Top 10 Airlines Fly to Las Vegas For Weekend Getaway


Since Las Vegas is often regarded as the planet’s premier playground, you may expect to find more attractions and activities there than in any other city you’ve visited. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied on The Strip, from playing blackjack to sipping martinis and people-watching. 

You can shop until you drop, and then catch world-renowned performers at Caesars Palace and the MGM Grand. You may satisfy your appetite at any number of restaurants, from steakhouses to tea lounges and everything in between.

Here are the Top 10 Airlines to Fly to Las Vegas


The East Coast of the United States is home to a number of budget airlines, but JetBlue could be a better option for you if you’re looking to fly. You can’t, however, disregard their West Coast routes. This includes departures from Seattle, San Francisco, and Long Beach. It is possible to find $40 one-way tickets on JetBlue’s “Blue” class.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines routinely provides cheap flights to Las Vegas. One of the best parts of this vacation is that you can go there without changing planes in San Jose, California. Round-the-world tickets will only set you back $77. The only catch is that you’ll have to pay $30 one way or $60 round trip for your carry-on bags, while checked bags will only cost you $25.

Allegiant Air

If you cannot secure a reservation with JetBlue or Southwest, you may want to check out Allegiant, another popular low-cost carrier. As of right now, the service is on par with what you’d get on Frontier. 

Airlines for Alaska

Alternatively, you may see if there are any cheap seats on Alaska Airlines departing from the West Coast of the United States. A one-way airfare could cost anything from $45 to $89, depending on your point of departure. You should browse around for the best cost because even the cheapest airlines might charge more than $100 for a flight leaving from the same city.

Delta Flight

You will choose Atlanta as your departure point and we will walk you through the steps necessary to purchase Delta flights to Vegas online. Because the techniques for arranging a trip are the same regardless of the departing city, Atlanta will serve as the departure point. Although the Delta mobile app provides an additional option for booking award flights to Las Vegas, for the purposes of this article, you will know about purchasing award flights through the website.

American Airlines to Las Vegas

American Airlines may give you flexible Las Vegas tickets, allowing you to avoid financial penalties in the event that your flight is delayed, rescheduled, or canceled. You can expect a polite greeting, a comfortable flight, and exceptional service when you fly with American Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Offers a Flight to Las Vegas

Southwest operates 102 weekly flights along this route. When you buy your Southwest flights to Las Vegas with Alternative Airlines, you will have the opportunity to pay for your tickets using one of several convenient payment plans.

Spirit Airlines Flight to Las Vegas

When flying with Spirit Airlines International Travel between New York and Las Vegas, you can rest assured that you will receive the greatest bargains at the lowest available prices.

United Airlines

Do you want to save money by booking at the last minute, or do you want the quickest and easiest flight? United has the cheapest one-way and round-trip fares to Sin City. With United Airlines, all of your travel research, fare comparison, and booking needs can be handled in one convenient location. To make your life easier, book your next trip on the website of your choosing.

Sun Country Airlines

Flights to Harry Reid International have been found for as low as $104 round trip and $60 one way in the past week of searching. We reserve the right to make adjustments to prices and availability at any time. The terms may include additional requirements. Sun Country Airlines offers the lowest fares to and from Las Vegas, both one-way and round-trip.


It goes without saying that gambling is a popular pastime in Las Vegas; in fact, few cities in the world can compare to Sin City when it comes to famed casinos and unparalleled nightlife. The city also offers a wide variety of attractions that are sure to please families on holiday. So why wait? Book your trip with AirlinesMap now and customize your travel itinerary to travel anywhere.

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