Planning Your First Road Trip with the One You Love

  • Apr 4, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
road trip with love ones

You’re newly in love, and you’re a dedicated travel enthusiast. Wouldn’t it be great to combine your two greatest passions? So, you plan a road trip with your new partner. Unfortunately, instead of days of fun and exploration, things devolve into frustration and bickering. The vacation that you thought would strengthen your relationship could cause it to end instead. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out some easy tips for planning your first road trip once you find your love.

First Road Trip

Give Yourselves Plenty of Time

Rushing won’t make your vacation any more fun. It only creates stress and conflict. Instead, focus on time management and effective planning. That is going to lead to much better results than racing against the clock. This applies to packing, driving, and experiences along the way.

Don’t Get Hungry

Don’t forget to eat, and don’t skip meals to save time. The results are never worthwhile. If you do find that the two of you are arguing and getting frustrated with one another, take a meal break. Eat some snacks, take a brief walk, and come back in a better frame of mind.

Quick Tips on Road Snack And Meal Planning

As fun, as it seems, it’s probably not a good idea to shop for road snacks and meals like an unsupervised eight-year-old with 100 bucks at a candy store. You’ll want to keep food on hand that is nourishing and gives you energy; We enjoy:

  • Flavored waters
  • String cheese
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Nuts

Keep a small, personal cooler in front where the passenger can prepare snacks for the two of you.

This doesn’t mean that the fun stuff isn’t an option. Of course, you should bring along sweet and salty snacks. Also, don’t forget to stop along the road to indulge in local food.

Pro Tip: Look for parks along the way. Many have grills and picnic areas. That can be a fun option that costs much less than eating at a restaurant. 

Incorporate Both of Your Goals

There’s not much worse than going on a vacation only to find out that the other person has planned the trip without considering anything that you might like doing. That’s almost as bad as realizing that in your excitement to plan a fun vacation you didn’t consider your partner as much as you should.

Good road trip planning requires communication and compromise. While it’s bad to fail to consider the other person, it isn’t fair to refuse to communicate your own preferences only to sulk later. 

So, make a list. Know which activities and sites are absolutely necessary for each of you. Make those top priorities. Then, determine anything that falls into the “nice if we get to it” category.

Embrace New Adventures

Conversely, road trips should have an element of spontaneity. Don’t hesitate to pull off to take in a fun roadside attraction, try a local restaurant, or just take some amazing pictures. Even a wrong turn can lead to some unexpected fun.

Remember Your Sense of Humor

At least one thing is going to go wrong. The way you handle that can really set the tone for anything that happens after. Remember, your mood is contagious. Try to maintain your sense of humor about things, and never take yourself too seriously. It’s much more likely to stay in a good mood if you aren’t bringing them down with your reactions.

Don’t Try to Do Too Much

It’s understandable that both of you want to get a lot done. It isn’t as if you can take a vacation on a whim. Unfortunately, overplanning creates stress and limits your ability to fully enjoy the places you visit.

Work on a Packing List Together

Put your heads together to ensure that neither of you forgets any necessities for the trip. This gives both of you a sense of ownership. Also, by taking a team approach to this, neither of you can play the blame game if something gets missed.

Plan Your Listening Options

What happens when you prefer podcasts and classic rock, and they can’t imagine a road trip without eighties pop and rap? Sure, headphones are an option, but why not learn to share your tastes? You just might find some common ground.

Take Plenty of Breaks to Decompress

You’re taking a trip together, but you don’t have to spend every moment right next to one another. It isn’t just acceptable to plan some activities apart. It’s good for both of you to get that space while doing things you enjoy as individuals.

Final: Road Trips are the Ultimate Bonding Experience

They are also a true test of your compatibility. Take some time to plan your trip and be considerate of one another. You’ll both have an amazing time and strengthen your connection to each other.


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