3 History Art Tours in Italy

History Art Tours in Italy

Italy is a truly stunning place, filled with architecture, history, and famous artworks galore. If you’re planning on visiting, you’ll have to narrow down what you’d most like to see and learn more about depending on the area you’re visiting. This is where art history tours Italy come in. No matter where you’re heading, whether that’s Florence, Rome, or Venice, there is a tour that can help you to get the most from your visit, with in-depth knowledge to accompany your trip. Learn more about these historical art tours below, and 3 of our favorites. 

Why Choose a History and Art Tour in Italy 

If you’re a historical art lover, there is no better place to visit than Italy. No matter where you go, the towns and cities are packed with cultural highlights, and choosing an art tour means you can choose the features you’re most interested in and get an in-depth insight into its history. That is one of the main reasons why historical art tours are popular – they allow you to gain additional knowledge and a wealth of education. Italy is full of the most beautiful works of art from throughout history, with the renaissance movement bringing the most striking artwork and architecture to Italy’s everyday life. So, whether you’re most interested in visiting ornate churches, museums, or galleries, an art tour in Italy could be the best option for you. Florence, Rome, or Naples, you can choose an art tour to see the sights…

Vatican Tour 

One of the most popular in Italy, the Vatican is a must-see, and what better way to do that than with a guided tour? It is home to one of the largest collections of artworks, and within this tour, you can take a closer look. You’ll learn more about Vatican City, and you’ll get to visit the stunning Sistine chapel featuring the detailed works of Michelangelo. Raphael’s rooms are also included in this tour, so you can take a look first-hand at the frescoes painted by Raphael himself. Any historical art lover would not want to miss this tour – learn more about the city and the Renaissance painters, whilst witnessing their most famous artworks up close – including The Creation of Adam. 

Uffizi Gallery Tour 

If your trip takes you to Florence, a tour of the most famous art gallery in Italy should not be missed. With your very own art historian guide, you can see and learn about the works of Leonardo da Vinci, as well as both Caravaggio and Michelangelo. You can take the time to explore all that this gallery has to offer, so you can take in all of Italy’s most famous artwork in one trip! This tour allows you to ask any questions you may have about the paintings and the artists themselves, so you can learn more about your favorite Renaissance painters from an expert. This tour also features Venus of Urbino and Primavera – so if you’re looking for a tour that really has it all, head to the Uffizi Gallery for a breathtaking experience. 

Pitti Palace and Palatina Gallery Tour 

Another tour located in Florence features the renaissance building the Pitti Palace which was home to the Medici rulers throughout the 15th century. You can visit this stunning piece of architecture and learn more about it with the help of your very own tour guide. The Palatina Gallery is featured inside the Pritti Palace and is home to artworks created by some of Italy’s most renowned painters like Raphael, Rubens, and Titian. But it’s not just the artwork that you’ll be taken aback by – the interior of the palace is truly grand and ornate, with décor that you would only expect from Italian rulers! This tour is one of the best for bringing both art and history together, as you’ll marvel at the artwork and learn about the Medici family and the effect they had on the country. Art, history, and architecture – what more could you want?