Unleash Your Inner Nomad: Top Coworking Destinations for the Ultimate Work-Travel Blend

  • Apr 4, 2024
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Hello to all weary souls and restless wanderers! Are you looking to escape for workcation (work+vacation)? If so, then you are at the right spot.

The hospitality industry from different countries never fails to incorporate emerging trends. They just try to adapt it in the most creative ways.

Similarly, working from home has become quite common and facilitates boredom regardless of the sector. 

Here comes the term “workcation”. The term itself is quite fancy, hence, refers to the work while you travel. 

Recently, due to the rise in nomads going for a workcation, the hospitality industry came into action. They utilized an opportunity to promote the workation culture and provide meeting room hire.

They started to provide coworking spaces in hotels. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through details about coworking hotels and introduce you to the destinations for work travel that feature coworking hotels. Also, we have included a few tips for the ultimate work-travel blend. Also, explore Hotel Coworking Spaces For Business Nomads and find your perfect hotel coworking space.

What are Coworking Hotels?

Qualities of a hybrid hospitality hotels

With amendments in the travel paradigm, hotels must adapt and tailor their offerings accordingly. 

This is the reason that plays a significant role in the emergence of coworking hotels.


According to workplace statistics data gathered on coworking spaces, there has been a 158% increase in coworking spaces since 2022.
However, by 2024, 5 million people will be working from coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces bring together individual workers and allow them to have a place to work alongside each other in the community environment.

Considering this, hotel coworking is an attractive yet impressive proposal for a seamless transition between work and leisure, networking opportunities, and escape from the ordinary home office.

Before opting for a destination that features coworking hotels, there are a few factors that need to be addressed. For instance, day-use rooms, early check-ins, meetings, long-stay accommodation, etc. 

Here is the list of top destinations featuring coworking hotels for working needs ranging from hot desks to cool event spaces:

The Netherlands

Hotel Schani in Netherlands

As vibes can make a difference, those who have never been a fan of the work must visit the Netherlands. It’s a hub for home-office hybrid coworking spaces provided by lavish hotels.

These hotels feature innovative lofts, true to their handful of design awards, amazing ambiance, and many more. 

Everything about this destination is worth talking about, since the coworking spaces are located in prime locations, and have unbeatable transportation links, spectacular views, meeting rooms, dedicated desks, and more.


Hotel Chilliflex Preludium in Poland

Poland featured coworking space locations that provide move-in ready, lockable private offices for all team sizes with shared amenities and conference rooms. 

Such property offers amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, on-site staff, cleaning services, phone booths, business-class printers, lounges, and space for professional & social events. 

Hong Kong

 Coworking hotel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s fourth-ranked financial system for global competitiveness that offers an open market environment

Despite this fact, Hong Kong can be a perfect destination for workation and setting up an offshore company.

Hotels there provide exceptional amenities like modern and spacious workstations, hot desks, virtual offices, networking event and workshop spaces, mailbox lockers, a variety of on-demand meeting rooms, fast internet, conference rooms, and many more.


Hotel The Great Room, Raffles Arcade in Singapore

Want to escape to a bustling metropolis with a thriving coworking scene? Singapore is a place for you then. 

There, every street, locality, and business center is perfectly lodged to equip nomads with a best-in-class working environment.

However, this city is full of incredible shared workspaces. Being there allows individuals to increase their productivity. 

Interesting Fact:
The majority of coworking spaces in Singapore are provided by seven leading coworking space providers. 
Therefore, the average desk price is $SGD550 and is expected to rise by $SGD575 shortly. 

Despite its abundant cultural attractions, Singapore is a hub for perfect locations that offer facilities like coworking spaces within numerous amenities. 

For instance, at Tanjong Pagar, Novena, Tanjong Pagar, China Town, Tampines, and Yishun, you will find some top-rated coworking hotels and dedicated spaces. 

Costa Rica

 LoCoworking in  Costa Rica

Are you in San Jose, Jacó, Santa Teresa, Tamarindo, or somewhere else in Costa Rica?

This country introduces nomads to work with an array of diverse regions. 

To get work done and be productive at a place featuring a serene location surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, and offers outdoor activities and wellness options can be an ultimate dream to achieve. 

But, Costa Rica has diverse locations and workspaces which makes it a coworking hub. This country never fails to astonish travelers with stunning properties offering basic to advanced amenities. 

Tips for the Ultimate Work-Travel Blend

  1. Set expectations before you go: Doing this will help you achieve your desired goals. It will help you to be realistic. 

Do You Know?:
The reports from 2022 uncover that the global Coworking Space market was estimated at USD 14394.53 million. 
Soon, in 2028, it is expected to reach USD 37374.84 million, with a CAGR of 17.24%. 

Although you might be physically away from the office, those day-to-day working chores will continue to some extent.

  1. Pick your workspace carefully: For that, you must utilize time zone differences effectively. Also, you can pay close attention to the reviews. 
  1. Set boundaries between work and leisure: Balancing is the key. Maintaining a work-life balance can maximize productivity and let you enjoy while coworking on the go.


The trend of coworking is captivating the interests of millions of nomads out there. 

On top of that, the hospitality industry embraced this trend with the introduction of coworking hotels in beautiful locations around the globe.

With dynamic community settings, coworking in various destinations has emerged as a top choice for the ultimate work-travel blend.

So, what are you waiting for? Continue embracing the possibilities of working at a location surrounded by spectacular landscapes with unlimited connectivity options for facilitating focus and rejuvenation.


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