Holidays in Pigeon Forge – 4 Fun Activities for The Whole Family

  • Apr 4, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
fun activities for family in pigeon forge

Who doesn’t like vacationing with their family? 

After a grueling long year at work, you finally get some time off to be with loved ones, and what better way to spend this holiday than a trip to Pigeon Forge? 

It’s a gorgeous mountain resort city located in Tennessee and gets millions of visitors annually. 

What makes Pigeon Forge so attractive is that regardless of age group, there is an activity for everyone. 

If you’re a thrill seeker and want to try out white water rafting or prefer a quiet hike surrounded by nature, this location has it all. 

This is undeniably the perfect destination for families, especially those planning holiday vacations. 

Now, we’ll discuss which activities are well-suited for you and your entire family, but first, let’s touch up on a necessary point:

Make Necessary Arrangements First

As eager as one may be to start their vacation, they must deal with particular logistics first. One of the most pressing issues is to find a place to stay when on vacation. 

After all, when done having fun, everyone needs a comfortable room and a cozy bed to call it a night. Luckily, people can easily find great accommodations here. 

Since this destination gets all types of visitors, this quaint town has suitable options to choose from, like condos. 

By looking up the keyword condo rental Pigeon Forge on Google, people can book suitable lodgings for themselves and their families according to their preferences. 

The best part is one can make arrangements online, and by the time they set foot in Tennessee, their accommodation is all prepped and waiting for your arrival. 

Do You Know?:
Pigeon Forge is a small town that includes a resident population of approximately 6,000. But, every year, more than 10 million people visit this destination. Among them, more than 2 million stay overnight.

However, make sure to make the bookings well before time. 

This destination is constantly entertaining guests and excellent lodgings get snatched up right away, which means be quick and secure a place at the earliest convenience. 

Activities to Try 

Although Pigeon Forge has a multitude of sports to try, here are a few that should be on the holiday list:

Participate in the MagiQuest


If someone wants to bond with their children, nothing brings a family closer than slaying dragons together. 

MagiQuest is the ultimate attraction for lovers of games like the World of Warcraft or any other game of similar genres. What’s best is that here people get to play the main character in a world created by them. 

Once done with paying the fees, individuals will be given a quick tutorial on how to engage with a quest. There, people can also purchase props like wands and swords to make the experience more realistic. 


As of 2024, Pigeon Forge has a population of 6,265. This destination is currently declining at a rate of -0.59% annually and its population has decreased by -2.35% according to the census. 

The entire session is about ninety minutes long, and one can go on three to four quests easily. 

Further, apart from this game, people can also access a pirate-themed golf course or go for a laser challenge that comes with the MagiQuest package. 

Head Down to Anakeesta 


Anakeesta is a glorious mountaintop adventure park in downtown Gatlinburg. It is roughly 7.705 miles away from Pigeon Forge. 

If there is someone out there who is fascinated by nature but needs thrilling sports to keep themselves busy, they should take their family to Anakeesta

The purpose of this park is to provide tourists with an immersive outdoor experience and keep their adventurous spirit alive.

They can sink their teeth into numerous activities, including a Treetop Skywalk that takes them across hanging bridges. 

If someone craves an adrenaline rush, try the Dueling Zipline Tour and ride the Rail Runner Mountain coaster. 

If there is anyone visiting with a toddler, they will have a grand time playing in the netted tree house. 

After tackling all the mountainous feats, gliding, running, and completing challenges, one can culminate their visit by going on a relaxing stroll through the Memorial Forest Walk. 

Spend the Day at the Wear Farm City Park

Wear Farm City Park

Sometimes, a family holiday means playing with children, taking in the fresh air, and enjoying a fulfilling picnic. 

That’s where the Wear Farm City Park comes into the picture. 

Interesting Fact:
At Pigeon Forge, tourism is the industry that drives revenue over $1.5 billion annually.

Offering families the perfect escape from life’s monotony, this park spans over 5,140,080 square feet and comes with walking trails, a basketball court, lush green areas, a football field, and so much more. 

So, if someone wants to play ball, casually walk around with their better half, or urge kids to explore the jaw-dropping outdoors, this family park should make it to their list.

Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark 

Rowdy Bear's Smoky Mountain Snowpark

Most of the activities there involve the outdoors, so if someone is looking for a way to have a fun-filled afternoon, try Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark. 

Depending on how daring they are, they can enjoy activities like ax throwing, outdoor tubing, or riding the alpine mountain coaster. 

If someone happen to be visiting Rowdy Bear Mountain during the winter, activities like snowman-making and snow tubing will be available for them. 

Final Thoughts

Pigeon Forge is the ideal family getaway to create memories with your loved ones. 

When Tennessee is famous for various tourist-loved destinations, This location holds a special place, especially for families looking for all the fun in one town. 

Alongside natural wonders, mountain sports, and recreational parks, this town offers plenty of other fun activities that are perfect for ensuring a splendid holiday vacation. 

Once your Pigeon Forge vacation comes to an end, you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of memories you have created – that will surely remain with you forever. 


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