5 Tuscany Villas with Chefs That Are Too         Luxurious to Be True

  • Apr 4, 2024
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luxurious tuscany villas with chefs

Italy is synonymous with top gastronomy delights, so it is a great idea to rent a villa in Tuscany with a chef. 

An in-house cook will prepare for you exquisite dishes to taste authentic Italian cuisine at its best. 

Plus, you will enjoy the privacy of your luxurious dwelling with your loved ones away from the crowds.

Let’s see the most luxurious Tuscany villas with chefs that will turn your vacation into an unbelievable culinary experience. 

These and many other amazing villas are managed by Kinglike Concierge, the most experienced and dedicated company for deluxe accommodation. 

They provide lavish mansions with world-class amenities, such as a private pool, in-house chefs, a helipad, and any other VIP facility you can imagine for demanding guests.

Tuscany Villa Marie

 Tuscany Villa Marie

Villa Marie is a spacious place with 9 bedrooms for 18 guests in the district of Lucca. 

With an impressive palace-like garden, this mansion will elevate your travel expectations. 

The three centuries ago constructed elegant building has been renovated to accommodate international visitors. 

The ground, first, and second floors are decked with a blend of classical and new.

The basement has facilities like a modern spa, sauna, hammam, heated pool with hydromassage jets, and a lounge room with a television.

It offers amenities to enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends and family, tasting culinary dishes and high-end wines in a spectacular setting.

The design features of Tuscan villas consist of stone exterior walls, terracotta roofs, wooden elements, mosaic tiles, and outdoor living spaces.

Parco del Principe

Parco del Principe

Parco del Principe, with 8 bedrooms for 14 guests, is a true sanctuary to forget the outside world inside luxury that looks like it comes from a fairy tale. 

In the famous district of Val d’Orcia, there is an astonishing valley with medieval villages and aristocratic houses that are hidden inside the olive groves and the cypress trees. 

With multiple elegantly designed bedroom interiors and expansive living rooms, it offers the perfect setting for family functions or intimate celebrations. 

You can experience the grand dining areas and comfortable lounges or venture out to the gardens of alfresco dining and evening strolls. 

This place is a remote haven where you can stay the whole day and night, having everything you want inside a sumptuous setting.

Tuscany Villa Argentaia

Tuscany Villa Argentaia

If you are looking for a Tuscan mansion with a chef that combines the old with the new in a mysterious yet refreshing way, then Argentaia is the place to be. 

A stone-built castle with an interesting design and an infinity pool that dominates the scenery, this is Argentaia, a heaven away from mass tourism. 

With 7 bedrooms for 18 guests, it offers you an aesthetic experience for all senses, where you will enjoy extraordinary food and wine in total lavishness.

There are many interesting and evocative artworks all around the villa. 

May is a great time to visit Tuscany, with the summer there are more places to explore easily and attend different outdoor events and activities. 

Fun Fact
Tuscany has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than South Africa and Australia.

Tuscany Villa Mori

Tuscany Villa Mori

A manor house with 14 bedrooms for 28 guests, villa Mori is a true jewel with the magnificence and aristocracy of past ages. 

A vast seigniorial garden, spacious rooms with fireplace and classical furniture and at the same time an ultra-modern pool for VIP moments. 

The place is artistic with breathtaking landscapes with the nearby Serchio river adorned with charming mediaeval villages. 

It creates the perfect environment, where you can live the ultimate gastronomic journey.

The graph below shows that Tuscany is dominated by hilly areas and that is why staying in a villa that gives spectacular views of the surroundings is so popular.

Tuscany is dominated by hilly areas

Tuscany Villa La Datcha

Tuscany Villa La Datcha

If we had to opt for only one luxurious Tuscany mansion with a private chef, then La Datcha would be our number one priority. 

A true palace that can offer you 5-star accommodation in a spacious area with 2 private pools and 10 bedrooms for 20 guests.

Everything has a timeless grandeur that comes directly from the Roman times and Renaissance in a grandiose masterpiece.

See more properties and rent a mansion in Tuscany with a cook to live the ultimate dream. 

With the highest quality and security that jet setters and celebrities trust for their golden standards in accommodation, experience facilities, and private tours for king-like vacations!


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