Top 4 Biggest Sports Stadiums to See in 2024

biggest sports stadiums

Key Takeaways

  • Narendra Modi Stadium is one of the biggest sports venues on the planet with an incredible 132,000 capacity.
  • With a stunning 114,000 capacity, Rungrado stadium ranks as the world’s second-largest sports venue, with the Pyongyang Arena just behind India’s pride and joy.
  • Wembley Stadium has an extraordinary history of hosting several Olympic-level events and legendary football tournaments like the Euro 2020 final.

Travel and sports are two areas close to our hearts, with both industries worth billions of dollars annually. Millions of us jet across the globe monthly for business or pleasure, whereas we’re a planet of sports lovers, following soccer, American Football, boxing, and other major attractions. 

Most fans support their favorite team or athletes at local meetings and home games. In contrast, others love adventure or going overseas to cheer their heroes in international competitions, like the Olympic Games or UEFA Champions League.

Have you ever considered combining the two? Mixing your love for sports with a passion for travel? More people enjoy sports-themed vacations and short breaks today than ever before, and it continues to grow in popularity. 

Visit Las Vegas to watch the top names from the UFC do battle, or land in London for a Premier League soccer game. Distance is no longer a factor in supporting your team or seeing the most famous stadiums up close.

In the past, a trip to the Grand National at Aintree and betting on the winner through the Bovada app was for the rich and powerful. But not today. Fans come from all corners of the globe to see France’s most famous race, the Arc de Triomphe, or soak up the atmosphere at El Classico in Spain. Fancy getting involved, planning your next vacation around a sports event? Keep reading to find out more.

Planning is Key

If you love sports, you’ll know you can spend the rest of your years traveling the globe and never see all the sporting treasures. From Wembley Stadium to York Hall, Longchamp to Las Vegas, and Madrid to Melbourne, there are some huge sports teams worth a visit and even bigger stadiums. But what can you expect from a sports vacation? Firstly, your trip will only be as good as you’re planning.

You must decide on a realistic number of stadiums and teams to visit, then search for tickets. Are you happy seeing the team play, or do you want a stadium tour, enjoying the architecture, trophy room tour, and behind-the-scenes access most fans can only dream of seeing? It pays to set your schedule in stone before flying, knowing your timetable and the venues you wish to see. 

You must purchase your tickets and tours well in advance to avoid disappointment. Please avoid leaving it to the last minute to buy tickets, and never decide to purchase them outside the stadium. 

Ticket touts operate in and around major sports venues, especially in Europe, and you want to avoid falling foul of a ticket scam. That could leave you with a hole in your budget and locked out of the stadium.

Plan your sports trip to the last detail and ensure you have covered every angle before traveling. Such meticulous planning takes time, but you want to get it right. The more you plan your vacation, the more fun you’ll have. 

We aim to lend a hand, at least with the fun part, and list some of the world’s top sports stadiums. Each is worth a spot on your list, but only the most fortunate sports fan will see them all.

Narendra Modi Stadium

Did we surprise you with our number-one stadium? Visiting the Narendra Modi Stadium in India shouldn’t be a shock as it’s the biggest sports venue on the planet with an incredible 132,000 capacity. It’s big, and when India plays England or another major opponent in Test Cricket, the venue is packed to the rafters. It’s a sight any serious sports fan must see to believe.

Even if you’re not a massive cricket fan, this South Asian venue will blow your socks off. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, visitors can cheer on the Indian national cricket team, the women’s team, the Gujarat Titans, and the Gujarat cricket team. We advise booking a stadium tour if you arrive on a day without play.

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

Another weird and wonderful stadium on our list, that most sports fans miss is the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in North Korea. With a stunning 114,000 capacity, it ranks as the world’s second-largest sports venue, with the Pyongyang arena just behind India’s pride and joy.

Please drop by the Rungrado on game day and watch the Korea DPR national soccer team strut its stuff in competitive games. The venue also hosts other soccer teams of note, athletics meets, and mass gymnastics. The East Asian venue takes some forgetting, and we’re happy to add it to our list of sports stadiums worth a visit. 

Melbourne Cricket Ground

If you find yourself in Australia looking for your next sports fix, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the main attraction. Arguably one of the most famous venues on our list, it can’t rival the Asian stadiums listed above, but it is one of few arenas with a 100,000-plus capacity. 

The Melbourne Cricket Ground stages cricket and Australian Rules football, but also concerts, parties, and celebrations. Some teams you might see when visiting Melbourne’s main attraction are the Australian cricket team, Victoria cricket team, Melbourne Cricket Club, Melbourne Stars, Melbourne FC, Richmond FC, Collingwood FC, and Hawthorn FC. 

Plenty is going on, making getting a ticket for match day easier. Again, plan your trip well in advance and only buy tickets through official club channels to avoid disappointment.

Wembley Stadium

An iconic sports venue in the heart of London, England. Wembley Stadium is a 90,000-seater venue that hosts soccer, boxing, NFL, concerts, and other popular events. It’s home to the England national soccer team and hosted the Euro 2020 final won by Italy, who beat the hosts on penalties.

Besides England games, the FA Cup final is the main attraction at Wembley. Played each spring, you’ll often see two huge names from the English Premier League go head-to-head to win the season’s final piece of silverware: the historic FA Cup. Want to see the best players and most famous teams before enjoying the sights and sounds of London? Take a trip to Wembley Stadium.

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