Visiting Bangkok for the First Time? 5 Hacks That you Should Know


The City of Angels (Kreung Thep) is a sprawling metropolis like no other; a curious blend of skyscrapers and ancient Buddhist temples in a place that, at first glance, seems chaotic. Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, with approximately 20 million people within the city and suburbs, and if you are planning a short visit to Bangkok, here are a few hacks that everyone should know.

Book Your Hotel Online

Book a room at the Solitaire Hotel in Sukhumvit 11 and you are right in the middle of the action. Many travelers do not know that booking online is cheaper than a walk-in and with so many hotels, they are very competitive in their rates. Google is your best buddy and can find the best hotel deals on Sukhumvit Road.

Changing Money

When you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, only change $50 into Thai baht, which is enough to get you into the city. Once there, look for a ‘Super Rich’ exchange booth, where you will get the best exchange rates. The airport rates are much lower and of the many exchange booths, Super Rich offers the best rates and there are quite a few scattered around the city. Don’t be surprised if the odd note is rejected; a minor tear or even writing can make the teller refuse the note. Here are a few fun things you can do while waiting at an airport.

Bangkok Taxis

You will notice the taxis come in a wide range of colors; pink, red, blue, yellow, and a combination of green and yellow, the latter being driver-owned, so when hailing a taxi, look for one that is green and yellow. Other colored taxis can be rented by any Thai for 12 hours, so you can’t be sure that you are getting green-yellow cabs are owned by the driver.

Canal Taxis

If you are planning to explore the city, you really should experience the canal (klong) taxis, which are now electric, rather than the huge diesel outboards they used to use, which makes for a quieter experience. There is a huge network of canals that run through Bangkok and some tourists are totally unaware that they exist. They stop every few hundred meters, usually on the grounds of a Buddhist temple and the fare is low and depends on your start and finish point.

Vaping is Illegal

Yes, it might surprise you to learn that it is illegal to vape in Thailand; the irony is you will see street vendors selling vape pens and liquid-add people who do vape discreetly. The reason vaping is illegal is that the device has no tax classification and this is likely to be amended soon. If you have a vape pen, don’t bring it with you and buy one in Thailand.

Bangkok is a unique city in so many ways and we are sure that your first visit will not be your last. There is much to see and do, so you won’t get bored in Bangkok!

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