Car Rental Hacks for Smart Travelers in Dubai

car rental in dubai

Renting exotic cars is so much fun when visiting and spending time in Dubai. It is surely one of the best tourist cities in the world. Renting your favorite cars or SUVs can be a game changer for your vacation in the desert city. Also, the car rental industry in Dubai offers some of the best car choices for all requirements. Car rental Dubai luxury services will cater to all kinds of exotic car requests.

Also, there are some car rental hacks that smart travelers can use to improve their experience. Knowledge from your previous visits to the city and using various car rental services will help you to get the best option. Also, people who have traveled a few times to Dubai should never be put off for the next trip. There is simply so much to explore in the beautiful city that every trip will be worth it.

Smart Travelers in Dubai

Book Your Rental Car in Advance

One of the better car rental tips is to book your required vehicle as much in advance as possible. This will ensure both availabilities and get you cheaper rental prices. Especially, when visiting the city in the peak tourism season (October to March), the city will be quite busy.

All the travelers and tourists will have booked many cars already before you get there. Also, car rental companies in the city offer the option to book your required exotic car well in advance. Advance bookings are available both online and by calling the service providers in Dubai. Also, booking in advance will provide you the power of decision over your favorite car make or model.

Range over black

Rent Older Models of Exotic Cars and Don’t Tell Your Friends

Another great hack when looking to save money but still enjoy your favorite car is to rent slightly older models. Say you are renting a year or two older model of the McLaren Spider 570S or the Lamborghini Urus from a couple of years ago, there will be more attractive price discounts available. Renting the latest current model of any car will cost more simply because it costs more to acquire.

Also, renting slightly older models of high-quality cars doesn’t compromise the drive quality at all. You will still experience the very best elements. Whether renting a luxury Mercedes S Class or an exotic Range Rover, this hack will help you save money.

Always Rent the Right Type of Car for the Right Trip

Every trip in and from Dubai needs specialized car or vehicle types. You cannot enjoy a desert safari with a Ford Mustang or a Ferrari Sportscar. For trips like these, you have specialized SUV rental options like Range Rover Sport, Lamborghini Urus, Nissan Patrol, and others.

When you rent a car perfectly suited to your trip requirements, there will be great excitement. Business and family trips with mostly on-road driving will do best with Rolls Royce, Mercedes S Class, and other similar luxury cars. So, select the right car for the right trip. There will be a day to enjoy the fastest, flashiest, and loudest car down the line too.

Book a Car with a Chauffeur for the Family – It Costs the Same (Almost)

Chauffeur services are available readily in Dubai. Most chauffeur services don’t cost much more than a self-car rental service. However, you will get a responsible, locally-trained, and experienced driver to take you anywhere you need to go. When renting the top luxury cars and SUVs, even if there is an added cost for the chauffeur, it will not feel much on top at all.

So, when visiting Dubai for a business or family trip, make sure to look for a quality chauffeur service. Hire a car in Dubai with an experienced driver to make your stay in the city much more luxurious. Also, for first-time visitors, hiring a car with a chauffeur can save much time while on the road.

Rent a Car Only When You Are Travelling

Quite often, when visiting the desert city, tourists book a car that stays with them for their entire stay. There is nothing wrong with that if you can afford it. However, when looking for a more budget-friendly trip to Dubai, getting your rental car delivered only when in need of a road trip can save money.

This is especially beneficial if you are spending an entire day in your hotel or on the beach. Once there, you will not need access to a car since there will be no commuting requirement. What you can do is rent a car every time you need to travel. This will help save money for your trip. Also, you will get the chance to enjoy so many different fantasy cars in one trip.

Rent the Right Sized Vehicle with Adequate Seating Capacity

One thing that will always contribute heavily to the quality of your experience is the seating in your rental car. You cannot compromise on the quality and number of seats in your car. Always rent a car or SUV Range Rover or Nissan Patrol that will provide comfortable seating for every member of the family or group.

Squeezing in more people than the car or SUV’s capacity will make the journey inconvenient. If you have a larger group of people accompanying you, rent more than one vehicle too. The more comfort you get, the better your car rental experience will be.

Travel to Dubai in the Off-Peak Season to Enjoy Cheaper Prices

Many people will prefer budget trips to Dubai. The best time to visit when looking to save money is the summer. This is the off-peak season for tourism across the city. The Emirate is very less crowded during the summer months from April to August.

If you want to spend quality timeless interrupted, off-peak months are the best options. However, the only downside is the soaring heat. So, it simply gets too hot for many people during the summer in Dubai. If you like the heat, you will most likely have more fun with the quieter settings.

Bottom Line

Renting the perfect car is always subjective. However, these hacks above will help you make the right choice and get the best experience. Book your car rental in advance and look for a chauffeur service if required. Save money by booking in advance, traveling to Dubai in the off-peak season, and renting a somewhat older model. Also, book the right car for the journey and focus on the seating capacity required for your family members.

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