The Ultimate Guide: How to Easily Obtain an International Driver’s License

how to obtain international driver license

International traveling for business purposes or for holidays becomes a memorable experience when you are in the driver’s seat. 

An international driver’s license is one such valuable permit that gives you the opportunity to drive in a foreign land without the hassle of extra paperwork. It gives you the convenience of independently moving through cities without relying on public transportation. 

An IDP or International Driver’s License is an official document issued by the United Nations allowing travelers to drive a private automobile in a foreign country or a jurisdiction that recognizes the document.

 It is often used by many expatriates as well as car rental companies to navigate legally in an international location.  Before you explore some ideal international destinations for long vacations, it’s important to know how beneficial it is to have a driver’s license accepted internationally. 

This article provides complete information about how to easily obtain an International Driver’s License for your next overseas trip. 

Eligibility For Obtaining International Driver’s License 


Over the years, taking a trip to anywhere in the world has become less cumbersome with improved revisions in international travel regulations. The eligibility for an international driver’s license is:

18 years of age or older
A valid driver’s license from the home country
Two passport-size photographs
Complete the IDP application form
Pay the required application fee

The Authority to Provide International Driver’s License

International Driver’s License 

Officially issued by the United Nations countries, the IDP is a translation of the domestic driver’s license, which means that both are required as valid identification proof to drive internationally. Since every country’s driving permits may differ, it’s advisable to check which countries accept the IDP or if there are any corresponding arrangements. 

The IDP document is available in several languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Scandinavian as well. This makes it easier for foreign officials to verify the traveler’s credentials. 

Processing Time and Validity of IDP

Application Processing 

The total processing time for an IDP varies depending on the authority issuing it and checking all the information of the applicant. An official in-person facility will take one to two business days if all the documents are complete. 

If you are submitting your IDP application online, then the process is completed within 8 to 15 minutes. You will receive your digital IDP quickly, however, it is important to understand that some countries require only physical copies of IDP. 

As per international travel regulations, the IDP is valid for one year from the date of its issuance. Since it is used with the domestic driver’s license, regular renewal of the documents is necessary. 

International Driving Tips 

Driving tips 

You must be excited to drive to a foreign land and enjoy your experience to its fullest. Here, are a few tips that can help you to accentuate your fun of driving. 

  • Always check that your visa, passport, identifications, domestic driver’s license, and IDP have complete and accurate information.
  • Always carry your identification documents with you to avoid travel disruptions from local authorities. 
  • Before traveling, check the destination’s travel rules and regulations that permit the IDP or simply using a domestic driver’s license will work.
  • Contact your embassy if you need help with driving permits while traveling on highways. 
  • Travel and rental insurance will come in handy while exploring difficult terrains. 
  • Understand the cities where certain automobiles may not be allowed to respect natural habitats or jungle safaris. 
  • Don’t completely rely on GPS but carry a physical map as some places may not have internet services, you might ask the local people who can assist you. 
  • Use an app translator to help you travel comfortably and avoid language barriers. 

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Driving on a foreign land 

Self-driving in an international location should always be hassle-free. An international driver’s license helps you to utilize the advantages of driving in a foreign land. In fact, in many nations, it is considered an identity-proof document.

 It also endorses that you are eligible to drive in any foreign land. As it is accepted in 150 countries that signed the agreement, this license allows you to take advantage of this. 

Besides this, you can also drive any vehicle that you have rented. So, what are you waiting for to travel abroad? When you have decided to crash at a foreign destination this time and are good at driving, try to plan your trip well. 

Get your international driver’s license quickly, so that you won’t miss the fun of driving at foreign lanes just like you enjoy it in your own homeland with zero hassles. 

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