Dos and Don’ts of Bear Viewing Tours in Alaska


Touring the vast cold Alaskan state can provide significant insights into how the other half lives. You are sure to enjoy the blistering cold and clearness of the starlit skies that open up a vista you had never imagined before. However, the primary purpose of almost all tourists here is to bear viewing Alaska. It makes sense to finalize the arrangements at the earliest so at you do not have to return disappointed. 

True, the idea of being near a gigantic animal is quite unpredictable. However, such an encounter is thrilling, to say the least. All you would need is to follow a handful of safety rules and take adequate precautions to turn the Chinitna Bay bear viewing into a memorable experience. 

Sure, you must be suitably clad and travel in a group whenever you get down from the boat that will take you to the closest spot possible. The boat ride will be effective in more ways than one as you get an opportunity to be near the massive creatures that are known to be gentle souls unless provoked. 

Yes! You are welcome to fly past the area too, but that will only make you feel safe instead of gaining the coveted experience. Try to book a spot on the boat that will be more affordable. You thus get to save some money and enjoy bear-watching Alaska simultaneously. A win-win for you indeed!

The warden accompanying you to the bear viewing spot will be knowledgeable and able to recount stories of how exciting Alaska bear viewing trips can be. While it is okay to look forward to meeting the bears, you may check out the variety of marine diversity in the waters as you move up the creek. Look above to watch some of the spectacular birds fly across. You may also get a rare opportunity of finding a whale, sea lion, and seal looking at you too. 

Sure, low visibility and foggy mornings may make you a trifle depressed. No worries! A boat ride will not prevent you from bear viewing whatever the weather conditions may be. 

  • It may be fruitful to arm yourself with statistics vis-à-vis grizzly bears viewing Alaska. It is advisable to note the following and do accordingly, once you reach your destination, i.e. The great and beautiful state of Alaska. 
  • The Alaskan brown bear viewing trips are available from April to August every year. You may have to book a boat trip well in advance as there is a demand for such trips offered by a single tour operator in the area so far. 
  • Remain clad in lightweight clothes and have waterproof gear handy so you do not get wet. Remember the waders and poles to help you walk along the muddy creeks. 
  • While there are no physical necessities to be a part of Alaskan brown bear tours, you must be fit enough to walk for some distance at a stretch. 
  • Offering food to the bears is a strict no-no. It is best to refrain from such activity, thereby inviting unwanted attention from a group of bears. 

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