Tips for Students on How to Travel Abroad Cheaper


By this summer I was traveling only with my parents. If anyone has done the same, they understand that the financial issue is of the least interest in that case, because it was your parents who became the god of wealth. However, I decided to travel alone or with friends. I have visited three new countries in the last three months. So, if you are wondering how to travel on a budget as a student, I will try to share my experience of such trips and tell you how to save money.

If you want to travel cheaply, you’ll have to work hard to plan and organize your future holiday. But it’s worth it: you’ll get lower prices and control at all stages of the trip. 

However, when I was a student it was really difficult to find free time for traveling. Fortunately, my friend advised me an essay writing service, which can write my paper in the shortest terms for an affordable price. Pro writers can help with the most difficult assignments, from essays to lab reports. I want to share this platform with you because among the best writing services this one is the best. Let’s come back to the guideline on how to travel abroad cheaply. Below are some tips for those who want to save money and make travel as affordable as possible.

Choose the Right Time to Travel

When you’re on a tight budget, it’s important to consider which month a trip to a particular country will be cheaper. For example, booking a hotel in Italy in mid-August is not the same as booking one in April.

There’s no need to waste time planning trips in July, August, or special dates like Christmas. At this time absolutely everything – flights, hotels, hostels, restaurants, museums, etc. are guaranteed to get more expensive.

May, on the other hand, is the cheapest month for travel, with a trip in the low season costing half the “normal” price. And it’s without queues and crowds of tourists.

Avoid traveling during important events, such as a local festival, fair or international congress.

And if you are going specifically for an event, book in advance – it’s cheaper.

Look for the “Right Flight”.

Flights at the best price are available at all times and in all seasons. But it’s better to look for them on a certain day and time.

Avoid buying tickets on public holidays or weekends; they are always artificially high.

They say that the best day to find a cheap flight is Tuesday and the best time of day is 3 pm.

In general, the easiest way to find cheap travel is to be flexible. The tighter you are on specific dates and locations, the harder it will be to get a cheaper trip.

There are other ways to do this: delete your browser cookies before searching, and try linking airlines – the cheapest for departure and the cheapest for return.

Some people sign up for news and special offers, but in practice, it’s almost impossible to get anything really good in the general newsletter.

Don’t Wait for the “Hot Sales”, Book Services in Advance

Early booking promotions and special offers are available from almost all airlines and hotels.

There is, of course, a small risk that any unforeseen events may occur in the period leading up to your trip, but there is every chance of getting great discounts and a cheaper trip.

<h2> Decide on a Total and Daily Budget

Once you have an idea of “where and when”, start budgeting for your trip.

You can walk away from each day or, conversely, divide the entire planned amount by the number of days. This way, you will always know how much you have already spent and how much you have left over when you travel.

Know the Exchange Rates Well in Advance.

Inquire about fees and commissions in the countries you are planning to visit. The more money you will exchange, or the longer the trip, the more you will have to spend on commissions. Use Remitfinder to compare and find the best exchange rate to send money from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and other countries at low commissions.

Generally, the airport is the least profitable place to exchange foreign currency. It’s safest to change money in banks, but the cheapest transactions are at change points on the street.

You should also find out in advance whether it is possible to pay for certain services with plastic cards. There are countries, like Argentina, where many tourist services can’t be paid by card, so you should have enough cash to avoid using “strangers'” ATMs.

Choose ‘Affordable’ Accommodation 

We all deserve to have a comfortable holiday, but as long as it’s a matter of saving money, let’s stick to it.

You can save the most on accommodation. There is such a thing as CouchSurfing. The system is very simple – you sign up in an app on your phone, and there you look for people who are willing to take you for a trip. On the one hand, it is a bit risky, but you can get to know the people willing to accommodate you before your check-in, and you can cancel anytime. This is suitable for those who are willing to meet new people every time and get around the country as much as possible through such communication.

I chose another way because I didn’t want to stress people out and I didn’t want to stress myself out with them. On the well-known Booking website, you can find the cheapest accommodation options in any city in the world. You just enter the dates, and an acceptable amount of money and choose from the options the app gives you. This method is more classic, but I think it gives you more confidence.

Another quiet “student” option for a cheap overnight stay on a trip – is to travel with a tent, especially in the warmer months and in nature. You can camp anywhere – on the beach, in a meadow, or on the road – and it’s also completely free.

Just make sure you know if camping is allowed there first.


Meals are the third most expensive item on a trip after flights and accommodation.

Of course, going to the restaurants and shops in the city center every day will not save you money.

The best option is to eat out. A bonus is that it’s also a great way to learn about the local food culture.

Every country has stalls or markets that serve cheap, freshly prepared street food.

Tired of eating out? Look for the sign of a local fast food chain.

The alternative between different opportunities: go to a traditional restaurant today, go to the market tomorrow or cook something unusual in your flat’s kitchen.

As you can see, apart from traditional travel by plane or car with hotel stays, there are other ways to travel – cheap and fun. You just need to spend a little more time when planning and organizing your holiday. But remember, start planning only when you are sure that your exams don’t disturb you. Besides, you can always contact the best college essay writing service, which assists students with their papers. To complete your assignments and let’s travel.

Have a great trip and happy holidays!

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