An Ultimate Guide on Holidays to Miami Platja, in Spain

guide on holidays in miami platja in spain

Are you planning to visit some cool and magnificent oceanic sceneries to spend your holidays? Then, you must visit the Miami Platja in Spain. 

Miami Platja is a beautiful coastal resort that covers about 30km South of Tarragona, in Southern Catalonia, Spain. It is known to be a nature paradise that leaves you in awe of Mother Nature’s creation.

In this article, we will tell you everything about Miami Platja and other picturesque destinations that you can explore there. Read this article to plan your exhilarating oceanic journey.

Beaches and Coves

Miami Platja, the coastal town, is suitable for people seeking tranquility and the hustle and bustle of daily life. This town has around ten beaches and 11 coves surrounding the coastlines where many pirates and corsairs hid their treasures years ago.

Things to do in Miami Platja, Spain

This coastal town has some awe-inspiring sceneries, like the Miro Foundation and the Old Town of Mont-Roig. You can explore downtown at night and do some sports activities in the daytime. 

Explore Popular Locations

  • Playa Cristal – for families

    It is one of the best beaches, popular for its outstanding quality of crystal-clear and calm waves. It is a suitable choice to spend your vacation with families.Not only that, but it also offers possibilities for commodities like apartments and resorts. Look for an accommodation plan, or you can book here

  • Pixerota Beach – Famous beach

    Pixerota Beach was the favorite beach of Joan Miró, where he drew one of the famous artworks, Miro Stars. 

    This beach is mainly known for its nautical lanes for boating and other activities. Moreover, the coastline is the witness to the Spanish Civil War.

  • Cala Bot – The most famous cove

    Cala Bot is one of the most-known coves in Miami Platja. It is a semi-urban cove with a pleasant environment surrounded by vegetation, pine, and palm trees. Moreover, it has showers and a beach bar.

    It is a natural place with fine golden sand and crystal-clear water, where you get access to waves thanks to the slight slope of the shore. 

Sports and Adventures

  • Hiking on Miami Platja: Explore the mysteries of Miami Platja while hiking. You can enjoy this activity on the family holidays. Get to know the heart of the beautiful place.
  • Bonmot Golf Course: Here, you can play golf at one of the best golf courses in Spain. Bonmot Golf Course has a welcoming environment and offers a mix of natural and artificial obstacles to let you enjoy a wholesome game.
  • Cycling: It has more than 140km of mountain trails, idyllic roads, and beautiful sceneries, which makes it the perfect place for cycling.
  • Tuna Tour: The giant tuna offers an exclusive and unique experience to tourists. You can enjoy snorkeling in the surrounding areas of the tuna and share a day with fishermen in their boats. 
  • Costa Daurada Nautical Station: This station offers activities for ages of all levels. You can enjoy a variety of sports activities here, like kayaking, jet skiing, diving baptisms, windsurfing, kite surfing, paddle surfing, parasailing, and flyboarding. 

Culinary Customs

Mont-Roig and Miami Platja have some of the best food products thanks to the Mediterranean weather and the fertile grounds. 

It offers the best olive oil that makes any recipe delicious. Likewise, Carob, one of the healthiest flours, makes various delicacies like Mont-routes and Calçots.  

Many gastronomic days are celebrated in the town to get to know the taste of the exotic products. In June, the Gastronomic Days of the Octopus, in February, the Gastronomic Days of the Calçot and in autumn, the Gastronomic Days of Rice Cuisine.

A True Paradise for Nature Lovers

Holidays to Miami, Platja in Spain image

Miami Platja has many unexplored places with mystery and an intriguing past. So, if you are an adventurer, set up a plan and embark on your journey to explore this coastal resort.  

It has many popular attractions, including Miami-Aventura Quads, Secalu Park, and Cala dels Vienesos. Make sure to check out these places during your holidays.

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