Why the Arctic Should Be on Your Bucket List

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Both the active adventurer and the passive explorer can have the experience of a lifetime when visiting the Arctic. 

The Arctic region boasts a sheer landscape, unique wildlife, ancient indigenous communities still thriving, and spiritual healing.

Let’s explore the top reasons why the Arctic should be a travel experience to add to everyone’s bucket list.


Pristine and Untouched Beauty

Spectacular Arctic Landscapes

The raw, vast wilderness of the Arctic is bound to take your breath away. 

Admire the immensity and extremity of jagged snow-covered mountains, massive glaciers, and icy caps, floes, and bergs.

Visit the natural masterpiece of the Arctic in September to see both wildlife on the ground, and the spectacular Northern Lights in the sky.

Many may not know the Greenlandic folklore legend that the lights of the Aurora Borealis that dance in the sky are believed to be the spirits of departed ancestors!

Unique Wildlife

Observe and photograph the diverse wildlife in this region.

On land, spot muskoxen, reindeer, Peary caribou, Arctic foxes, hares, and the rare, symbolic polar bear. A handy tip to spot the elusive polar bear is to follow the colonies of their favorite meal – seals.

Ringed seals are accompanied by beluga, blue, and fin whales, narwhals, and walruses.

Cast your eyes upwards at the sheer bird cliffs. Thick-billed murres, black-legged kittiwakes, Arctic terns, and glaucous gulls return here for a mating season to nest out of reach of predators.

Extreme Wilderness and Adventure

Remote and Untamed Territories

To access the most remote areas of the Artic, cruises are often your only method. Cruises are also the most ideal way to see the fascinating sights.

Take Arctic tours to get into the nooks and crannies of the Arctic landscape. These places are untouched by human influence. You’ll feel like a true adventurous explorer as you cruise through.

Thrilling Outdoor Activities

The adventure only continues for the active adventure with all the unique activities in which you can participate!

Experience activities such as sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hiking, and ice climbing on land. And make sure you have the right gear to not freeze during a polar diving and kayaking adventure among the icebergs.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Indigenous Communities

To this day, 6 different Inuit cultures have survived over many centuries. Many of these communities still rely on hunting and fishing for survival.

One of the best reasons you should visit Greenland and the Arctic is to visit towns filled with ancient histories, such as Ittoqqortoormit. This isolated Greenlandic town has a population count of only 450 residents.

In Leiknes, Norway, it is possible to study the petroglyphs carved in stone walls by the first settlers 6000 years ago.

Immersive Cultural Experiences

There exists a Sami community who are very proud to share their heritage with you. Participate in igloo-building and ice fishing. Camp in a Sami tent, and watch them herd their reindeer in preparation for seasonal migration.

Explore the Arctic University Museum of Norway, and many other museums and exhibitions, to learn about the diverse history of the Arctic.

Additionally, the cod-fishing festival that takes place in Lofoten in late March is an incredible experience in which to participate.

Climate Change and Environmental Awareness

Witnessing the Effects of Climate Change

While the Arctic is filled with natural wonders, that are slowly deteriorating due to climate change.

Melting Arctic ice will have disastrous effects on the world. As the ice caps melt, sea levels rise, water supplies are disrupted, methane gas is released, and ecosystems change.

Arctic sea ice is of critical importance to the Arctic ecosystem, and the rest of the world!

Witness these sights and learn about their importance. And return home to raise awareness in your community.

Responsible Arctic Tourism

Sustainable tourism is the acknowledgment of all impacts of tourism. It’s a growing trend to practice minimizing the negative and maximizing the positive effects through sustainable travel practices.

Travel responsibly with eco-friendly cruise companies that focus on wildlife conservation and the impact tourism has on the environment.

There are also individual practices to pay respect to the natural and cultural Arctic environments. One example is taking nothing but photos unless a gift is offered or you purchase a souvenir.

Look, don’t touch.

Sense of Wonder and Transcendence

Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena

You may find yourself in a natural state of meditation as you absorb the natural phenomena of the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun.

The Midnight Sun is an awe-inspiring experience to behold if you’re used to the normal day and night schedule in your home country. 24-hour periods of sunlight are unbelievable until you see it for yourself.

Perhaps you’ll connect with and find a spirit animal in one of the unique species roaming the land and sea. 

Personal Growth and Reflection

Allow yourself to introspect about the connection human beings have with the natural world. Explore as if you are a part of nature because you are.

This deep understanding has been known to ignite a sense of gratitude, calmness, and self-awareness.

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