Unforgettable Fishing Adventures: A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Hidden Fishing Spots

  • Apr 10, 2024
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how to find hidden fishing spots

Fishing has been a favorite pastime of people for ages and will continue to do so. However, with the rising popularity of this pastime, regular fishing enthusiasts are losing their secret spots. When they reach their spot with gear and stalking rods after a long time, they realize that other people are already using it.

To address this concern of fishing enthusiasts, we have compiled eight tips for exploring the best-hidden fishing spots! These tips include doing detailed research, avoiding common places, checking past stocking records, and many more. fishing experience. 

So, let’s look at the eight tips and learn how to elevate your fishing trip!

Do Detailed Research to Find the Secret Fishing Spots

If you are looking for hidden fishing locations, consider doing detailed research. First, decide where you are traveling to. When you are done choosing, look for suitable fishing spots in that specific area that meet your preferences and skill set.

You can use old-school maps or mapping apps to find the perfect angling points. Look for waterways or spots that you haven’t tried before. Or better, consider high-mountain lakes that are hard to travel but hold more chances of holding a fish.

Each location or spot offers a variety of benefits, but make sure it aligns with your fishing style, contains the sea animals you want to target, and is easy to reach.

Check the Past Stocking Records

If you are looking for some new species, then we recommend you check out the past fish stocking records on the wildlife agencies’ website. It is one prime example of how technology is revolutionizing the world of fishing.

This database is updated regularly and allows you to search for fish using filters like range species and others. It will help you find some amazing species that are over a decade old or more.

Apart from that, you must look out for the discreet stockings that are left unexplored to elevate the fishing experience on your trip.

Avoid the Easily Accessible Fishing Spots

It is always an untold rule that the most popular fishing places are the ones that are fished often. So, if a spot is easily accessible, the chances of finding a great catch are comparably lower.

Thus, we recommend you steer clear of these spots if you are looking for an adventurous experience. The more effort you put into reaching a spot, the better your fishing journey will be.

Hence, go for the hiking trails, or better yet, explore the side of the stream to find an unknown spot. Ultimately, going the extra mile will turn out to be satisfactory.

Get Familiar with the Tides and Currents

Be it any sports activity, the tides and currents always play a crucial role. The incoming tides increase the chances of catching a fish, while the current waves affect the spots where fish exist.

For example, when the tide goes out, many fishes move to the deeper water and a moving current allows the fishes to bite better. Thus, if you familiarize yourself with these concepts, you are sure to find big pieces offshore.

So, before you head out for fishing, make sure to check the direction and strengths of tides and currents. Also, learn how they may affect your angling experience on your trip.

Check out the Coastal Bottom and Inner Harbor

This might seem unexpected, but many expert anglers have claimed that the coastal bottom and the inner harbor are the best angling spots. 

The bottom areas of the coastal regions have been the places that gave many anglers their best searches to date. Trying out the inner harbor doesn’t seem like a bad idea either. Thus, give it a try, as who knows, you might end up getting the perfect catch!

Quick Note:
Coastal bottoms and inner harbor are not hidden spots listed on some credible websites, but these sources come from experienced fishermen.

Use Modes of Transportation to Dive Deeper

Hunting for perfect angling spots can be tiring and bothersome. To deal with this, you can use modes of transportation like ATVs and mountain bikes to travel long distances on rough terrain.

An ATV is perfect for rough terrain that lets you travel rugged trails and dive deeper into the public land. On the other hand, mountain bikes have strong grips, which makes them perfect for exploring hiking trails and discovering lesser-known areas.

By using these modes, you can easily locate the suitable spot that meets your fishing needs and offers you an enthralling experience.

Hire a Fishing Guide

By hiring a local fishing guide, you can discover some secret waterways that only the locals are aware of. Furthermore, these guides also give you some insider tips to succeed in casting the bait and hunting.

Additionally, you can befriend the local people and ask them to give you a tour and show you the hidden mainstreams that are passed on to them from the older generations. By doing this, you can save significant money and get the best angling experience.

Follow the Ethics of the Secret Fishing Spots


Regardless of the fishing spot, you must ensure responsible angling that doesn’t harm the environment. For that, dispose of all the trash you have created, avoid littering, and ensure that your fishing activities are not affecting the ecosystem in any way.

We would recommend you adopt the catch-and-release (catch the fish and release it after you are done) approach to keep endangered species because the ocean tends to suffer the most from illegal fishing, as shown in the image below.

The ocean suffering most from the illegal fishing stats

If you do not comply with this rule, you might have to pay a hefty fine for harming wildlife.


So, whether you are a pro or a beginner, follow the tips mentioned above to find the best angling spots. Apart from the tips mentioned above, we suggest you learn all the basics of casting techniques, choose the right angling gear, and obtain a fishing license to avoid any complications on your trip.
Ultimately, remember to enjoy the fishing experience and have a memorable family trip. However, don’t miss out on the most exciting part of angling, i.e., appreciating nature!


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