Six Tips for Planning an Exciting Mountain Trip (with Family)

Planning an Mountain Trip

Taking a trip with your family is a chance for everyone to take a break from their busy routines and reconnect with one another. Family trips are all about adventures and going out into unexplored terrain. While planning them, all you need to think about is having an enjoyable time with those you love the most. 

The fun and sense of adventure go further up a notch when planning a trip to the mountains. Taking a trip to the mountains has the added benefit of escaping the chaotic city life and embracing the peace and serenity out there. All you need to do is book a ticket, pack your bags and let nature guide you! If you’re a U.S. citizen, you could take a road trip to Tennessee and book some adventures near the Great Smokies. 

So, are you planning a family trip to the mountains soon? Great! We have some tips to make your planning process easier. 

Be Certain of Where You Plan to Stay

Being surrounded by nature and all its wonders is perhaps the best part of spending time in the mountains. Picture waking up on a sunny morning, being enveloped in pleasantly chilly weather, and spending your days breathing fresh air with a scenic view like that of The Great Smoky Mountains! If that sounds like your dream vacation, cabins should be on top of your list when looking for accommodations. Even nature-lovers might not want to set camp in the wilderness with their families. It would be best to book accommodation where everyone can enjoy the perks of a luxurious cabin close to several activities in the city and enjoy nature’s serenity simultaneously! So, if you’re headed to Tennessee, look for some of the best cabins in Gatlinburg where you and your family can enjoy spectacular views and head out for other activities like a show or roller coaster ride when you’re not in the hiking mood!

Don’t Delay Your Bookings

Whatever you do in life, time is key. This also applies when you are planning a vacation. It is advised to make all your reservations and bookings beforehand to avoid any issues. So even if issues arise, you will have enough time to deal with them. Especially when you travel with kids, it is better to be prepared for anything and everything beforehand. An added advantage of doing that is you end up saving money instead of picking up a phone to check for rooms and paying extra for last-minute bookings.

Go online and make your bookings two to three weeks before the day you intend to arrive at a location. So, when you get there, all you will have to do is begin having fun.

Always Make a Travel Itinerary

Research is an integral part of the vacation planning process. Before you go to a place, you must read all about it and make a detailed itinerary for your trip. It should include the most popular tourist attractions, the activities you want to do, such as hiking or water rafting, the shopping spots, and everything else you and your family want to explore. The more information you have, the better it will be for you. This includes looking up the weather of the area and the forecast for the days when you will be there. If you are taking a trip to the mountains, look up places that offer winter sports facilities, such as snow skiing, sledding, and ice skating. This will allow you to have maximum fun and reduce any chances of stress during your vacation.

Travel Light and Pack Wisely

The smartest travelers start packing a few days before the trip. Pack wisely; carry warm clothes if you are traveling during winter and light ones if you are taking a trip in a warmer season. Comfort over style should be the ideology while packing. Always have an extra pair of socks, and innerwear, just in case. And prepare a checklist that should include chargers, power banks, adapters, outdoor sports activities, and other toiletries. These are essentials that everyone must have when they are on vacation. Avoid packing extra items that will add to the weight and slow you down.

If you are traveling with kids, you must have their belongings with you to avoid unforeseen situations. Packing for kids requires an extra ounce of vigilance and care. Pack their clothes, diapers, and shoes, as well as wipes, milk bottles, strollers, car seats, etc.

Bonus tip; always keep the extra cash. You never know if there are ATMs where you are going. Being stuck in an unknown location, especially in the mountains, without any money in your pocket, is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Don’t Forget to Pack Snacks and Beverages 

Always pack things to munch on during your travels. The ideal travel snacks are fruits, chocolates, chips, biscuits, juices, and sodas, to name a few. Say, if you are traveling with kids, having their favorite snacks is an excellent idea to keep them entertained and have fun. Having food and drinks with you is also handy in the case of an emergency, such as being stuck in traffic or your car breaking down, especially at a location where food is unavailable. Your kids can get cranky and will want something to eat, and to calm them down, having their favorite string cheese is a good idea. And you should always have water with you. That goes without saying.

A First-aid Kit Should Be with You at All Times

While on your trip, you should have a first-aid kit stocked with all the necessary medicines and other essentials such as bandages, band-aids, sprays, balms, etc. In addition, it would help if you had medication for minor ailments such as fever, flu, aches, colds, and headaches. You should also have medication for your kids if they catch a cold or infection. 


The amount of fun and unforgettable experiences you will have on your trip all depends on the preparations you have made for your trip. Being on a journey in the mountains is an unknown territory. You aren’t familiar with the place. You don’t know what can go wrong. However, you can control what happens when something doesn’t go according to how you want it to when you have considered everything and are prepared for it. So, plan well before your trip, and have fun.

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