Exploring the BNE Airport Map: A Detailed Overview of Its Terminals


If you’re traveling through the Brisbane International Airport (BNE), you’ll need to know your way around the terminals. This airport map will give you a detailed overview of all four terminals—A, B, C, and D.

Introduction to the BNE Airport Terminals Map

As you explore the BNE Airport Terminals map, you’ll find that it’s made up of three terminals: the Domestic Terminal, the International Terminal, and the Transit Terminal. Each terminal is designed to serve a specific purpose, so it’s important to know which one you need to be in.

The Domestic Terminal is for passengers departing or arriving on domestic flights within Australia. The International Terminal is for passengers departing or arriving on international flights. And the Transit Terminal is for passengers who are connecting two international flights, or between an international and domestic flight.

Overview of the Domestic Terminals

The Domestic Terminals are located in the North Eastern corner of the airport, and they’re pretty straightforward. All three terminals are together, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost. The only thing to keep in mind is that Terminal 1 is for Qantas and Jetstar passengers, Terminal 2 is for Virgin Australia passengers, and Terminal 3 is for all other airlines.

Once you’ve cleared security, you’ll find all the usual amenities—shops, restaurants, cafes, and so on. There’s also a free airport shuttle that runs between all three terminals every 10 minutes or so.

Overview of the International Terminals

If you’re looking to travel through the BNE Airport, then it’s important that you become familiar with the airport map.

There are three main terminals at the airport—International, Domestic, and QantasLink. The International Terminal is the largest of the three, and it’s home to all of the major airlines that service the airport.

The terminal is also home to a range of dining and shopping options, as well as a number of lounges for passengers traveling in first or business class. If you’re looking for a bit of luxury before your flight, then the International Terminal is definitely the place to be.

Overview of the Central Terminal Area

The Central Terminal Area is the hub of activity at BNE Airport. It’s home to the three main terminals and 39 airbridges, providing access to dozens of boarding gates. In this area, you’ll find check-in desks, cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and other passenger amenities.

The Central Terminal Area also houses two business lounges: the Qantas Club and the Emirates Lounge. These lounge areas offer comfortable seating, complimentary food and drinks, WI-FI connection, and other amenities for passengers in business or first-class class who are looking for a comfortable place to relax while they wait for their flights.

Finally, the Central Terminal Area also has a number of designated areas where you can pick up rental cars or taxis. You can also take advantage of car parking services for those times when you need to leave your car at the airport for extended periods of time.

Getting Around the BNE Airport Map

Navigating the BNE Airport map can be confusing. Lucky for you, there are a couple of ways to get around—depending on what you need.

If you’re looking for the quickest way to check out which airlines are located at which terminals, the interactive terminal map is your go-to. It’s the easiest way to get a detailed overview of all four terminals, giving you information such as shop locations and travel times.

Services and Facilities at BNE Airport

It wouldn’t be a complete overview of the BNE airport map without talking about the services and facilities available. After all, these are essential for anyone navigating the terminals.

For a start, there is a wealth of options for dining, shopping, and entertaining. You can find everything from cafes to convenience stores—whatever you fancy! There are even plenty of charging stations in case you want to top up your mobile phone while you wait.

There is also extensive medical help on offer if ever you need it, as well as free Wi-Fi access. For longer layovers and connections, there are several rest areas available where you can plan what to do next or just take a break from your journey. And if it’s an overnight stay that you need, there is an on-site hotel with world-class amenities and services.

FAQs About Exploring the BNE Airport Map

Have some questions about the BNE Airport Map? Let’s dive into the FAQs and get your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t know which terminal to look for when checking in for my flight.

Not to worry! You can find out which terminal you should check in at by visiting the airport map. All you have to do is type in your departure airport and your arrival airport and you will be directed to the correct page with all of the terminal information.

Is there a way to find out what shops and restaurants are available at the different terminals?

Absolutely! The map features detailed information about what shops, restaurants, bars, and services are available at each terminal. Just select your destination and you’ll be provided with a list of all the options.

Can I get directions on how to get to my terminal once I arrive at the airport?

Yes, absolutely! The BNE Airport Map also has an interactive tool that provides directions on how to get from one point of the airport to another. All you have to do is select your departure gate, or enter a specific location such as a shop or restaurant, and it will provide detailed instructions on how to get there.


So there you have it—an overview of the BNE Airport map and the terminals it consists of. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or an experienced jetsetter, this guide should provide all the information you need to navigate your way around the airport with ease.

Remember, if you get lost or need help, just ask one of the airport staff—they’ll be more than happy to assist you. Have a great trip!

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