Goa And Its Beaches-Let’s Explore The Sunshine State!!!

  • Apr 4, 2024
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all popular beaches in goa
all popular beaches in goa

Goa and its successful tourism do not need an introduction. Located neatly at the western coast of the country, gives the state access to many touristy beaches. Despite being the smallest, the sunshine state is famous for its beautiful beaches, Nightlife party, Carnival and Water sports.

Goa has preserved the three hundred years Old Portuguese constructions which still attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

But what draws the major attention of both the domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year are mostly the captivating beaches of this tiny state. 

With around 50 beaches; Goa is synonymous with almost 70 km of pristine sandy beaches, with each beach having its unique flavor. 

Palm-fringed shores sprawled with unique shells, rocks, and a picturesque sunset will make your experience here truly magical.

The state is home to both commercial and quiet beaches. The beaches of North Goa having the beach shack culture, clubs and discotheques are the commercialized beaches that are known for their nightlife.  On the other hand, in South Goa, you can go for some relaxation and a quieter beach experience.

Although there is always a never-ending debate on- choosing between North Goa and South Goa, there’s still no particular answer to this because both – North & South Goa, have their positives and negatives.  They are the two very different and amazing sides of one place.

But surely you’ll find plenty of advice on this such as; if you’re a party animal you will be delighted to enjoy the jazzy parties, flea markets, watersports, forts, tattoos, and awesome street food at the popular beaches of North Goa. A lot of options & variation is available there. You can switch to different places as per your choice in North Goa.  Whereas in South Goa, you can relax at the quiet and pristine beaches with your partner while enjoying the exquisite delicacies at the most elite restaurants. It will surely attract you with its cleanest beaches, pretty sunsets and peaceful holidays. 

Therefore, no matter which side of Goa you choose to explore, there is something special and different waiting for you. 

Extraordinary beaches can be found across the entire Goa state but to choose the best from the rest is an unaltered dilemma. But need not worry! 

To overcome this dilemma, we have listed here the top 10 beaches in both North and South Goa, and what makes them special from each other.

North Goa

The continuous stretch of North Goa which begins from Fort Aguada and travels up north towards the borders of Maharashtra, is the hub of sunbathers, tourists, and party animals. In fact, out of 10 the top 6 of the most famous and best beachesBaga, Candolim, Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna, and Morjim—are in North Goa

From strolling around the bird populated banks to relaxing at the centuries-old Portuguese architecture, or venturing out to vanilla-scented spice plantation – there is a lot you can do at these beaches in North Goa.

Let’s talk more in detail about each one of them;

  1. Baga beach-The home of Nightlife:

    Situated in North Goa, 9 kilometers (6 miles) from Mapusa and 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Panaji, the state capital, it is one of the most happening beaches on the coast and the most popular one. You’ll find everything from water sports, banana rides and dolphin cruises to fine dining restaurants, tattoo parlours, tarot shops, palmistry shops, spas, sun decks, along with bars and clubs. Baga Beach gives you a chance to live out your perfect beach holiday with your family
  2. Candolim beach- The offbeat beach:

    Located around 4 KM away from Baga Beach along the stretch of Aguada Fort, Candolim beach is about 12.5 km from Panaji. It is believed that many foreigners visit this place because it is less crowded than its fellow beaches. Candolim beach is considered perfect when it comes to experiencing activities like parasailing, snorkeling, boat ride, scuba diving and even jet skiing.
  3. Calangute beach- The queen of beaches:

    Calangute Beach is one of the busiest and most commercialized beaches in North Goa and is thus described as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. It offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy different activities like sailing, water surfing, water skiing, and bumpy rides as it stretches 7 km along the Arabian Sea. Near this place, there are pure veg restaurants and people who like to have non-veg can enjoy the street food near Calangute beach.
  4. Anjuna beach- a perfect paradise for beach lovers:

    Folded up by calm water of Arabian Sea and with hills in the background, Anjuna Beach is considered to be the best beach in North Goa by many foreigners for having many interesting beach shacks, cafes, pubs, and hostels for travelers. Situated just 8 km away in the west of Mapusa town, this beach comes live with its ever-famous full-moon parties and the Wednesday flea market to take one on to a trance trip.
  5. Vagator beach- enclosed in rocky cliffs:

    Vagator beach is a huge draw for rave party lovers from across the country. If you are a party going person; then this is the place for you. Located north of Anjuna Beach, Vagator beach is considered as one of the best beaches as the prices are reasonable and the water sport activities are many.
  6. Here the tourist traffic is mostly western backpackers who particularly come to watch the sunset from the rocks. Also, there are many shacks on the beach where one can relax and enjoy the stunning view with cool beverages and delicious food.

  7. Morjim beach- Most beautiful and clean beach of North Goa, also known as mini Russia:

    Owing to the large population of Russian immigrants staying here, Morjim beach is home to some rare endangered animals such as sea turtles. This is precisely why this beach is also popularly known as Turtle Beach. Located around 12 km away from Morjim through the Duler-Marna-Siolim Road, Morjim beach is considered to be one of the most tranquil beaches of Goa, offering peace and serenity. Tourists come here for relaxing and dining out as the place is lined up with restaurants and cottages which offer some of the best relaxation things.

South Goa

Extraordinary beaches can be found across the entire Goa state, but one cannot deny the fact that South Goa also holds some true coastal beauties. Offering quieter alternatives to its more vibrant neighbour, the beaches in South Goa will surely tempt you. 

And, to give you a flavor of that here we’re presenting you the 4 best beaches in South Goa:

  1. Majorda Beach- For Buying Colorful Handicrafts:

    Majorda Beach of South Goa is well-known for organizing Goa Carnival Festival, which symbolizes great pomp and splendor. Located about 4 km from Margao and 5 km from Colva Beach, Majorda offers shopaholics a variety of products to choose from a large number of shops- selling silks, Kashmiri handicrafts, jewellery, and wood carving.  This is one of the prettiest and a great beach for nature lovers. You can go on long walks or just sit back and relax, enjoying the beauty of nature.
  2. Mobor Beach- For peaceful vibes:

    Located next to the Cavelossim beach, Mobar is one of those beaches which has the option of biking on the beach, which happens to be the top favourite activity of all the tourists coming here. Covered with soft white sands, the beach provides a relaxing environment for those tourists who are looking to recline in the lap of nature. Its extreme tranquility and the serene beauty sticks with you even after you leave the place. It is fairly decorated with plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas for the utmost comfort of the tourists visiting here.
  3. Cola beach- For Picnics:

    Serene Vibes, lush greenery, sand, sea and the sun-what more could you ask from a beach in Goa! Bringing all this together, Cola Beach is considered as one of the hidden beaches in Goa. Cola offers a few huts to sleep overnight if you want secluded time with nature. It is within an easy driving distance from the popular destinations of Palolem and Agonda.
  4. Palolem beach- For lovers:

    Embraced with natural beauty, Palolem beach is among the best beaches in Goa for couples on honeymoon as it has a less crowded shoreline. This crescent-shaped beach situated in Canacona in southern Goa is perfect for an evening walk around the shallow shores. Also, one can indulge in fishing and dolphin spotting here.

While reserving their places in the list of best beaches across the globe, Goa becomes one of the most popular destinations for its enchanting beaches.

It attracts tourists here to indulge in the fun with a combination of sun, sand, and surf! Goa with its beautiful beaches and its warm-hearted people welcomes tourists with their open arms and big smiles from all across the globe.

Best Time to Visit Goa for Tourists:

The best period to visit the party capital is from Mid-November to Mid-February since the weather is perfect, not very cold, not very hot. It’s the perfect time to relax on the beaches. It is also the time when Goa witnesses one of its most popular festivals, Sunburn, besides the Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

On the other hand, March to May is not considered as a good time to visit Goa because during summer the temperature rises, the sea becomes rougher and the weather turns hot and humid. Not many people visit Goa between March and May since there are not many activities to indulge in.But, if you love the monsoon and the lush green countryside then June to September is another great time for you to visit. Another big reason to visit Goa during monsoons is the festival of Sao-Joao (the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist) that is held during late June.


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