Overseas Student Holiday Destinations

Holiday Destinations

Despite the fact that students don’t have much money, holidays abroad are still possible. And this does not mean at all that you will have to pay a tidy sum for the trip. Among the destinations available to students, there are also cheap countries for holidays in 2023. At the same time, saving on costs does not mean saving on impressions.

Turkey: Cheap Mediterranean Destination

Turkey, especially at the beginning of the season and in September (velvet season), is cheaper than other Mediterranean destinations. And the famous all-inclusive format reduces the number of additional costs.

Turkey is attracted not only by the warm sea and well-groomed beaches because the pride of the country is its history. Istanbul mosques, ancient ruins in Ephesus, rocks and caves in Cappadocia – these are hundreds of tourist routes with English-speaking guides. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, but the period from May to September is suitable for a beach holiday. October is the season of excursions.

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Egypt: Home of the Pyramids

Egyt manages to combine modern service with centuries of history. The country is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops). Among the local resorts, Hurghada, a settlement on the Red Sea, is popular. For the sake of entertainment, they go to Sharm El Sheikh, where there are many clubs, cafes, and luxury hotels. If you are interested in local color, you should relax in Dahab – first of all, for the sake of excursions to canyons with colored sands and Bedouin settlements.

The best time to travel is from late September to November or from April to early May.

India: A Country with an Exotic Character

This is a country of contrasts because extreme poverty and pretentious luxury, order and chaos, and fun and contemplation coexist here. The trip is an occasion to visit ancient Hindu temples, and try local dishes – first of all, curry, and make mehndi – is an ancient henna body painting technique. Taj Mahal, the oldest city of Varanasi, the cave temples of Ajanta, the red sandstone fort in Agra – the number of interesting objects in India rolls over!

The best time to visit is from March to the end of June. But they also travel to India from December to February.

Sri Lanka: Vibrant and Multifaceted

The country is able to surprise even the most experienced traveler. After all, its wealth is national parks with elephants and leopards, the Indian Ocean, and numerous Buddhist temples. Sri Lanka is also associated with bright saris, unusual rituals, and endless tea plantations. During the trip, you can climb to the top of the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, see the pilgrimage ceremonies at the Kandy temple, walk along the mountain paths and learn more about Ayurveda at the local herbal sauna.

Traditionally, people go to Sri Lanka from November to April; this is the high season. The rest of the time is the rainy season.

Tunisia: Africa in French

When planning a vacation in 2023, it is worth considering the option of a trip to Tunisia – the oriental flavor is combined here with a European approach to service. A trip to Tunisia is an opportunity to see the golden sands of the Sahara, swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and try healing thalassotherapy. The pride of Tunisia is the remains of the ancient city of Carthage, the elder brother of Rome.

The country welcomes guests all year round, but in winter, the Mediterranean Sea is not suitable for swimming. The best period for a beach holiday is from early summer to mid-autumn.

Armenia: Land of Mountains and Medieval Monasteries

The hospitable southern country is famous for its vineyards and beautiful nature, but not only. It is not for nothing that Armenia is called an “open-air museum” – there are many ancient temples and other ancient buildings. The country is considered practically the “cradle of Christianity,” so a trip here will appeal not only to connoisseurs of beauty and comfort but also to history buffs.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the national Armenian cuisine. The local lavash is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List! Food in Armenia is inexpensive but very tasty due to the addition of a large number of specific spices, many of which are difficult to find anywhere other than here.

There is no real sea in the country, but beach holidays are nevertheless developed. On the Armenian Highlands, you can find Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus. It is clean and ennobled, and there is enough space near the water for everyone.

Azerbaijan: The Pearl of the Caucasus

The country, where Europe and the East meet, attracts tourists with its pleasant climate, picturesque nature, and ancient history. Many traditions collide here, ready to reveal their secrets to tourists. Architectural masterpieces of previous centuries, mosques, and luxurious hammams are combined in the central region of Azerbaijan with the latest achievements of civilization: it will be not only beautiful but also comfortable to relax.

A large number of hotels allows you to choose a convenient location and not empty your wallet. It is not necessary to settle in the capital: there is also something to see and enjoy on the periphery.

Baku is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea (lake) – a huge body of water with well-maintained beaches that are great for swimming for both children and adults.

Azerbaijani cuisine deserves special attention. These are everyone’s favorite pilaf, dolma, barbecue, and oriental sweets (baklava, olive, and watermelon jam). Here they know how to cook very juicy meat and grow the most delicious fruits.


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