Top 17 Haunted Places in Delhi: Uncover the Spookiest Spots in the Capital

haunted places in delhi

With over 15 centuries of history, Delhi is a city steeped in mystery and richness. 

Thousands of monuments honoring people who have long since passed away but are said to still haunt certain locations can be seen there. These historic locations are some of the most popular places to visit in Delhi, but they are not for the timid, as one may encounter apparitions that emerge out of nowhere, odd noises, and rustling whispers.

You can put an end to watching creepy thrillers on Netflix since Delhi’s haunted locations are enough of an adrenaline rush to make you shudder, even though your “real-life encounters” with ghostly beings will make the experience much more intense.

Haunted house in Delhi

What makes these locations so frightening is how quietly they blend in with their surroundings, waiting to be discovered by those who dare. Even the boundary walls of these locations are avoided by chickens, yet those with courageous souls will enter with their hearts racing and torches out. There are moments when the mystery surrounding these locations and unresolved stories emerge, leaving us to guess.

17 Horror Places in Delhi for the Ultimate Scare

Are you a braveheart eager to tread the ghostly trails of India and willing to tap into Delhi after dark? 

If yes, here are the 17 unmissable haunted places in Delhi for the bold and daring. 

Khooni Nadi

Most Haunted Places in Delhi

What else would send a shiver down your spine if this spooky name doesn’t?

This deceptively innocent-looking river that flows through Rohini has the most terrifying legends surrounding it. It is stated that anyone who steps too close to the water will be drawn into it before they have a chance to fight.

Individuals who tried to approach the river in an attempt to disprove these eerie tales have reported feeling uneasy and experiencing unsettling chills. 

One of the most eerie haunted locations in Delhi is Khooni Nadi, also known as the haunt of the souls that were drawn in and never left. The waterbed is reported to be covered in the skeletons of those who ventured to approach too closely.

Khooni Darwaza

Delhi Haunted Places

Anybody who hears the name of this location—which translates to “Bloody Gate”—will shudder. 

The three sons of Emperor Bahadurshah Zafar and the mass murder of refugees in 1947 are just two examples of the region’s share of violence. This site is supposed to be haunted by all the people who were brutally murdered before their time.

It is reported that there are gunshots, spine-tingling howls, and an unsettling presence of hovering spirits. Some report experiencing a sudden, intense perspiration attack accompanied by chills. Adventure seekers swarm Khooni Darwaza in search of answers to these unsettling questions, whether it’s because of the place’s ambiance or the existence of ghosts. This is indeed one of the major horror houses in Delhi. 

DDA flats In Qutub Enclave Phase II

Horror Places in Delhi

Located close to Qutub Minar, locals have frequently seen the strangely pale and filthy corpse of a woman hanging upside down from a tree in this haunted house. You could stop in your tracks due to a change in the weather, strong gusts, or a woman’s ear-splitting laughter. 

It is thought that the land where this facility is located was formerly a cemetery where many ghost encounters occurred.

Sanjay Van

Delhi Horror Place

There are many terrifying ghost stories associated with this lovely and dense urban forest located in the center of Delhi. 

What is often a sunny spot for picnics and excursions during the day transforms into acres of dense forest with no light. In addition to the spooks, there is a majaar, and the tombs of certain Sufis, which are rumored to get visits from the saints’ ghosts.

Plus, Sanjay Van has a ghost dressed in a saree that stops people for lifts. The ghost vanishes if they stop, and it practically drives them insane if they don’t! It is advised by the locals not to go to the woodland between 12:00 am and 5:00 am.  

Lothian Cemetery

Haunted Places in Delhi

Old cemeteries and tombstones that are resting seem to conjure up images of melancholy and the mysterious presence of something otherworldly. This scary house in Delhi is the most haunted of all; add to that the legend of a headless ghost prowling around.

The oldest cemetery in Delhi is also called Nicholson Cemetery, named for Nicholas, a soldier during the British Empire who committed suicide after being betrayed in a romantic relationship. 

Particularly on a full moon night, several individuals who have attempted to spend the night close to the cemetery claim to have heard spine-tingling cries and the sound of horses running. The locals strongly advise against entering or remaining at the cemetery after dark.

Chor Minar

Most Haunted Place in Delhi

Although Hauz Khas Village is a popular destination for parties and nightlife in the capital, not many people are aware that it’s also one of Delhi’s haunted house locations. 

The region still has the charm of old Delhi despite the fast-expanding modern businesses because of the nearby archaeological site. One such structure about which there has been much conjecture over the years is the Chor Minar within the complex. 

There are holes in the upper walls of the minar, which were allegedly made by spears. It is thought that the skulls of thieves who were executed under Ala-ud-din Khalji’s reign were buried in these pits. And that at night, the ghosts of these thieves prowl the neighborhood.

Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate

Delhi Horror Places

Mutiny House, a memorial to the fatalities and carnage of the Indian Mutiny of 1857, is rumored to be one of the haunted places in Delhi by the ghosts of the British soldiers who met a bad end there. Individuals have reported seeing phantom figures that abruptly arrive and vanish.

Some people have even claimed to have seen body parts moving around the memorial. The location’s terrifying history and legends remain unabated after it’s renamed as Ajitgarh. It is among the most haunting locations in Delhi. 

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Haunted Place in Delhi

This fort is not just another famous historical place but is also counted among the most haunted places in Delhi because it is home to Djinns, which are Arabic folk spirits. 

If you want to experience the true essence of the site, you should visit on a Thursday, when the place unexpectedly receives a large number of tourists hoping to appease the Djinns. 

Hard to please, these Djinns frequently enjoy shoving people around and even thrashing them for a little extra fun—not so much for the person getting thrashed, of course. When the Djinns aren’t using this fourteenth-century fort for their antics, it serves as a well-liked tourist destination. 

House Number W-3

Haunted Houses in Delhi

This sprawling mansion in the heart of the upscale Greater Kailash neighborhood has long been the source of many unsettling tales and one of Delhi’s horror places. 

It is supposed that the souls of the old couple who were slain never left their cherished home. Those who have ventured inside the house to investigate the veracity of these tales have attested to the haunting presence hanging over the house.

They appear to have heard smashing noises and witnessed objects moving. There have been reports of shouts and laughing coming from the residence from some bystanders. People in Delhi are so accustomed to the stories that they are afraid to live in the house. 

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Haunted Place in Delhis

There’s nothing more evocative for a ghost story than a rejected lady who passed away too soon. 

After the monarch neglected the original owner of this modest palace, Bu Ali Bhatti came to live here for the rest of her life. It is supposed that her melancholy soul still prowls the location where the monarch is being held captive.

Numerous people have reported hearing cries and footsteps coming from the building’s shadowy remnants. This Delhi haunted place has such a vibe that even the flapping birds and buzzing night insects seem menacing. This is undoubtedly one of Delhi’s most terrifying haunted locations.

Agrasen ki Baoli

Horror Places in Delhis

Agrasen ki Baoli, located centrally in Delhi, is a constructed stepwell that dates back to a significant period of time and remains largely unexplained. 

This architecture belonging to the Mahabharata period is much more than a tourist destination; it is one of Delhi’s most haunted destinations. The moment one starts descending the 103 steps, one gets a feeling of stillness, and the sound of each step is heard. 

The people who live there often speak of a ghost that haunts the house and is active mostly during the night. According to local lore, the stepwell used to have black waters, which tempted people to drown themselves. 

Whether you are an ardent history lover or an adventure freak, what you find here at Agrasen ki Baoli is a deadly mix of Delhi’s historical narrative and supernatural legend.

Savitri Cinema

Savitri Cinema

This cinema house is in Greater Kailash, and it is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a man who once worked there and died in strange circumstances. Patrons and staff have reported seeing his apparition and some electrical incidents, especially during late shows.

The Karkardooma Delhi Court

The Karkardooma Delhi Court

This court complex is believed to be haunted; eyewitness accounts and videos prove how CCTV cameras have captured ghosts. Many staff members have been complaining of experiencing events such as cold breezes and strange noises at night.

Rajon Ki Baoli

Rajon Ki Baoli

Located in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Rajon Ki Baoli is a historical step well believed to be the home to spirits who inhabited the area before. The presence is believed to be chilling, and people have reported hearing whispers in the wind.

Yamuna Ghat 

Yamuna Ghat

People come to Yamuna Ghat for several different reasons, some come here to witness beautiful sunsets or drown the statues of their idols or the remains of their relatives. 

But Yamuna Ghat is also a popular place for black magic, many paranormal investigators have noticed abrupt changes in surroundings and temperature. Some people have even noticed some unusual activities in the Yamuna River. 

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

It is believed that the spirit of a woman ‘dressed in white’ clothing wanders around this metro station. Some commuters and other members of the public have claimed to have seen her ghost and even felt her presence, more so at night.

Not only that but there’s a tree near the metro station where people have reportedly seen a strange figure running behind their vehicle. Strange accidents have been happening near the tree because of its wrong geographical location which just adds to the eeriness of the place. 

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb

Located near Mad Madina in Mehrauli, New Delhi, this 16th-century mosque and tomb is believed to be inhabited by the apparitions of Jamali and Kamali. Several visitors have complained of hearing some odd sounds and even the feeling of being followed, especially during dusk.


It can be a fun and thrilling experience to visit a haunted place in Delhi. 

These enigmatic locations provide a peek into the ghostly side of the city, whether you believe in the paranormal or are just searching for an exciting adventure. It’s a memorable visit because of the spooky ambiance, spine-tingling anecdotes, and potential ghost encounters. 

Explore one of Delhi’s haunted mansions, if you’re courageous enough, and make some spine-tingling memories. Don’t forget to go with friends, be cautious, and have an open mind. You can never tell what might be hiding in the shadows!

Frequently Asked Questions
Are these Delhi-haunting places open at night?

Since a few of the locations listed above are in public spaces, anyone is welcome to visit them at any time. Certain locations can be within the protected boundary or be fortified, in which case you might need to obtain further authorization from the appropriate authorities.

Are overnight stays at these locations permitted for tourists?

While some of the Horror places in Delhi might be secure for this kind of work, others have reportedly been deemed unsafe for public use, particularly for overnight visits. We highly recommend that if you intend to stay overnight, you must visit during the day and speak with the local authorities.

Which haunted locations in Delhi are ideal for a group outing?

1. Delhi Cantonment: Many individuals have seen a white-saree-wearing woman requesting a lift during the nighttime hours on the streets surrounding this location. 

2. Dwarka Sector 9 metro station: There is a large tree at the entrance to this busy metro station that is thought to be the residence of a woman’s ghost. 

3. House No. W3: This house, in the center of Posh Colony, was the residence of an elderly couple who were brutally killed there in a single night. 

4. Khooni Nadi: This river, which flows through Rohini, pulls everyone who approaches it.

What is the best time to visit these haunted places?

The best time to visit these haunted places is typically during the late afternoon or early evening, when you can still explore in daylight. However, if you’re looking for a more thrilling experience, visiting after sunset can add to the eerie atmosphere. Just be cautious and respectful of any local rules or advisories.

Can I take photos or record videos in these haunted places in Delhi?

Yes, you can take photographs and record videos, but please ensure that there are no signs that warn against taking pictures or making videos of the place.

Are these haunted places suitable for children?

While many of these places can be fascinating for older children interested in history and ghost stories, they may not be suitable for younger children due to the eerie atmosphere and potentially frightening legends. Parental discretion is advised based on the child’s maturity and interest level.

What should I bring when visiting haunted places in Delhi?

When visiting haunted places, it’s wise to bring essentials like water, a flashlight, a fully charged phone, and comfortable walking shoes. If you’re visiting at night, ensure you have a reliable light source and consider going with a group for safety. It’s also good to carry a map or navigation device to avoid getting lost, especially in larger areas like Sanjay Van.

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