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Pranjal is a writer, a part-time novelist, a passionate explorer, and a travel blogger on a journey to uncover the world’s hidden gems. With a heart full of wanderlust and a soul that craves adventure, Pranjal is more of a storyteller weaving the tales of adventures and culture.

Based in New Delhi India

With a bachelor’s degree in Geography and a Master’s degree in English Pranjal has written and published two fictional novels online with a third one on the way. Delve into the serene beauty of unknown landscapes with travel narratives that go beyond the tourist spot.

Join the journey as Pranjal travels the globe sharing travel tips that every traveler (solo or group) must know. Along with Pranjal’s blogs, you’ll discover native cuisines, cultures, and hidden gems which will prove to be your virtual passport to the awe-inspiring landscapes.

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Pranjal YadavPranjal Yadav