Six Reasons You Should Visit Greenland Today

  • Apr 3, 2024
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  • By Anoushka

Floating ice, gargantuan glaciers, snow-covered mountains, and magnificent fjords have mesmerized people since time immemorial. Today, you can also experience the splendor of beholding the snowy wilderness, if you choose to visit one of the most enigmatic islands on Earth. 

Greenland enchants visitors with its unique vibe and atmosphere at first sight and makes them want to come back again. So, whether you want to explore gigantic fjord systems, take in the sights and sounds of the tempestuous Sea, or contemplate marine life in their natural conditions, Greenland can definitely cater to your tastes. And if you still need more convincing, check out the reasons you should put this amazing Arctic island on top of your travel bucket list. 

One of the Best Places to Enjoy the Aurora Borealis 

It’s hard to say for sure what’s special about those glowing polar auroras that light up the northern skies from time to time. But this natural light display can hardly leave anyone indifferent. If you venture into the largest fjord system in Greenland (and on Earth), Scores Sund, at the right time of year, the odds are good you’ll enjoy this breathtaking experience to the fullest. 

Ideal for Watching Icebergs 

Greenland is famed for its numerous glaciers and icebergs dipping into the boundless cold ocean. And if you decide to visit the island, don’t miss out on the opportunity to contemplate these stunning ice formations. Ilulissat Icefjord, also dubbed as the ‘iceberg capital of the world,’ boasts the largest concentration of towering icebergs. It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off the grandiose natural display of centuries-old glaciers scattered in the ocean. There’s no need to wait for the right time to see these endless sheets of drift ice and primordial icebergs. You can do this year-round on a Greenland cruise, flightseeing, or hiking tour.

Exploring the Inuit Culture 

One of the major benefits of traveling is the ability to explore and come in contact with different cultures. After traversing Greenland’s ice sheets, you definitely want to learn more about its indigenous population – the Inuit. You can experience this native group’s unique customs and ancient folklore, as well as learn more about the traditional lifestyle of the Inuit. The Inuit make up almost 90% of Greenland’s population. They strongly identify with Canadian and Alaskan indigenous people and also share some similarities in their way of life, culture, and language. 

Visiting One of the Most Vibrant Capital Cities in the World 

The City of Nuuk is also a big reason why you should go to Greenland. It’s the capital city that has come a long way from its origins of being a small fishing community to now being an economic, cultural, and political center of the entire country. The city is transforming fast into a Nordic cultural capital, with its numerous museums, the unique Katuaq Cultural Center, picturesque ruins of Viking settlements, etc. Despite its tiny size, Nuuk attracts hordes of tourists looking to marvel at auroras, explore the pristine Arctic wilderness, and take boat trips out into the world’s largest fjords.  

Experiencing a Wealth of Arctic Wildlife

Greenland’s waters hold many mysteries, which, nonetheless, you can partly unravel on a sailing tour of a lifetime. During such trips, you can spot different types of whales, the largest mammals on the planet. You can catch the glimpse of the legendary Greenland whale or watch this giant from 500 meters away, which is the minimum allowable distance for whale watching. You can also spot minke whales, humpback whales, and fin whales, which often enjoy themselves in the welcoming Arctic waters in summer. In winter, you can have a boat tour among massive icebergs in Disco Bay, which is frequented by bowhead whales. 

But whales aren’t the only animals that attract wildlife lovers to Greenland. The country is home to thousands of amazing species you can experience on land and in the air. You can encounter a polar bear, musk oxen, walruses, Arctic hares, and lots of other animals on your tours. Such rare species as hooded seals, Arctic foxes, and lemmings may also make an appearance in Greenland. Bird lovers can also knock themselves out by observing thick-billed murres, purple sandpipers, Arctic skuas, and almost a dozen different types of gulls in their natural habitats. 

Seeing the Midnight Sun 

The midnight sun isn’t some fancy oxymoron but a real natural phenomenon that can be seen on the territories crossed by polar circles. And Greenland is the ideal place to experience this unique phenomenon. The sun here doesn’t set below the horizon from approximately May 25 to July 25th. This allows Greenlanders to see the golden disc day and night for about two months. Believe us, this phenomenon is worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime!


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