Top 5 Sailing Areas in the World

  • Jun 5, 2024
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sailing areas

For centuries now, sailors worldwide have been captivated by the allure of open seas. 

Since a sailing holiday is a passport to another water venture, sailing is a unique and accelerating way to explore the world.

Mark my words, slipping into azure waters for a refreshing dip. Besides, those warm breezes filling the sails to your next enchanted spot are a thing to experience once in a lifetime.

Ernest K. Gann says, “It’s remarkable how quickly a good and favorable wind can sweep away the maddening frustrations of shore living”.

Where is the best place in the world to go sailing apart from Greece yacht charter? I am here to answer your queries. 

For that, you have to go through this wholesome article that will not only introduce you to the top 5 sailing areas in the world but also let you travel along. 

South Georgia Island, Southern Ocean

 South Georgia Island

South Georgia or a mountainous barren island in the South Atlantic Ocean is probably the best place to visit to experience the mesmerizing experience of sailing as it is regularly visited by cruise ships. 

This island is one of the few inhabited islands with the summer-only settlement of Grytviken

South Georgia is renowned for its significant role in Ernest Shackleton’s doomed Endurance expedition to the Antarctic.

number of sailing participants in the United States


  • The statistics above indicate the number of sailing participants in the United States from 2010 to 2021. 
  • Therefore, the number of participants in the United States was the lowest recorded since the beginning of the past decade, hence, only reached 3.46 million people in total.
  • However, in 2021, around 3.46 million U.S. Americans went sailing.

Besides, there are minor islands that range along its north coast and the south shore is exposed to raging winds and waves.

Apart from these, what’s the best part? This place is a pristine environment that is home to thousands of penguins and numerous rare seabirds.

Sailing the Southern Ocean must be an adventurous venture in and of itself.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVIs), the Caribbean is a sailor’s paradise of warm breezes, profound blue seas, cheerful beaches, and waterside shacks.

BVIs are perfect as their configuration permits sailors to hop between islands or longer crossings. 

For instance, you can hop from Virgin Gorda (known for its dramatic rock formations at The Baths) to Anegada. 

Yachting and tourism are rebounding, even after Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in this region. However, the sailing is as good as ever.

There are crazy sailing options and the best time to visit is between November and early March. Why? Because there are little chances of rain and winds are around 15 to 20 knots.

The Adriatic Coast, Croatia 

The Adriatic Coast

Have you ever been to a breathtaking destination? The Adriatic Coast, Croatia is a place that is not only spectacularly beautiful but filled with opportunities for sailing adventures. 

Croatia’s coastline stretches from Pula down to medieval Dubrovnik Is a major spot with tons of sailing opportunities with afternoon winds.

This gem features historic towns, picturesque harbors, marinas, anchorages, and deserted islands in the northern Mediterranean.

Except that, Dubrovnik is a must-visit place which was historically known as Ragusa. 

Fun Fact: 
Many of the scenes from “Game of Thrones” were filmed in Dubrovnik a UNESCO heritage site.

Nonetheless, once you are done exploring its vibrant cities, you can sail at remote fishing villages. Where remote fishing villages are located? You can find them in hidden lagoons that dot the shore. 

Lycian Coast, Turkey

Lycian Coast, Turkey

Turkey incorporates a combination of beaches and dazzling countryside. But for the best sailing adventure travel to Turkey and take on the Lycian Coast.

This coast is also known as the South-Aegean Coast or the Turquoise Coast which lies in the province of Mugla.

The epicenter of Turkish sailing in the Turkish Riviera. It is a popular center for yachts from all around the world.

Regardless, this destination features quaint fishing towns, secluded beaches, and miles of rocky cliffs. 

Most of the tourists spend their time on the open ocean while others visit intriguing archaeological sites since they are not far from shore.

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island Is known to introduce visitors to history, culture, adventure, and offers them a chance to sink in and relax all in alluring spots.

Do You Know?:
As of January 2023, Zanzibar recorded 68,813 international visitors. It is an increase of 62.1% visitors compared with 42,443 visitors recorded in January 2022. 

For centuries, Zanzibar was a nexus of trade and commerce for Arabs. When talking about its history, both Zanzibar and Pemba have once formed part of the African continent. 

Except that, tourists here like to wander around ancient villages and markets that help them to connect with its great history.

Final Words

Sailing is definitely a great way to spend a vacation, likewise, a sailing holiday in one of these places can make your vacation even more memorable.

These top five places offer a blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and endless opportunities for sailing or other adventurous activities. 

All combined, with plenty of memories in your mind, you can rejuvenate those memories forever.


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