Wondering If You Should Be Visiting Puerto Morelos or Not? Here’s What You Should Know

  • Apr 4, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
Puerto Morelos 2022

We all deserve at least one long vacation once in a year, now be it a vacation in the mountains or on the beach. All we want is for it to be perfect, exactly like the way we imagined it. But when it comes to actually deciding the destination, we get overwhelmed and just can’t pick one. Beaches, mountains, towns, cities, historic places, romantic places, places where no one has ever been to, places where people must go at least one, well, there’s so much to pick from. While looking at all those places, you might lose the will to even go anywhere, this is why we have the perfect destination for you-Puerto Morelos, one of the best-kept secrets of Yucatan. 

This quirky little town might be developed like the other big ones but has so much to offer that one can immediately fall in love with it. Do you know what’s the best part about visiting towns like Puerto Morelos? It’s that half of the people don’t even know about it, which makes it a perfect getaway for the much-secluded yet one of the most amazing vacations. So if you are wondering if you should plan your trip to Puerto Morelos or not, we have got a way to convince you.

Why Puerto Morelos?

Why Puerto Morelos? We ask why not Puerto Morelos? This little town with a population of over 10,000 gives a mix of Mexican and Island sort of vibe. We agree that Puerto Morelos may not give wild late-night parties feels but let’s not deny the fact that you can get those experiences from any other city or town. But here in Puerto Morelos, you can have the best time of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are on a romantic getaway, a family holiday, a friends’ trip, or even a solo trip, a visit to Puerto Morelos will give you a unique experience. So here are some reasons why you should visit Puerto Morelos:

1. Stunning Caribbean Beaches

Puerto Beach

Well, the primary reason to visit an island is to get your body soaked in the warm sunlight while having the cool fine breeze of the ocean. Puerto Morelos is known for giving the exact same experience along with much more to explore. The stunning white sands meeting the turquoise water of the Caribbean gives a breathtaking view. 

Another amazing fact about the beaches of Puerto Morelos is that the western hemisphere’s largest barrier reef , the Mesoamerican Reef, is located just 400 meters offshore. The reef is perfect for giving some protection against the ocean’s water and gives a separate space for swimming and snorkeling. In fact, Puerto Morelos is said to be the perfect destination for getting your body to get into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.

The entertainment around the beach doesn’t stop here, one can have a happy hour whale strolling around the south or the northern docks that gives even more sensational views of the coasts. The best part is the area isn’t very crowded, so you can have a little alone time with your loved one. 

Here’s a list of some stunning beachfront hotels/ resorts in Puerto Morelos:

  • Excellence Riviera Cancun

Location– Carretera Federal 307 Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Mz 7, Lote 1, 11, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R., Mexico

  • Secrets SilverSands Riviera Cancun

Location– 77730 Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • Dream Riviera Cancun

Location– Carretera Federal 307 Chetumal, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R., Mexico

2. Bizarre Town of Puerto Morelos and its Lighthouse 

Lighthouse Bizarre Town

Puerto Morelos is not just about the pretty beaches and their luxury hotels and resorts but so much more. Apart from the all-island vibe, there’s also this quirky town of Puerto Morelos having a much charming and historic background to explore. 

One thing about visiting this town you should remember is to make sure to spare at least a whole day to wander in the small yet colorful streets. Grab a bit at the local shops to get an even more authentic Mexican taste of your food, and visit the small shops scattered all over, especially in the center of the town. 

There might not be many places for sightseeing in the town, but there is something that will definitely fascinate you, the El Faro Inclinado. It’s a leaning lighthouse located right in front of the main beach and quite impossible to miss. The lighthouse is said to be an iconic symbol of the city and is also known for being the symbol of strength among the Mexican people. Well, such a significant place would certainly be worth visiting. 

The lighthouse got its name “leaning” because of the hurricane of 1967 which disturbed its position, and the lighthouse remains the same ever since. Although a new lighthouse has been installed right behind it, the original still remains intact. 

3. The Exquisite Biodiverse Botanical Gardens you’ll see in Mexico

Biodiverse Botanical Gardens

Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden, also known to be one of the most biodiverse botanical gardens, not just in Mexico but in the entire USA. It has a land of over 160 acres like a huge playground. 

With land of such huge capacity, there’s so much to explore here, have a trek into the jungle amongst the trees older than 300 years, stroll around the mangroves. You can explore some breathtaking waterfalls located right in the heart of the jungle, along with learning about the medicinal plants and herbs. And above all, get a close look at the natural wildlife of the jungle while having the jungle safari into the wilds. 

But do you know, for most visitors these are not even the best parts of their trip, they claim walking along with the canopy bridge to be their best part, the one they have enjoyed and loved the most. 

This amazing place is full of opportunities to do wonderful things while offering you one of the exceptional experiences of your life. And not just that, just in the walking distance in front of this garden, you’ll see many hotels and resorts amenities available, with some stunning views from their balconies. 

4. Have Snorkeling into the Blue Waves

Snorkeling blue Ocean

Snorkeling around the coral reef would definitely be one of the best experiences you will have. The only thing to remember before and while doing the snorkeling is that coral reefs are one of the most crucial parts of the ecosystem. So make sure that you just see them and not touch or harm them in any way. 

The coral reef here has been rated as the #7 reefs in the world. Well, I guess, now it’s a must-see. That particular section of the reef is quite much healthier than any other area, the reason behind is also the reef being one of the most important parts of the ecosystem. 

Another best part about snorkeling at Puerto Morelos is that, unlike any other destination in Mexico, it is not much crowded, so you can enjoy your time while snorkeling into the crystal clear waters much more peacefully. 

5. Enjoy the Unlimited Fun of these Activities with Full Security and Safety

Fun activity in puerto

The entire Mexican government is on duty to protect the tourism industry of this place. Well, why wouldn’t they be? From this individual industry only, they get a business of Millions of Dollars. 

It is of no doubt that Puerto Morelos is entirely safe, and perfect for strolling around the streets at any time of the day and even the nights. Visitors also mentioned that even the locals here are very friendly and are always ready to help. We all are aware of the fact that, chances of crimes are bigger in areas with larger populations, maybe this is also the reason Puerto Morelos is so safe, that the population here is so less. Hence, if the population is less, the chances of crime would automatically decline. 

But this also would be quite obvious that if the palace is said to be safe and secure it wouldn’t mean that you leave your valuables lying around, because at the end, you are only responsible for your stuff. Petty thefts do take place here, as they do in any area these days, so make sure that you are fully aware of your things and all the other stuff. 

No wonder Puerto Morelos is the best place to visit in Yucatan, and the fact that not many people know about this and it is less crowded than any other destination makes it even more worthy to visit. Plus it is located just at a distance of 30 minutes from the Cancun international airports and is also not very far away from Tulum, so you can visit two places altogether. Once you are here, you will have a handful of things to explore, experience, and visit here. And one thing about Puerto Morelos is for sure, that you’ll definitely fall in love with this palace and would want to visit again in your next holidays. 


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