How to Write About Travel Experience

  • Apr 3, 2024
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Write About Travel Experience

When you come across a fairly easy topic, how to write about the travel experience, it always seems that you can postpone this task until the very last moment and not worry. Obviously, you can easily write about your own experience, share your impressions and turn in your work on time. Without a doubt, writing an essay about what you experienced yourself is easier than writing an argumentative essay about some complex topic that will require a lot of research. But don’t take too lightly the reflection essays that you write based on your experience. In this article, we will try to analyze the most useful and important tips that will help you cope with this task quickly enough. A lot of students, postponing writing such essays for later, understand that there is still not enough time. If you are one of them, then we hope that this article will help you turn in this essay on time.

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Choose a Focus Point

Even if your journey only took two or three days, there was actually a lot more going on that could fit into a five to seven-paragraph essay. Therefore, you definitely need to define your focus point. You don’t need to write about the whole trip, because then there will be too much general information, and you still don’t share your impressions with a friend, but write an academic paper, so choose one direction, one fact, or one event in your journey, about which it is most interesting to write an essay. It doesn’t have to be the most exciting part of your trip. It should be a moment or fact that is best suited for an academic paper. Often it is something you have learned or something that has changed your mind about something. For example, you thought that in some regions of your country people adhere to certain traditions or beliefs, but when you got there, you saw that this had changed a long time ago, and you were captivated by stereotypes. Or you have handled some difficult task for you, such as problems at the airport, and now you feel more confident. These are the moments in your travels that you should write an essay about.

Have 15 Minutes of Freewriting

Before learning how to write about the travel experience, you may want to know how to write about any reflection on any event. Freewriting helps you write down all the most clichéd phrases you have on the subject and also helps you avoid the fear of a blank slate. Give yourself 15 minutes to write down whatever you think of your trip, whatever associations you have with the focus point topic of this essay. Really take the time to do this and be sure to do it. Because you will not only get a clearer head, but you will also see that you can take whole phrases from this freewriting and use them in your essay. Because you write without tension, you are not trying to write an academic text, and this allows your creativity to unleash. Before any essay, it makes sense to write such freewriting, even if you have not done any research, you can find some interesting approaches to the topic.

Do Research No Matter What

You should not be fooled by the title of your essay. The fact that you write about your experience should not mean that you just write some kind of blog article where you just share your impressions with your friends. You are writing an academic paper, and here are links to some studies that can help you write a better paper. For example, you have chosen a focus point of the culture and traditions of a certain area or your personal experience of solving a problem situation while traveling. You should read something on this topic, and find interesting studies, for example, about how most people behave in crisis situations, or vice versa about why people are afraid to fly, or about the history of the area where you traveled. Your essay should not be one-level, because your experience should already resonate with some academically relevant information that you can cite.

Don’t Try to Look Cool

You think you know how to write about the travel experience, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. The problem with writing an essay based on our experience is that we want to look better than we really are and tell a story about some fictional people rather than what actually happened to us. Try to avoid this, because it is very visible and completely uninteresting to read, it is better that there are fewer of you in this story, and there are more interesting facts and honest experiences. Try, if you have such an opportunity, to give someone to read this essay, not for someone to proofread it or look for errors in it, but for people to say whether your image looks realistic enough in this essay, especially if this essay is part of a scholarship or admission essay.

Leave Enough Time for Proofreading

Do not repeat the mistake of most students, and immediately plan a certain amount of time that you allocate for editing and proofreading. During the editing process, check the structure of your essay, make sure it fits the task, and proofreading will help you find errors and check technical omissions. Use an online service to check for errors. It is absolutely normal not to see places where you use incorrect grammar, because when you work for several hours or days on even a small essay, then this is already a blind eye, and you cannot check yourself well enough. Therefore, use external services, there are paid ones, there are free ones, and they are completely legal.

We hope that we have helped you with the information on how to write about the travel experience, even in a fairly short time.


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