Local Music and Festivals: A Hippie Guide to Montenegro’s Vibrant Scene 

  • Apr 3, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
Montenegro's Vibrant Scene


  • Montenegro’s rich musical setting has an interesting mix of folk traditions and modern style. 
  • The backdrop of the vast hills and music concerts at the beautiful beaches inspire hippie vibes. 
  • You can enjoy a variety of food and drinks at the local cafes, and visit art colonies, and nature retreats.
  • The popular Sea Dance Festival draws a huge crowd to hear musicians from across the world. 

Discover Montenegro’s Vibrant Beat! 🎶🌍

The pristine beaches and imposing mountains of Montenegro have long captured travelers’ hearts. But deep within its soulful cities and coastal towns lies a rhythmic beat, a story of music and festivals that resonate deeply with the hippie spirit. Let’s dive into this vibrant scene!

Historical Grooves 🎵

Montenegro’s musical roots stretch deep into history. From the melodies of folk traditions to the fusion of modern genres, this nation’s sound is a testament to its rich culture. The rise of the hippie movement only intensified its musical flair, leaving a lasting impression on the nation’s musical journey. 

Brad Pitt’s first movie as a lead actor called Dark Side of the Sun (1988) was filmed in Montenegro. It was originally named Tamno je Sunce and directed by director Bozidar Nikolic.

Where Music Comes Alive 📍

Every place has its heartbeat, and in Montenegro, it’s in the local venues:

  • Popular Picks: Bars and cafes like “Beer and Bike” in Budva by the Adriatic offer more than just great drinks; they immerse you in live local tunes.
  • Boho Beats: Seek out spots like the art colonies of Cetinje or nature retreats near Biogradska Gora. They’re the hidden gems where bohemian vibes thrive!
    Montenegro’s wine-tasting event

Festival Fever 🎉

Montenegro isn’t just about serene beauty; it knows how to party!

  • Major Festivities: Festivals like the “Sea Dance Festival” bring together global and local artists.
  • Hidden Havens: Dive deeper and find beach parties or community-driven gatherings in the hills. They might not be on every tourist map, but they’re where the real magic happens.

Festival Fever:

  1. Sea Dance Festival: Held on the Budva Riviera, it’s a haven for electronic music lovers. Sun, sea, and sound – a trio that never disappoints.
  2. Lake Fest: Located by the shores of Krupac Lake in Nikšić, this rock festival is a nod to both international and regional rock legends.
  3. Southern Soul Festival: For those seeking soulful tunes by the beach, Ulcinj’s Copacabana Beach transforms into a music paradise during this festival.
  4. Bedem Fest: The historical Nikšić fortress becomes a backdrop for a variety of genres, from rock to jazz, showcasing Montenegro’s rich musical tapestry.
  5. Udahni Kolasin Fest: Mesmerize yourself with music, art, culture, and dance in the mountain resort of Kolasin featuring popular bands playing jazz, rock, pop, house funk, and more.
  6. Mimosa Fest: Welcoming the spring is the local fest, Mimosa, that takes place in March. You will enjoy the day looking at the sight of beautiful mimosa flowers followed by a parade, and a band playing brass. 
  7. Kotor Festival: In the night as well as in the daytime, the beautifully decorated boats are also part of the attraction during the Montenegro festival. The boats compete with each other for a valuable prize and are perfect for a family vacation. 

Sounds of the Soul 🎸

Every strum and beat in Montenegro tells a story. Traditional instruments, like the “gusle” or the “tamburica,” are more than just instruments—they tell a story. And when you dive into genres like “sevdalinka”, you don’t just hear a song; you experience a legacy.

Always keep your valuables safe and close to you, especially in large crowds. Pre-book your tickets much in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle. Follow the instructions of the event organizers.

Communities and Creations 🌿

Montenegro’s hippie communities, from the coastal hideaways to the mountain retreats, are nurturing grounds for talent. These communities have gifted the world with artists who blend tradition with modernity, creating masterpieces that connect the past and the present.

Traveler’s Note 📝

Eager to tap into Montenegro’s beat? Plan your visit around major festivals, immerse in the local scene, and always approach the culture with an open heart and respectful curiosity. It’s not just about listening; it’s about feeling and connecting.

Final Note 🌠

Montenegro is an exquisite and fun destination to experience upbeat rhythm and melody. The overall bohemian vibe brings communities together. Filled with creative art decor and delicious food to explore, it is a must-visit fest for travelers. So, the next time you set foot in this Balkan beauty, remember to listen closely. There’s a song in the air, waiting to be discovered.


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