Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas That aren’t the Usual

Las Vegas

It’s only natural for people to think of Las Vegas and imagine the famous Strip, the casinos, and all the partying you can get involved with. However, while all of these are popular attractions and reasons why so many visit Sin City, there’s much more to see and do and more fun to be had.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on the Hoover Dam

Yes, you read that correctly; while the Hoover Dam is an amazing attraction in its own right, what about sailing along and enjoying a dinner cruise too? It’s something not spoken about enough where Las Vegas is concerned, but there are some fantastic sites to visit, and it’s also possible to bundle up taking in the Dam, the Grand Canyon and other iconic locations, all on a guided trip from Las Vegas. And you won’t miss out on any casino fun as you can find all the best online slots games you could ever dream of at all the popular casino sites during the jaunt, which often takes place over several days.

Visit the Neon Museum

Las Vegas has always been one of those places that appears on many people’s bucket lists. Like the Hoover Dam, Sin City is iconic, but what the place is now isn’t what it’s always been. Before the Las Vegas of today, there was “Old Las Vegas”, and the Neon Museum was built to preserve its memory. The Neon Museum has been around since the 1990s, and while modern Vegas has everything you could ever want, need and more, seeing it as it used to be, in all its glory, is quite something. It was the inspiration for the city it has become today.

Have a Photo in Front of the Las Vegas Sign

When you go to Las Vegas, one of your priorities must be to create as many magical moments as possible, so taking a few pictures here and there is a great idea. Vegas, as those who have visited before, will know, is very Instagrammable, and things don’t get more Instagrammable than having a photo taken in front of the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign. You can describe many things as a must-do in Sin City, and this is undoubtedly one of them. And, when you visit Vegas, let’s face it, you want everyone to know about it too.

Climb the Strat

Sometimes the golden oldies are the best for things to see and do, and the Strat Hotel, which comprises the Strat Tower, is the perfect example. When you visit Vegas, you will often be on ground level looking up, so the view can be somewhat limited. However, if you get yourself tickets to climb to the top of the Strat Tower, you will have a birdseye view of one of the greatest cities on earth. And, while you’re at the top, how about taking things a step further and embarking on some theme park rides, such as a rollercoaster? It’s thrill-seeking with a view.

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