Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai: New Impressions for Everyone


For those tourists who are going to visit Dubai for the first time, this emirate is either a paradise for shoppers or a beach holiday. However, even more, experienced tourists do not always know that it is here that you can get unforgettable impressions by getting acquainted with the unique Arabian desert. How can you get to know it better? Of course, you should go on a dune buggy in Dubai. Emirates is not only about shopping, but a lot of adventure.


Dune Buggy Tour — What is It?

The buggy is an open off-road vehicle that handles well and is very maneuverable. It’s powerful enough to cut through the desert unhindered – and yet quite easy to control.

It is worth noting that for desert buggy tours only the best equipment is offered, which undergoes regular maintenance. These are the vehicles:

  • Polaris RS1 – compact single-seater;
  • Can-Am X3 Turbo – in two versions, two-seater and four-seater;
  • Polaris Pro-R is a brand new two-seater with 225 hp.

Each of these dune buggies is equipped with everything you need to drive on the sand dunes in order to give tourists the maximum pleasure of being close to nature.


What is Included in the Dune Buggy Tour

Of course, in addition to impressions, the organizing company has prepared a lot:

  • Sandboarding – riding on sand dunes on a special board similar to a snowboard;
  • Local snacks to maintain strength;
  • Pickup from your hotel in Dubai can be provided if required;
  • Each tour is accompanied by an experienced guide;
  • There is full support of all tours by experienced specialists;
  • Each guest is provided with a helmet, goggles, and gloves.

Experienced guides will show and teach everyone how to drive a desert buggy and take guests to hidden places of natural beauty in the vast Arabian Desert. Each route is carefully thought out and repeatedly worked out.


About Safety

Safety first is the basic principle of every buggy ride, there is no room for compromise. The team of guides and accompanying specialists take all necessary actions to ensure that the trips bring only positive impressions. That is why all guests will have to take all the security measures offered by the tour organizer.

All dune buggies come with advanced safety features for desert adventures; these include 4-point racing harnesses, doors, and full-roll cages. All protective equipment is fully provided – disinfected, cleaned, and meets the world’s highest standards. Well-equipped and trained guides will lead each guest along a designed desert itinerary with snacks, refreshments, and sandboarding along the way. For every traveler, this is a great opportunity not only to relax but also to get new impressions from staying in a unique place – in the heart of the Arabian Desert.

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