcano landscape entices you to hike and explore the stunning views and make your kids witness the realm of the volcanic environment. For your clarity, it is marked safe to trek with the experts. 

Menorca, Spain 

Summer is approaching, so without any second thought, pack beachy clothes and hats for Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands. Undoubtedly, it is the best gateway to beat the heat and witness the real self of this island from June to September. 

The beaches are the hidden gems and perfect to complete your dreams’ of embracing water sports activities once in your life. In addition, you can also explore some hidden coves, historic sites and old-painted villages with your kids and family.  For a comfortable stay, you can prefer family-friendly accommodation choices in Menorca, to avail necessary amenities for your kids to ensure a comfortable stay. 

Overall, Menorca is a one-stop destination to experience the island’s rich heritage, and culture and yes don’t forget the mouth-watering local cuisines. 

Capri, Italy 

Popular for jaw-drooping scenic views and relaxed atmosphere, Capri, Italy is the perfect getaway to enjoy with your families. The crystal clear beach view covered with the backdrop of mountain is perfect for family picnic outing day. You can also add the boat tours in your plan.

You must note down this now, that don’t forget to visit renowned Blue Grotto, to witness the sea caves enlightened with bright sparkling water. 

After checking the list of all the adventures, relax your body and soul with the appetizing local cuisines, Italian dishes and everything you are in the mood to eat. 

Does and Don’ts of an Island Day Out

Before going to any place, make sure that to contribute your efforts to protect the natural heritage, culture, and the beauty of that particular place. For that, we have listed some does and don’t of the island trip. 

  • Carry your essentials including hat, sunscreen, kids stuff and more.
  • Explain the day plan and everything to your cab driver in advance.
  • Respect the locals of the place.
  • Follow the safety precautions of the place.
  • Carry alcohol in the prohibited areas.
  • Break the rules and regulation of the particular place.
  • Swim only in allowed areas.


From now, whenever you are planning an island vacation, don’t forget to give a though to the magical islands of Europe. 

As they can sail you through the white sugary beaches with mountain backdrop, sports adventures, gourmet restaurants and a lot of unforgettable enchanting views. Remember to include all the aforementioned islands while making your day-to-day itinerary. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Which is the most visited island in Europe?

Tenerife is at the number one in the list of most visited islands in Europe.  

What is the best time to visit Europe with family and kids?

The ideal time to visit Europe with family and kids is between May to September, as the weather remains pleasant.

How many days is required to take a tour of Europe?

To take a complete tour of Europe, it is suggested to plan a minimum of 10 days trip.

What age do kids fly free internationally?

Infants or 2 years kids are allowed to travel free on the lap of the adult. 


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