Take a Tour of the Blue Mountains National Park

  • Apr 3, 2024
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blue mountains national park
Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park is a must-see destination. In this UNESCO National reserve, you can experience amazing wildlife, go hiking to explore ancient rock formations, and take in breathtaking scenic views.

Escape the city to explore the ancient rock formations and valleys that make the Blue Mountains so famous. No matter if you want a private visit, a short stroll, or an extreme adventure, this place has it all. And you can do it all on a day trip from Sydney. 

Interesting Facts: Blue Mountains National Park is divided into 6 areas: Katoomba, Blackheath, Glenbrook, Lower Grose Valley Area, Mount Wilson Area, and Southern Blue Mountains Area.

Can you see the Blue Mountains on a Day Trip from Sydney?

This place is located just a 1.5-hour drive from Sydney. On a Private Tour of the Blue Mountains, you can easily visit all the best sights. They can satisfy people of all fitness levels and interests. You could spend your tour on a luxury bus or an extreme adventure trip, it’s all possible.

Best Sites to Visit in the Blue Mountains:

If you’re looking for a budget trip to Australia, the ancient rock formation of the Three Sisters is the most accessible viewpoint in the Blue Mountains. Another iconic location is the Jenolan Caves, the largest and probably most popular cave structure in Australia. The Jenolan Caves consist of 7 different cave systems, Lucas, Chifley, Imperial, Diamond, Orient, Temple of Baal, and River Cave. 

If you’re interested in learning more about aboriginal culture, local birds, or wildlife, this is an essential place to visit. You may even spot a platypus in the local waterways. 

They are home to the wild endangered koala bear, so If seeing a koala is high up on your wish list, you should consider including Featherdale Wildlife Park on your tour. The reserve is a great place to see Australian wildlife in its natural habitat whilst ensuring the animals are kept free from danger. Perhaps you could include Scenic World in your journey. 

From there you will experience fantastic views over the eucalyptus forests. If you want to go on a bush walk that isn’t too strenuous, you should consider including Leura Cascade.  

You can start from the picturesque town of Leura and follow a scenic hike that will offer you magnificent views of the cliff line and of Gordon Falls lookout. And in Leura, you could also visit the iconic Candy Store, a local emblem that has been going strong since 1990.

Do You Know?: The Katoomba area is also called “the heart of Blue Mountains National Park”. 

Things to do in the Blue Mountains

If you want to add some thrill to your Blue Mountains National Park trip, then you can experience some fun activities to make your visit memorable. 

  1. Hiking – The most basic fun activity here is, hiking and bush walking. To get the most out of the world’s heritage site, hiking is a great option to explore the place.
  1. Abseiling – Abseiling is another fun way to get the thrill. While you rappel down a classic Australian rock face, don’t forget to enjoy the appealing landscape of the park. 

While planning your trip to the Blue Mountains, checking up on the weather conditions is also necessary. 

Can the Weather Affect Your Blue Mountains Tour?

The weather here is quite likely to be very different from what you will have come from at the beaches in Sydney. When there is glorious sunshine in Sydney, it might well be raining or vice versa. But you shouldn’t let the weather deter you from making what might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the sights of this place. They can be even more spectacular in the rain, especially the waterfalls. 

Just be sure that you pack a raincoat and an extra layer, as the peaks are often a few degrees cooler than the coastal areas, and away you go.

The Final Attraction: Canyoning in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains

For many of the local population, and also for the residents of Sydney, spending the weekends exploring the area’s rivers and canyons is not to be missed. Canyoning is perhaps one of the best experiences you could have on any tour of the Blue Mountains

This activity encompasses all the adventurous aspects of exploring new places. You will be physically challenged, you will enjoy natural water slides, and you can jump off cliffs and swim in fresh hill water. It’s always an epic experience.


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