Traveling To Montréal: Things To Know Before For A Wonderful Trip

  • Jul 5, 2024
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Founded and named after Mount Royal, Montréal is known to be the largest city in the province of Quebec. Located east of the national capital, Ottawa, the city has a population of 6,054,681 (with the majority of the metropolitan population). 

Being the 2nd largest province and metropolitan in Canada, it is also known for its Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun). 

It is a part of the entertainment industry that deals with a mixture of circus, acrobatics, and dance performances. 

Thus, it garners attention worldwide not only for this but also for its rich history. Along with that, it is also known for its old-school European elegance blended with the North American way of life. 

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Planning a short trip to Montréal? Then we have got your back! Here, we will be listing some things that you should remember. 

Things To Remember Before Going To Montréal

With the city brimming with colors, liveliness, art, and culture, there’s a lot to the province of Montréal. Thus, the province is a must-visit for all the tourists.

However, you should consider the following things listed below before visiting Montréal:

Montréal: An Island  

Montréal: An Island  

Yes, you have read that right! Although, not many people know that Montréal is an island. Geographically speaking, it is among the largest islands of the Hochelaga Archipelago, among the Montréal islands. 

You get to see some of the most important rivers and bodies of water meeting here. Thus,  taking a helicopter tour of the province is highly recommended to experience the uniqueness and beauty of the overall province. 

When To Visit? 

Visiting Montréal

Visiting Montréal during the winter may be a bad idea, so it’s better to avoid the months of January and February. In this manner, you avoid chilly wounds and the snow that blankets the entire city.

So, you can visit the city either during the early summer (June-August) or during fall (September or October) to see the magnificent view. You catch the majestic transition of the trees into the yellows and reds during the fall.

If you wish to experience the rain, then you can visit the city anytime between November to March. However, be mindful of the long winter season that conquers the entire city at that time.

Language and Culture


Before you visit any place, it is always important to educate yourself on the culture and language of the place. In Montréal, the population speaks French throughout the city.  

Although Canada is officially a bilingual country, the majority of the Francophones live in the Québec province. The French heritage has been preserved well by the people, thereby implementing it in schools for the young children to learn. 

You are not required to learn the language, but the efforts are appreciated by the general population. Language skills are an integral part of bending well in society. 

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier was the first ever French person to arrive in Québec and Samuel de Champlain claimed the province to be a part of France!

The Spirit Of Montréal     

 Spirit Of Montréal     

Being among the first cities to be established in Northern America, Montréal offers a true sense of coexistence. It is the perfect blend of modern and old heritage. 

The European influence is embedded in the Montréal culture, so you will find the boutique cafés, cobbled streets, and several other things.  So, overall, the spirit of the city is tangible, energetic, and vibrant.

You can enjoy having picnics in the parks due to its weather, artsy and colorful nature. Speaking of the weather, you can also enjoy it by going for little strolls, or a bike tour for an enriching experience.



There is a common misconception when it comes to food habits because of the stereotypical thought that there is only bread available. However, there’s so much more than just having bread.

In the Québecois and the Montréal region, you will find the most famous dishes Poutine, Maple Candy, Beaver Tails, and the iconic Montréal style bagels. 

Apart from that, you can also experience the Italian and Greek food experience due to its authentic taste. 



You do not have to worry about the traveling part of the city. There are plenty of options to opt for, including public transportation. They are super reliable, convenient, and time efficient which makes them easier to use.

Using the metro is convenient to cover all the places of the city, however it stops running at 1 am. In such cases, you can use the buses which run in parallel to the bus stop.

You can also make use of the local applications for booking taxis to get around the place as well. However public transportation itself is efficient in itself.

RÉSO: La Ville Souterraine

RÉSO: La Ville Souterraine

Most commonly known as the Underground City, RÉSO is known for its series of hallways and passageways. There, you can find all sorts of malls, shops, offices, and even dining joints!

What makes this cool is the fact that it is built underground and functions like any other ordinary city would. The sole purpose of building this was to have the locals provided with all their requirements during the winters when it is freezing outside. 

So, in this manner, they can avoid going outside for their convenience. It stretches along 30 km and has 190 different entry points for the convenience of the people.

Final Inputs

Montréal is a beautiful city located in Quebec, with a significant population settled. The city has a lot to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, and scenery. However, before visiting the place you must be mindful of the things listed above to ensure a smooth sail.
So what are you waiting for? Bon Voyage!


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