Olbia’s Unusual Adventure: Transcending Ordinary in a 24-hour Journey

  • Jul 8, 2024
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Are you in need of a fun destination to escape from reality, even for a day? If so, Italy is a country full of beautiful and easy-to-explore cities. Have you heard of Olbia before? 

It is the ultimate place for an unforgettable express trip. Trust us, Olbia’s unusual adventure can be as fulfilling as a longer holiday. Do you still have your doubts? 

We share our secrets to transcending the ordinary in a 24-hour journey in this Italian hidden gem. But first, we need to answer one basic question: why Olbia? 

Olbia's Unusual Adventure

Why Olbia?

Thanks to its Greek roots and long history, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back to a peaceful medieval setting. Romanesque churches, quaint squares, and stunning beaches make Olbia a truly dreamy city to travel to and explore. 

The beauty of the scenery is reflected in the attitude of the locals, who are always warm and friendly to everyone. The city may be small, but there are plenty of excellent restaurants to try Italian dishes and amazing clubs to have fun like an Italian. 

How to Get to Olbia?

By Ferry

Olbia is a coastal city with a busy port. Ferries go to and from several popular destinations such as Civitavecchia, which is very close to Rome, Livorno, and Genoa. 

By Plane

The closest airport, approximately 5 kilometers from the city center, is called Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. Flights from various parts of Europe, such as Rome, Milan, London, Berlin, and Paris, come and go.

How to Hire a Car at Olbia Airport?

Who wouldn’t love to see as much of Sardinia as possible? No one. This is why so many travellers opt for a cab once they arrive at the place. A wide variety of vehicles is offered so that everyone can find the right vehicle for them. 

Where to Hire a Car at the Airport?

You can ensure that you’ll secure the best choice for you by checking out your options on holidaycars.com. To be more exact, you get an extended list of affordable cab service options available. 

Even if your tastes are more luxurious, the site has got you covered. And if your plans change, you can take advantage of the free cancellation up to 48 hours before pick-up time. Holiday Cars really cater to everyone’s needs.

Things to do in Olbia

There’s a wide range of awesome activities to explore on this beautiful island off the coast of Italy. Here are some of them: 

The Sailing Boat Tour

So, if you’re all set to Olbia, just don’t miss the sailing boat tour from s. Theodore-puntaldia to tavolara. The place is crafted with some stunning coastlines that are going to be in your memory like forever. 

The whole ride includes a breeze through Cala Brandinchi and then a dip into Molara’s crystal-clear water for a swim, and finally the amazing apéritif.

Snorkeling and Dolphin-Watching Tour 

Ready to just get thrown into the heart of Figarolo’s waters? This awesome Snorkeling and dolphin-watching tour will consist of literally everything from chasing bottlenose dolphins to exploring Capo Figari. 

Other than that, you’ll snorkel, sip local beer, and snack on a perfect Sardinia treat, just like a full dive into the marine life. 

Make a Pilgrimage to Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is another charm from the Sardinia’s edge. The place is a perfect jet settler dream, accompanied by luxury hotels and stunning beaches. It has elite clubs, loud nights, and some mythical stories that are sure to keep you hooked throughout your journey. 

Top Attractions for Transcending Ordinary in a 24-hour Journey

Here are some top attractions to visit in Olbia:

  • Porto Istana Beach: The best way to start your unusual adventure is by swimming at the stunning Porto Istana Beach. If you go snorkeling or simply enjoy the ultimate summer scenery, you’ll love it there. 
  • Basilica di San Simplicio: One of the top things to do in Olbia is to visit the Basilica di San Simplicio. It is an 11th-century church in the Romanesque architectural style. 
  • Isola Rossa: Isola Rossa is a quaint fishing spot that lies somewhere in the north of Sardinia. The place glows pink in the sun with some sparkling water reflecting the sunlight. The village packs everything you need from exciting bars, and sports to even rental boats.

    In addition, there’s an Aqua fantasy water park, which is just a few kilometers away from the place and is sure to enhance your aqua life experience. 

  • Archaeological Museum: A popular attraction that you should include in your Olbia’s unusual adventure itinerary is the Archaeological Museum. There you will get to see and learn about artifacts from the Nuragic, Punic, and Roman eras. 


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