Ultimate Guide to Buying Disneyland Tickets at Costco

  • Jul 12, 2024
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disneyland tickets at costco

We all dream of going to Disneyland at least once in our lifetimes. It’s a land of magic, fantasy, and awe, all packed into one huge theme park mayhem that we know of today.

The park first opened its gates in July 1955 and soon became a big hit among families and adults alike. But over the years the cost of tickets to this amazing place has risen steeply. 

So, is there really a way to get your hands on Disneyland tickets for cheap?

Lucky for you, Costco has your back.

By getting your tickets from Costco, you can not only get your hands on Disneyland tickets for cheap, but you can also get access to the extra privileges that come with a Costco membership.

In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step on how you can use your old Costco membership to buy Disneyland tickets for cheap as well as get the most out of your membership.

How Much Do Disneyland Tickets Really Cost?


The whole cost of your trip to Disneyland pretty much hinges on the type of ticket you plan to get and there are a lot of ticket options Disney offers based on the number of days and age of the person visiting the park.

Not to mention there are those extra VIP-like passes that let you skip lines and the cost can go up a whole lot.

So, how much do the tickets really cost?

If you’re planning to spend just a day at Disneyland, then the price is based on the date you’ll visit the park.

Plus, the one-day tickets come in six different categories, starting from Tier 0 to Tier 6. And the higher the Tier you pick the more expensive the tickets will get. 

But the price comes with a lot of bonuses. Higher-tier tickets come with more perks too.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of Disneyland tickets, the perks they offer to the visitors as well as their costs.

Disneyland Tickets

The Standard Multiday Pass

Standard Multi-day passes cost about the same no matter when you buy them. As a guest, you can choose between visiting any one of the Disneyland Parks (Disneyland Park or Disneyland California Adventure Park).

The only issue with this ticket is that once you have decided on a park you cannot switch between them. Your entire visit is limited to the park you enter first.

Number Of DaysAdult Ticket PriceChildren’s Ticket Price
2 Day Ticket/ 1 Park Per Day$310$290
3 Day Ticket/ 1 Park Per Day$390$365
4-Day Ticket/ 1 Park Per Day$445$420
5-Day Ticket/ 1 Park Per Day$480$450

Park Hopper Tickets

These tickets give users the power to visit both Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park on the same day. Park hopper tickets also come with a perk i.e., you can use the same ticket to switch between the parks anytime during your visit.

Number Of DaysAdult Ticket PriceChildren’s Ticket Price
2 Day Park Hopper Ticket$375$355
3 Day Park Hopper Ticket$460$435
4-Day Park Hopper Ticket$515$490
5-Day Park Hopper Ticket$555$525

South California Disneyland Tickets

This ticket comes with some perks for the locals that are not available to any visitors from outside of California. If your zip code falls between 90000 to 93599, you can avail yourself of these tickets and waltz into the park. And all you need to do is show the park attendants a valid Govt. ID when buying the ticket.

These tickets can be used for non-consecutive days. This means that with this ticket even if you leave the park after one day, you can come back again to avail the remaining days anytime.

Disneyland South-California Ticket Ticket Price
South California Resident Ticket – Monday to Sunday$92 per day/ $275 total
South California Resident Ticket – Monday to Sunday$75 per day/ $225 total

Understanding Costco’s Ticket Deals

One thing that people should be aware of, though, is that in the case of Disneyland tickets, Costco really is a friend.

Here are the perks of being a Costco member and a few of them include unfair advantage to the best ticket deals in the market. 

These promotions are mostly sales of multi-day passes and holiday packages, which are not sold in other shops. 

That’s why buying tickets at Costco is more beneficial than directly buying it from Disneyland, as you will also get a price advantage, as well as the opportunity to enter the park earlier or receive a discount on food. 

Getting your Disneyland tickets through Costco Travel can be a huge money saver for you. Plus it is also possible to find great hotel deals and event tickets if you’re planning to spend more than a day exploring Disneyland. 

The Stages of Ticket Procurement

The whole process of buying Disneyland tickets from Costco is very is a very simple process and doesn’t need any planning from your side.

First of all, make sure you are a member of the described store, as it is stated that the described products will only be available to members only. 

One can buy the tickets through the Costco Travel website, or they can also be bought at the physical store in the travel division. 

You can purchase the tickets online and those are available as single-day tickets, multi-day tickets, and tourist packages as well. 

Physically, in the store, you may find ticket vouchers that are used to purchase tickets when you get to Disneyland. 

After buying the tickets, you will be given a notification through your email showing how to use the tickets that you bought.

Maximizing Your Savings

As for hints on how to enjoy buying tickets at Costco to the fullest, it is recommended to buy a vacation package. These packages tend to be in a theme whereby the Disneyland tickets are accompanied by hotel bookings and other additional attractions and benefits. 

When purchasing your tickets together with your accommodations, you can literally get these for a lot less money and at a far more convenient telling. 

Also, after having your list of preferred brands, ensure that you also look at any seasonal promotions or limited offers since these can also be sources of saving more money.

One more piece of advice is to visit the park outside rush hours. It is usually cheaper, and fewer people are in the park. 

While this can be beneficial in improving one’s experience, it will also help keep expenses low.

Disneyland park annual attendance


Therefore, purchasing Disneyland tickets at Costco would prove advantageous to consumers in terms of costs and extras. 

Therefore, by getting to strike the best deals that are offered at Costco, you can make your Disneyland visit special and economical. 

Do not forget about the possibility of using long-term tickets, which could be multi-day tickets or vacation tickets. 


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