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Have you ever wondered what it’s like traveling to Europe which has an abundance of modern amenities, vibrant beauty, and ancient monuments? 

This well-known tourist destination brings out varied emotions and just one trip is enough to make anyone “fall in love” with it leaving only unforgettable memories. 

Let’s take a look at some interesting things when traveling in Europe with MBS87.

European Tourist Season

Each season brings its own unique beauty to your trip to Europe. In the spring, visit Germany, France, and the Netherlands to immerse in the cherry blossom roads, tulip and lavender fields, and many other beautiful locations. 

Summer is the peak tourist season in this country. The entertainment calendar will be the busiest and have many interesting activities and unique festivals. 

In the fall, the weather becomes a bit cold; the scene is very romantic with rows of falling yellow leaves all the way. Winter in Europe has snow, especially, the Christmas festival is extremely majestic and bustling. 

Besides immersing yourself in the Christmas festivals in the city centers, go watch the aurora borealis in Ireland, which is overwhelming with the wonder of nature. 

The continent of Europe is home to more than 400 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that reflect the glorious past and are very well maintained for visitors. 

Cities You Should Visit Once


Eiffel Tower, France

An extremely famous country in the field of tourism, France is a romantic country with old-style architecture and narrow street corners, suitable for coffee dates for couples or small families. 

Set foot on one of the world’s wonders – the beautiful and splendid Eiffel Tower. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a delicacy of France during the trip to Europe, which is the number one delicious cake in the world, the Croissant.


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This is a fairly safe country and the residents are very friendly with university students and the elderly using bicycles as a common transportation. 

The characteristic of the Netherlands is the peacefulness of the natural landscape. This is definitely a suitable place to relax after the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Some outstanding tourist attractions in the Netherlands that should be on top of the visitor’s list include Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Vondelpark, and Zaanse Schans, to name a few. 

There are other exciting activities such as the experience of taking a boat to see this beautiful city when you travel to Europe.


Savour the Italian Pizza 

When there is a chance to explore a vibrant but equally ancient country, then Italy is the best destination. 

Don’t forget to visit the city of Florence with the large Piazza del Duomo Square and the Mercato Centrale Firenze market to buy cold meats as gifts. 

Who can forget to visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and the symbol of this country?

Refresh your palate by freely enjoying the famous pizzas, typical cheeses, Gelato ice cream, and pasta with rich Italian flavors on your trip to Europe.


Enjoy a Variety of Belgium Chocolate 

Famous for its romantic countryside scenery, Belgium will make you feel relaxed and at ease. 

In particular, Belgium is famous for having delicious chocolate, so don’t forget to visit chocolate stalls to taste and buy as gifts for friends and family.


Gothic Cathedral at Cologne River

A country with many ancient buildings and timeless architectural styles is a perfect way to describe Germany. 

With more than 2000 years of history, this is a city that preserves many architectural works, the most prominent being the Gothic Cathedral. 

This is the third tallest church in the world, built right next to the Rhein River. When visiting during the time of prayer, witness firsthand the majesty and solemnity of this ceremony. 

In addition, visit the Chocolate Museum during your travel tour. This is a museum located along the banks of the Rhein River, where beautiful chocolate products are produced and displayed.

Means of transportation when traveling to Europe

On arrival, you will need a vehicle to get to tourist destinations. This place is an advanced continent with an extremely modern transportation system. 

Let’s take a look at some well-known means of travel you can use on your upcoming trip to Europe.


Arriving by plane is the most advanced and fastest vehicle in the world. With just one ticket, you can fly to any country in Europe quickly. 

However, this means of transportation is only suitable for guests who like to commute faster in countries that are too far apart, and the cost of air tickets is expensive. 

When visiting from another continent you need a plane ticket for Europe. However, do you need another ticket to fly to another country still within European territory? Consider the other travel options mentioned below. 


This is probably the most economical means of both time and cost. Although not as fast as flying, train tickets are much cheaper than plane tickets. In addition, traveling by train will be much faster compared to commuting by car or bus. 

However, taking the train has a few drawbacks, like limited views of the outside scenery. Traveling by train is an alternative option for your upcoming visit to Europe


An extremely well-known and comfortable vehicle for visitors is the car. If you have relatives on this continent and own a car, this is the best part of the trip to Europe

Before driving, calculate the cost of gasoline and parking fees for your car. However, if you do not have a personal vehicle, you can get a rental. 

Generally, car rental places provide a driver for tourists and other local visitors. Remember to prepare a decent amount of money when planning to rent a vehicle because it increases the total travel cost.


This is an extremely large and trendy public transportation system all over the world, not just in Europe. 

Though as a visitor there are many more comfortable options, a journey by bus is another alternative. However, it is quite tiring if the hotel stay is located far from the bus station. 

Commuting by public transport also does not guarantee the number of empty seats required if there are other passengers also coming along with you.

Therefore, the best solution is to hire a coach, especially when accompanied by relatives and family. A 16-seat mini coach will fit a large group very well or if there are more people, use larger coaches with more seats. 

Traveling with a coach rental helps in managing time and enjoying the varied services offered. 

Although the journey will not be as fast as taking the train, fully watching the scenery outside is better. You can stop at any location by informing the driver in advance. 

As per the latest Statista report, after the slow surge due to the pandemic lockdown, travel to Europe has again seen rapid growth as seen in the graph below. 

 International Tourist Arrivals in Europe from 2006-2022.

Travel in Europe with MBS87

You see, traveling by coach during a trip in Europe is both convenient, economical, safe and comfortable. 

At MBS87, we always have coach rental services available for every passenger. We are a company specializing in organizing tours and coach rental services in Europe such as minibus rental Europe

With headquarters in Paris and branches in European countries, we always have coaches available for pick up and take visitors anywhere during the trip in Europe

We provide comfortable vehicles to and from the airport and trips between different countries. We at MBS87 have many classes of vehicles with different service qualities. 

They range from minibusses or mini coaches for small groups of guests, limousines for guests who like a luxury, or coaches and buses standard for large groups of guests, company employees or students who want to go on extracurricular journeys. 

We can go to any country in Europe, from England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, England or Finland. And if you are still concerned about the cost, don’t worry about it too much. 

We have different prices to decide from depending on the geographical distance, the number of days of car rental and the number of guests in the group; the vehicle rental price per day will vary. 

Normally, a coach rental service in Europe costs about 750 – 950 euros/day. If you travel for a week with a group of 20 people, the car price will be about 270 euros/person, very cheap, right? The cost includes parking fees, driver rental fees and driver accommodation fees.

So what are you waiting for? Rent a coach service in Europe from MBS87 now to enjoy a complete and unforgettable trip in Europe.

MBS 87 Travel Agency and Bus Rental with Drivers in Europe


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