Beyond Stars: What Matters Most When Choosing a Hotel in Singapore

  • Apr 4, 2024
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how to pick a hotel in singapore

It’s always an exciting time when sitting down to pick the place where to head away for a vacation. While looking for the right hotel to stay in, it makes sense to read reviews on reputable sites, so that an accurate judgement can be made. It’s the same applies to attractions no matter if travelling solo or with others. 

Southeast Asia continues to be a popular place to visit thanks to its climate and rich history, along with foods that are enjoyed by others around the globe. Those who want to stay in a vibrant modern city that still retains plenty of culture and ensures that they get the most out of it are well advised to select a leading 5-star hotel Singapore can offer for many reasons.

Factors to Look at While Opting for a 5-Star Hotel in Singapore 

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  • Location: Location also plays a vital factor wherever anyone wants to stay. There is one in the country that can be chosen which has fantastic public transport links so that a direct train ride from the airport is easy and comfortable, alighting at a station within a couple of minutes walk away from the reception desk. 

    Upon arrival, it’s good to confirm that the hotel is easy to get to all the attractions, such as the famous Raffles, or the amazing shopping experience and vibrant nightlife that the island provides. Guests will be well catered for in this department, with Chinatown within easy reach as well as a bay and marina, with its promenade walks. 

    No matter if it’s museums or attractions that are being sought, are easy to get to while opting for the right central accommodation. Perhaps visitors might even find reasons why a Singapore vacation needs a yacht charter

  • Comfort: Exploring the Lion City can provide immense enjoyment, but even more so if returning after a day of fun to luxury and rest to spend some quality time. Being able to choose from a guest room or suite that can cater to every requirement is an obvious advantage, especially when all have a balcony to enjoy the views at sunset. Unparalleled comfort is offered while making the right choice of hotel, which will include the highest quality linen and a large bed.
  • Amenities Provided: Amenities also count for a lot during any stay. If visiting a destination as exciting as Singapore, then why not guarantee that the best is available? This will certainly be the case if choosing a hotel whose accommodation provides space and elegance along with bespoke furniture in each room. A rain shower with the accompanying amenities a guest could want is provided in the bathrooms. 

    Those who wish to unwind can do so by watching a 55’ IP TV, with every channel they could want, or perhaps check out what’s happening elsewhere while using the unlimited Wi-Fi.

  • Additional Features: There may be those staying on business who need to work and can do so in comfort, perhaps while enjoying a drink from the mini-bar or Espresso machine. Maybe, after enjoying the facilities around the resort, a session in the fitness center or swimming pool might be in order. These are the features available at a leading hotel. Or maybe a visit to the national gallery might appeal.
  • Restaurants and Bars: A wide range of wonderful restaurants and bars is also a feature of making the right pick to suit culinary needs as wonderful food and drink capture all sensations. Being pampered and enjoying wellness and spa treatment can be a feature of a stay, which professional and friendly staff will add to.

Do You Know?
In 2024, Singapore is expected to see 15 to 26 million international visitors, bringing in $26 – 27.5 billion in tourism receipts. 


Singapore is an amazing destination to visit, which can be enjoyed even more when choosing the right luxury 5-star hotel to guarantee that it will be enjoyable and comfortable. While ahead of booking a hotel, keeping the list of your preferences in hand can make the stay more pleasing. 

Even though it’s good to spend money on your luxury and comfort, who doesn’t like discounts, free meals, or extra features in their stay during the vacation? So, it’s great to explore all the offerings provided by the hotel before making the reservations, and enjoy holidaying!


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