Top 3 Walking Trails in Sardinia

  • Jun 5, 2024
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cala luna

A honey pot for sunshine worshippers, foodies and nature lovers, Sardinia has it all when it comes to unforgettable vacations in the Mediterranean. Its weather during autumn also makes it a hotspot for hikers who descend on the island for adventurous walking tours after the heat of summer has passed. 

As with most mountainous terrains, Sardinia is best enjoyed on foot. Enjoy stumbling across hidden gorges, wandering along a coastal path, or punching the air with triumph as you reach the very top of the peak. If you’re not sure where to start on your Sardinian hiking adventure, here are a few incredible tours to get you started.

Cala Luna 

The Stunning View of Cana Luna Beach and Supramonte Mountains

An 11km day hike that takes the average person 5 hours to complete, this walk is packed with highlights. As well as offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the hike also immerses you in the beauty of the Supramonte mountains. You will also pass through lush forests and terrifying canyons along the way, making this a relatively short hike for such a wide variety of terrains.

Once you’re at the beach, the adventure doesn’t stop there. Cala Luna Beach is awash with intriguing caves and coves, as well as beautiful rock formations and crystal-clear waters. It’s not surprising that Cala Luna Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The incredible mountainous landscape and beaches of Sardinia region have a coastline that measures around 1850 km. 

Cala Goloritzé 

 Cala Goloritze’ Beach 

On the east coast of Sardinia, you’ll find Cala Goloritzé which is easily drivable from Cala Luna. The town itself can be reached by foot along a trail that starts in Baunei. It’s not the easiest hike in the world as it gets pretty steep at times and the rocky path can be difficult to navigate. Be sure to take plenty of water as much of the trail is exposed to the sun.

Once you’re at Cala Goloritzé, you can swim to your heart’s content and admire the immense limestone cliffs that fringe the coastline. You might regret your decision on the ascent, but this hike is well worth the treasure at the end. 

You may also like to explore other beaches in Sardinia like Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli.

Sella del Diavolo  

The View From The Top of Sella del Diavolo

Directly translated, Sella del Diavolo means ‘Devil’s Saddle’ in English, which might put a few people off. As it happens, this is one of the most magical hikes in Cagliari. The area it refers to is a strip of land outside of the city of Cagliari which acts as a corridor between Poetto Beach and Calamosca Beach.

A great idea if you want to get out of the city, Sella del Diavolo is an easy day trip and teaches you a lot about Sardinia’s rich history. You can access the trail by packing your car at Calamosca Beach or via the 5 and 11 bus from Cagliari. 

As you can see, Sardinia plays host to captivating landscapes, rugged mountains paved with diverse terrains, and pristine coastlines that can provide you with ideal year-round walking and hiking opportunities. Trails like the ones mentioned above can offer you just a taste of the breathtaking vistas, rich history, and a chance to immerse yourself in Sardinian culture.  

Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time of the year to visit Sardinia?

To enjoy long walking trails in Sardinia it’s best to visit during warm weather. Typically, the sunny temperature is ideal for walking during the months of March, April, May, and June. However, if you dislike sweating in strong heat, it’s good to choose springtime during July and August to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What hiking gear do I need for a trail in Sardinia?

Sardinia hiking is popularly called a walking holiday because of the varied easy as well as tough mountain trails. You should definitely wear mid-weight hiking shoes till mid-ankle that have a sturdy sole.

Besides other necessary hiking clothing, remember to carry a swimsuit to enjoy the beaches and surfing. To avoid direct sunlight or sunburn, it is advisable to apply good SPF sunscreen and put on a hat. Carry trekking poles to make your hike easier, a personal first-aid kit, and of course, your camera.

How safe are Sardinia walking trails for families and children?

Sardinia is a family-friendly island often visited by locals as well as international hikers. There are many accommodation options for families. The beaches are the best place to enjoy with your family and become stress-free.

Cala Luna Beach has the Ogliastra beaches that can be explored with family. However, the hike may take longer and therefore, take time to stop, rest, and take photographs of the picturesque locations around. Carrying shades, water bottles, and safety equipment are always recommended.


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