A Magical Christmas in Sliema, Malta: A Celebration of Tradition and Joy

malta for christmas celebration

Everyone loves Christmas and why not, it is the most wonderful time of the year.  As Christmas comes, everybody plans to make it memorable and special. The first thing people choose to make it special is the destination. We all know that there is no better destination than the Maltese island for Christmas celebration. 

Malta is famous for its Christmas market and natively scene, that’s why people start pre-booking Bayview Hotel & Spa so that they can enjoy the vibe of Christmas to its fullest with the natural view of the destination. 

In this article, we will discuss how Sliema City in Malta holds the social and traditional importance of Christmas and why the Christmas celebration of Malta is world-famous.

5 Reasons Maltese islands are a dream destination for Christmas celebrations?

Experience the Magic of Christmas in Malta: 5 Reasons to Visit

Maltese island has always been a first choice for Christmas enthusiasts. This destination is very popular because of its cultural and traditional importance of Christmas. 

Once you celebrate Christmas here, it will be your lifetime memory. There are lots and lots of events and performances arranged in Malta for Christmas. 

Although there are countless reasons to come to Malta, in this article we will be discussing the top 5 reasons why every Christmas lover should go to Malta to experience the magical celebration.

  1. Festive Wonderland: Maltese island is a festive wonderland, or we can say paradise in terms of celebration of festivals. The people of Malta do not need a very big reason to party, they are usually party enthusiasts. 

    A celebration called ‘Maltese Festa’ is conducted the whole year in the villages of Malta. It is the best time to interact and get to know about Maltese culture from the natives. 

    In this fest, native people honor their patron saint by decorating the churches and lighting up the village. Although it is a religious festival, it also gives an aesthetic and cheerful vibe to the people.  

    If you are planning to visit Malta this year, then St Blubay Apartments will be a great choice. This unit of apartments is designed to provide a comfortable stay to the visitors. 

  1. Christmas Market of Malta: The Christmas market is one of the best tourist attractions of Malta. In this market, you will get to see various handmade gifts, local crafts, and delicious food from Malta.  

    Malta’s cultural honey rings and beverages are a must-try in the holiday season. By visiting this market, you will get an amazing opportunity to explore the culture of Malta. 

    There are plenty of gift options available in this market for both locals and visitors. These markets are different from ordinary street fares because of their homemade food and handcrafted gift items for your friends and family. 

  1. Beautiful Hiking Destinations: Hiking is one of the best activities to explore a place, and it is the advantage of Maltese islands that here you will find many short and long trail hiking paths. 

    All the hiking destinations of Malta are very beautiful and the hiking experience of this place surely be your lifetime memory. The hiking season in Malta runs from late Fall until early Spring, which makes it more attractive to hike here. 

Although Malta is a small country in Europe, the surface of it is only 122 square miles, but the hiking path of the country is very beautiful.

Christmas Day Image

Do You Know:
Christmas was not always on December 25. We celebrate Christmas on the birth of Jesus Christ, and the actual date of the celebration has been lost in history. There is no reference to 25th December as Christmas Day in the bible. Some historian says that  25th December was selected in the honor of agricultural god Saturn. 

  1. Architecture and Natural Beauty: The Maltese island has existed for thousands of years, that’s why it has a history of wonderful architecture. A must-visit location of Malta is the capital city, Valletta, this city is a living museum.  

    Another place you must visit is the silent city of Malta, the original name of the city is Mdina. If I say to you to imagine a beautiful city, you will probably imagine a city with beautiful beaches, rivers, etc. 

    But Malta is more than a conventional, beautiful location.  There are many landscapes in Malta like coastal spots and blue oceans that make the destination stand out in the world.

  1. Delicious Maltese Cuisine: The Gastronomy of Malta is another reason for tourist attraction.  The secrets of Maltese cuisine are reflected in the local dishes and cakes of Malta. 

    There is a historical and cultural importance, that’s why the national Cuisine of Malta is famous. There is a strong Italian and French influence on Maltese cuisine, with some later British culinary influence.

    Tourists are warmly welcomed in by the local farms to participate in home cooking.  You can select from various culinary programs, whichever you want. Overall, cuisine is also a major attraction of Malta at Christmas with all other factors.

Summing Up 

Malta is a dream destination for everyone who wants to celebrate Christmas in a wonderful place. The incredible Christmas attractions available in Malta force tourists to go there. 

In this article, we discussed the 5 major reasons why you should celebrate this Christmas on the Maltese island. 

One personal advice from my side would be to book hotels and apartments as soon as you can.  Many People start booking near Christmas, so there are fewer chances of getting a hotel at that time. 

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family who are planning to visit Malta.

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