10 Things to Do with Family at the Grand Canyon

  • Apr 4, 2024
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Grand Canyon

It’s been more than 100 years since the Grand Canyon got the status of a National Park. But even before that, it has been a tourist attraction in the United States. These 446 km long and 29 km wide canyons, carved by the Colorado River are said to be around 70 million years old. Though this is not the only exciting thing about this place, Grand Canyon holds a lot of surprises. So, in this article, we’ll be discussing the best ways to explore and enjoy the place on your next holiday.

Things to Do in the Grand Canyon

  • Join The Junior Ranger Program: Junior Ranger Program should be the first thing you should let your children see when you visit the place. Ask a ranger at the Visitor Center’s front desk for a Junior Ranger Booklet, and you’ll get it. Kids find the booklet very interesting.
    Hiking in Grand Canyon
  • Hike: Everybody does hiking when they visit a place. Sometimes kids don’t like hiking, but you should make them do it because it’s good for them. Probably they won’t admit it, but as soon as they finish the hike, they will get a great victorious feeling. If you want an easy hike with your family, try the Rim Trail. There are also other trails in the Grand Canyon: Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Ergobaby Carrier, etc.
  • Take The Grand Canyon Train: The train begins at Williams, Arizona. Throughout the entire journey, you’ll be entertained by music and other sources of entertainment. The train will drop you off at the park and later take you back to Williams.
  • Do Water Rafting: Now, here is something thrilling. Families can book rafting tours along the Colorado River through the park. The minimum age allowed for rafting is 8+. You can enjoy the tour with your dear ones.
  • Visit Havasupai Falls: Havasupai Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in Arizona. It is located in one of the remote areas of the park. Only a limited number of people are allowed to see the stunning waterfalls. 
  • Bearizona: Bearizona is a drive-through zoo in North Arizona. Children love it when they visit the zoo. There are jaguars, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, white bison, bears, and many more animals here. Bearizona is a child’s favorite part of the trip.
  • Take A Helicopter Tour: If you’ve some extra time on your trip left, you should try giving it a shot to helicopter tours. Your friends will enjoy it, and even children will never forget it. You can experience a whole view of the ground through the helicopter rise.
  • Take A Bike Ride: There are paved trails for biking all over the South Rim of the park. You can bring your own bike or rent a bike from Bright Angel Bicycles. A family-friendly bicycle ride is very fun to do. You create a lot of new memories. You should also look for tours that Bright Angel Bicycle offers.
  • Mule Ride: Almost every kid loves animals, and if you let your kids get a mule ride, they will enjoy it very much. You can easily book a mule ride tour from the trials in the place. Kids bond easily with animals and will not forget their moments of happiness on the mule ride.
  • Watch The Sunset: Who doesn’t love watching sunsets? You and your spouse can watch the sunset together before bedtime because, in Arizona, sunsets are early. You can also take the Grand Canyon sunset tour with your loved ones. The is about 2 hours long, and you get to see the fascinating beauty of nature. Your people will love the visit.

Final Words

If you’re planning on escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the lap of nature with your friends or family, the Grand Canyon has a lot to offer you from the thrilling adventure of hiking and rafting to the mesmerizing and peaceful sunsets to enjoy.


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